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Moving Forward June 25, 2013

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So three years ago I stopped writing this blog……Well it is still here, my life did not stop three years ago, I did not die. I just gave up.  Nursing school, four kids, and life all kept going and so did my eating.  I think I was around 240 or so back then.  Now I am up to 256.2, I am still a mom to 4 kids, I did make it through nursing school and I am an RN on a trauma floor at a level 1 trauma center.  I still have a son with special needs that is somewhere on the autism spectrum (still un-diagnosed at this time).

I have yo-yoed back and forth in the last three years.  I have done everything you can think of except the silly diets where you eat weird soups or strange things.  I recently tried clean eating which lasted until I got tired of putting so much effort into buying stuff to eat.

Now I just got up one day and went walking.  I have been walking 3 miles/day for the last four days now.  I have no plan or direction yet and I am okay with that.  When I plan too much I set myself up for failure.  I started a FB page . I also opened an e-mail account and attached it to both of these things if anyone wants to contact me.  My one and only plan is to stay motivated and ultimately lose half my current size.  I decided not to delete the old posts on here just so I can remember the struggles but I did remove pictures of my kids for privacy sake since I am making this more public.  There are a few before photos that are pretty accurate still, with the exception of 20 pounds.  I will post updates and pictures on here weekly and write as often as I can……mainly because it is a good form of therapy for me.

So this is me moving forward…..


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