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Better living through modern chemistry… May 22, 2009

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That is what my mom calls it.  I rolled down the hill and fell on my face, but after seeing my Doctor and getting some meds, I’m back.  Most of the time I am so busy that I don’t have time to have problems, but when they come on, boy do they come.  Anyway I think this time I will have to stay on the meds she gave me(I usually stop taking it after a month).  My mother calls it “better living through modern chemistry.”  I am not sure about this one yet, I seem to have insomnia with it and some other bothersome side effects.

Anyway, I have been fighting mental breakdowns and a head cold for a week.  I have not felt like blogging but I appreciate all the comments that were left while I was gone.  Being sick has at least staved off my appetite.  I went to WW and had my first WI there.  I changed my days because they were closed on Mother’s Day and that was my WI day.  So, I went 13 days until the next Saturday and made that my regular meeting.  I was up +1.6 for that WI from the week before when I just did a home WI.  I think I will have lost about 3 pounds by this WI though, so I have my fingers crossed.

Matthew’s last day of school is tomorrow and I am baking cookies for his teachers.  The base of this recipe has 1 cup each of oil, sugar, brown sugar, and butter.  Not a fat girl friendly recipe and I have had 2 so far and it makes 100 cookies.  I think I am giving every one of them away tomorrow though, so I will be okay.  I am so excited about Matthew getting out of school, since my classes are at night I will have 2 days with them all to play or go to the park and stuff.

I started my Comp II class Monday night and I think it is going to be hard for me.  The class writes in a computer lab together, and I really have to be by my self to write.  I was so nervous and I kind of panicked.  Tonight we took the kids back to the bridge to walk and they took off running.  It is amazing to me that they don’t get tired after running a mile.  If we all just had half the energy as them there wouldn’t be a fat sole on the planet.  Well I hope I am back on my normal routine and will be able to blog normally.  It does seem to help me stay on track and I really am grateful for all the support you ladies give.