The skinny friend, now fat


I went to visit my friend this morning. She just had a baby three days ago. She already looks like she’s back to normal. I, on the otherhand, ten months after giving birth, look like I should be the one on the maternity ward. My stomach is still fat. I’m so jealous of people who don’t gain weight on their stomach – or upper arms. I guess some people would consider me lucky, I don’t gain weight on my bottom or thighs. My daughter said to me recently, “Mum, your legs don’t look like they belong on your body. They’re too skinny.”

Ok, so this is day 2. Day 1 went well. Day 1 usually does, it’s every day after that gets hard. So my only real weakness yesterday was a blueberry muffin after dinner last night. According to my food tracker, I stuck to around 1400 calories. I’m still breastfeeding, so I can’t be too restrictive. This morning I went out and bought lots of fresh fruit. I find it’s easier to stick to a diet plan if there’s good stuff to eat. As for the getting moving yesterday, well no I didn’t. Still mostly a couch potato. Goal for today, do something – even if it’s vacuuming the carpet. I wish housework was more appealing.

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  1. Your right. Day 1 is easy. Your enthusiastic and ready to go. Day 2 bad habits start to creep back. I’m at day two and i shoved half a mars bar down my throat today.
    So your not alone with Day 2. Just, like me, try to make Day 3 that bit better.

  2. I wish folding laundry burned calories too. you are not alone on your journey. i am here too. I also breastfed my babies, back in the day. i will listen to your struggles and you don’t have to yeild to food temptations. reach out to these blogs. Log on to the forums. i will inspire you will you inspire me? i am stuck home with a sick 10 year old who i have to leave for an hour today to run a La Leche league meeting. She is fairly self reliant but still stressors tend to be my downward spiral. but not today. I will be strong. and I will take deep breathes.

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