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Lazy day…. May 24, 2009

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Today was my lazy day, I did absolutely nothing. Well I wouldn’t say nothing, I took a nap,lol.  I got up this morning, cooked breakfast for the kids and Jason (scrambled eggs and sausage).  I ate a bowl of corn flakes with raisins in it.  For lunch I did something bad though, we went out to Mexican buffet and I did not do well.  I ate half of a ham sandwich for dinner though and about an oz of chips.

I know where my problems are, I just can’t manage to get them under control.  I need to save money to get out of this house and I need to lose weight.  Both of those things could be accomplished if I would stop eating out.  I am trying to get jason back on his plan, but it is hard.  He was doing so well and if he would go back on it I would be less tempted to eat out.

I have stoped going to W8 Challenge and I think that is when I stopped counting my points.  I kind of liked getting stars.  The only problem was some nights I forgot or I got on after midnight and I couldn’t put my stars in because you can’t do more than 1 a day.  I just never got in the habit.  So I am going to start that again.

What I really need is to sit down one day and make lists out for everything and schedule all of my days out.  That would make sure I did not forget somethings and maybe make me do my homework on time and find workout time.  I have to go back to work tomorrow while everyone else gets memorial Day for a holiday.  I will spend the day cooking ribs, slaw, beans, and a desert for my 86year old client and her family.  Blah…..

I am avoiding my homework for my Comp II class, and I know I shouldn’t.  My professor is scary, she is the type that will call you out in class and humiliate you.  It seems like it is going to be sooo much work, and I really have no idea what I am doing when it comes to academic writing.  I have been putting off reading these three short stories for a week now, and one of them I have to turn a discussion in on the 30th, another I have to be prepared to discuss it in class, and the last one I have to write a paper on and have a peer draft and an outline ready by Monday a week from tomorrow.  Blah……

Okay, I guess that is all I can add tonight.  I am going to get off here and either organize a schedule and at least plan tomorrow out or read a short story.


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