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15 Miles and Counting June 26, 2013

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Today I walked 3 more miles.  That puts my total up to 15 this week.  I was going to do 3 days a week and then I thought ,no I should do 5.  Well i have done 5 days this week and I have logged 15 miles…..why stop?  As long as it is not raining or I just can not find the time to do it, I am going to walk everyday.  Everyday that I put those 3 miles behind me is a step closer to losing weight.

I started walking last Saturday so I am going to make that my official start date.  So each Saturday I will weigh in and log my weight and progress under the goals & progress page.  I keep looking around for motivation and I keep wanting to write something profound, but it just isn’t coming to me right now.  For now I am here and I am working on exercising.  I needs to be more careful of the things and amounts I eat, but honestly I can only focus on one thing at a time right now.  I will be starting day shift at work on 7/22 and that will be a tremendous help to my eating habits. for now my goal is to get fit enough that I can run a 5K at the end of August.  I walk 3 miles a day easy but running is a different monster.  Here is the race I want to enter

“No one ever drowned in sweat.”
~ United States Marine Corps~


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