The skinny friend, now fat

Muffin for breakfast

AHHH! When will I see a damn change on the scales? I was so frustrated this morning I went and ate a blueberry muffin for breakfast. It didn’t even taste that good and made me feel really full. It is now mid afternoon, I’ve been out for coffee with a friend, had a skinny cap and I still feel full.  Tonight is take-away night. Usually we’ve had Subway and it fits into my points. Because I’m feeling so annoyed about not losing another kilo, I feel like having KFC. But I don’t know if I can go another day without seeing those scales move. It’s almost like I want to have KFC to get back at the scales, stupid isn’t it? I really should have a WW meal for dinner and go for a walk. I only have 9 days to lose the 2kg. How can I do it? It doesn’t seem possible.

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