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Mother’s Day May 11, 2009

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Hi ladies, I hope you had a great mother’s day, mine was awesome. Jason got up with the kids today and they were so quite I slept until 10:30.  I haven’t slept that last since I was on bed rest and pregnant with the boys (so about 4 yrs).  I got up and fixed brunch for us all even though Jason had fed the boys cereal at 8:00.  i got ready to go to my WW meeting and when I got there it was not open.  Last week they talked about it, but the lady said she thought they would be open.  So I did not get to weigh in, but I weighed at home this morning and I am down 5 pounds, so yay.

I decided to take my mom out to eat, and yes I am sure it was over in points but I did not care once I couldn’t weigh in.  Jason bought me a food processer and I think I will be able to do alot of things with it. I use one at work all the time and I wanted one for a while now, but did not want to spend the money.   When the kids got up from their nap we went to the movies to see Monsters vs. Aliens.  It was really good and Ethan and Jacob watched the whole thing in 3D.  Matthew and Olivia kept taking their glasses off.  I think it was too much stimulation for Matthew, he acted like it bothered him.  After the movie we went downtown and walked across the Walnut Street bridge.  They loved being able to run free, our yard is small so every opportunity to spread out is welcomed.  Here is a link to the slide show.

On a diet note, I was perfectly on plan all week and I am not sure that I was not on plan today.  I did eat Chinese and I did not count points, but of course I have an extra 35 points for the week.  I am just going to stay on plan this week and not use any extra points.  I did have one coke and it was within my points so I did well.  I was worried that not going to a meeting would throw me off my plan but I don’t think it will.  My mind is pretty much on track and I know I lost 5 pounds so I am going to wait and change my WI to Saturday mornings.  So I will weigh in the Saturday and hopefully be in my 220’s.

Today was a great day and I just need a few more days like this.  It is nice to stop being so hectic and just enjoy a day with my kids, with no errands, running around, work, or school.  I did good on my finals and this is the only week I have before summer classes start.  I am taking Humanities and Comp II so I will have a lot of writing and reading.  I hope it is not as demanding as my science classes have been, because I want to enjoy the summer some.  I am going to get up and walk before work tomorrow if it does not rain.