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Lazy day…. May 24, 2009

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Today was my lazy day, I did absolutely nothing. Well I wouldn’t say nothing, I took a nap,lol.  I got up this morning, cooked breakfast for the kids and Jason (scrambled eggs and sausage).  I ate a bowl of corn flakes with raisins in it.  For lunch I did something bad though, we went out to Mexican buffet and I did not do well.  I ate half of a ham sandwich for dinner though and about an oz of chips.

I know where my problems are, I just can’t manage to get them under control.  I need to save money to get out of this house and I need to lose weight.  Both of those things could be accomplished if I would stop eating out.  I am trying to get jason back on his plan, but it is hard.  He was doing so well and if he would go back on it I would be less tempted to eat out.

I have stoped going to W8 Challenge and I think that is when I stopped counting my points.  I kind of liked getting stars.  The only problem was some nights I forgot or I got on after midnight and I couldn’t put my stars in because you can’t do more than 1 a day.  I just never got in the habit.  So I am going to start that again.

What I really need is to sit down one day and make lists out for everything and schedule all of my days out.  That would make sure I did not forget somethings and maybe make me do my homework on time and find workout time.  I have to go back to work tomorrow while everyone else gets memorial Day for a holiday.  I will spend the day cooking ribs, slaw, beans, and a desert for my 86year old client and her family.  Blah…..

I am avoiding my homework for my Comp II class, and I know I shouldn’t.  My professor is scary, she is the type that will call you out in class and humiliate you.  It seems like it is going to be sooo much work, and I really have no idea what I am doing when it comes to academic writing.  I have been putting off reading these three short stories for a week now, and one of them I have to turn a discussion in on the 30th, another I have to be prepared to discuss it in class, and the last one I have to write a paper on and have a peer draft and an outline ready by Monday a week from tomorrow.  Blah……

Okay, I guess that is all I can add tonight.  I am going to get off here and either organize a schedule and at least plan tomorrow out or read a short story.



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Woot, Woot…..I was down -3.6 this week.  The meds my Doctor gave me finally stopped bothering my sleep, I seem to feel better during he day now.  My stomach still feels queasy some and that is probably what helped me lose weight.  It has given me the boost to get out of my rut I think.  Seeing a loss just gives me that extra encouragement to eat right.  Problem is i have stopped counting my points, that is a big fat NO NO in WW land.  So tomorrow I am counting again and I am going to be good all week.  I told Jason we really have to stop eating out so much.  He likes the greasy taste and I like the convenience, but we don’t need to spend our money on it.

On a lighter front,haha.  We took the kids to the local amusement park yesterday and then this morning we took them bowling and tonight we watched a movie with them in the living room floor.  So I have spent time with them, I have nothing planned for tomorrow except house work.  BTW I figure 2 hours or bowling with toddlers is great exercise, plus I now have an injury.  I twisted wrong and somewhere between my pubic bone and my tail bone I have managed to pull something.

Last week in my WW meeting we talked about metabolism and how if you do strength training, you will speed up your metabolism.  This got me to thinking about an exercise plan.  I think I am going to make a point to go in the back yard in the morning with my jump rope and my stretchy band thingy and work on a routine so I can always do it at home.  Like push ups against the house, the back steps, lunges, and anything else I can think of.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

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