The skinny friend, now fat


Weighed myself yesterday. I had a feeling I wouldn’t have lost anything, (I don’t know what made me think that). So it was a surprise to find I had lost another kg. I’m now 57, hovering a little under it in fact. My diet has been good, I haven’t restricted myself and I think that […]


Saw an old friend of mine today. I actually didn’t recognise her when she sailed past me in her long flowing skirt, with her head held high. The reason is because┬áthe last time I saw her she walked with great difficulty thanks to her weight and sounded out of breath every time she spoke. So, […]

I’m back…

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted. I wish I could fill you in, but I honestly can’t remember much. I’m still married and things are going well. I struggled to lose weight through the year, but didn’t lose any more than a few kilos before falling back into my old […]