The skinny friend, now fat

I can hardly believe it

For the last two days I have been eating whatever I pleased. I had gotten to the stage where not seeing a change on the scales made me say,”Stuff it, I’ll eat what I want.” I really suffered because of it too. I felt awful, overfull, sick, tired and wishing I hadn’t given in.  Tuesday evening, I bought a whole tub of ice cream and ate about ten cones. I had half a block of kit kat after breakfast yesterday, then a iced frappe with whipped cream, then went out to lunch and had a burger with fries. Then last night I had tuna bake and finished off with two small deli yoghurts. So, as you can see, I felt like I was sabotaging all the work I had done. I didn’t weigh myself yesterday, afraid I might have gone up 2kgs. This morning, I was planning on buying a chocolate eclair when I went out. I stepped on the scales to see how much damage I had done and I had lost a kilo!!! I was 61kg, after bingeing for two days!!! I don’t get it, it doesn’t make sense to me and it defies logic. But I’ll take the 61kgs thanks. It set me back on track today. No chocolate eclair.

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