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Plans May 11, 2010

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Today I was off work and it was an average day I guess.  My weight was up a little but I don’t think I did anything too bad so it will go back down soon.  I posted an “I’m back” on the forum and I hope I participate more this time.  I worked on the house some more, but mostly daily stuff not extra spring cleaning stuff.

Today was a little hard for sweets, but I reminded myself as the cravings came on that I just had to push through it.  I have found that the biggest problem I am having is that I get hungry about 10pm and want to eat.  I haven’t indulged though; instead I chew a piece of sugar free gum and I forget all about it.

I want to try one new recipe a week and see how it goes over in y house.  The problem is my husband won’t eat rice or pasta and a lot of dishes call for them.  So I guess I will have to be creative or avoid those.  The thing is, I know the reason I back slide and go back to my old ways is because I don’t know what to do that is healthy.  I mean none of my recipes are healthy…..I am a southerner for goodness sakes.  If it isn’t fried, creamed, or sauteed in butter; it is not good.  So I want to start a new collection of recipes.

Also I am going to post a list of things I need to give up or change and mark them off as I eliminate them.  The friend I was doing it with is not going to last it seems and I am going to make my own list and if she gives up it won’t really affect me.

Starting wt 254.6

Current wt 249.4

Goal wt 130


It’s all in how you look at it…. May 10, 2010

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Day 8 without soda’s or tea and day 1 without sweets.  By sweets I mean anything that could be misconstrued as a desert.  Of course this is not so clear to some people, I guess it is all about perception.  My best friend was doing this with me and she made it until yesterday.  She calls and leaves a message telling me she decided it was okay for us to use Sunday’s as a “cheat” day.  Every Sunday we eat whatever we want within reason.  Well it was her turn to chose something to give up this week.  She picks sweets!  Of course I pigged out on them yesterday so I would not want them so bad today.  Anyway she calls tonight and tells me that she is going to a baby shower and special occasions should be free also…..LOL seriously?

Fortunately I was not depending on her to do this for me.  This time I am stronger than I have been in a long time. I have lost 6 pounds in one week and nothing, not even her jumping off the wagon will stop me.  It is hard to be around people who are not in it 100%.

On a happier note my husband got me jewelry for Mother’s Day and I got a lot of my house cleaned.  I am off tomorrow so I am going to mop I think.  That is if I can pry the 2 year old off of my leg, lol.  Last week the excitement of starting a program and finishing my second semester of nursing school made me lazy.  This week my goals are to get as much as I can done in every aspect of my life.

I am 1 determined mom of 4 and I plan to make my life healthier and set a good example for my kids.

Starting wt 254.6

Current wt 248.6

Goal wt 130



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Am I the only one getting spammed here.  I had over 50 porn related spams as comments on my blog in 2 days and since I deleted them earlier I have had 15 more.  This is ridiculous!!!


Mother’s Day makes things fuzzy May 9, 2010

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For some reason I thought nah I won’t write last night and that was fine.  This morning I totally forgot to weigh so I have nothing to report.  Yesterday I took my mom out to breakfast and today we took my mother-in-law out for lunch.  I ate what I would normally eat but I drank water.  This is like day 7 with no Cokes and I am surprised at how well I have done. I have not even cheated.  Tomorrow I give up sweets and I thought that it would not be hard but I know I want what I can not have more.

I have not even been on my elliptical yet.  It will hopefully get a permanent place to live tonight.  So I am not sure if it is because of Mother’s Day or the weekend but I am not as focused it seems.  I guess I will find out next weekend when there is no holiday to blame.

Starting wt 254.5

Current wt ??????

Goal wt 130


The will to win May 7, 2010

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This is it, I have found my inspiration.  I have this time line to work with and I a making the most of it.  I got my elliptical home today and I am going to do it everyday and strength training everyday.  Yeah I know, I shouldn’t over do it.  I’m not! I figure I will do it everyday but I will start out with 1 set of 20 strength and 20 min on elliptical a day, then move up on time and sets.

Now today was okay I guess.  I have more energy and am happier since school has let out for the summer.  I talk to much though.  Started drinking my coffee black yesterday and that was the first time I have ever been able to tolerate it black.  It works and now I don’t have to worry about calories in creamer.

My goal for tomorrow is to start painting my house….

I have been trying to do this for months and I have 4 kids to wrangle so I don’t know how I am going to do it but I am.

I am reading “Best Friends” by Martha Moody right now.  It seems to be a good book, it skips in time a lot so you are always on your toes.

Starting wt. 254.6

Current wt. 249.8

Goal wt 130


Motivation Station…. May 6, 2010

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I am on a roll, I actually bought an elliptical tonight.  I wont get it home till tomorrow but I am so excited.  I am day 4 without drinking Cokes.  Only water and black coffee for me now and I thought it would be harder. I am actually in the zone this time.  I think because I have a deadline and goal to meet by the end of summer.  I ate out today but I had a huge salad first and I didn’t really eat much of anything else.  So today was good and I anticipate tomorrow will be even better.


Ever feel like deleting and starting over?

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I have been full of half hearted attempts over the last year to lose weight but nothing came from it.  I plan and plan and slip right off.  Since last July I have gained between 25-30 pounds.  I have spent the last 10 months of my life devoted to nursing school and not to myself.  I have about 4 months off before the fall semester starts and I want to really get some weight off, 40 pounds to be exact by August 31st.

I started on May 3rd and I am somewhat organized.  I plan on going on the forums more because it gives me encouragement, even though I am more of a lurker.  I am deleting all the extra junk on here and just leaving the blog so I will have an outlet to vent.

Starting weight 254.4

Today’s weight 250.2

Goal weight 130