The skinny friend, now fat


Saw an old friend of mine today. I actually didn’t recognise her when she sailed past me in her long flowing skirt, with her head held high. The reason is because┬áthe last time I saw her she walked with great difficulty thanks to her weight and sounded out of breath every time she spoke. So, to see her today, having lost a large amount of weight, I was impressed and pleased for her. She had gone from 140kg to 90kg and you only need to see a 50kg sack of potatoes to realise how much weight that really is and the difficulty she must have felt trying to lug that around. To see her walking now it’s as if she’s a completely new woman, puts my 7kg loss in the shade! I am always in awe of people who lose so much weight. I haven’t had so much difficulty this time, with cravings or wanting to eat junk. Maybe it’s because I’m busier and because I’ve seen the results and want to keep going. Maybe it’s the exercise as well. Maybe I was just ready. Of course, there’s always a fear in the back of my mind that I’ll suddenly have a binge or get off track and end up gaining it all back again. I guess everyone fears that.

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