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Progress April 14, 2009

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Okay 4 whole days ON plan, yay for me.  I have done well with my calories but I think I need to work on the formula more.  I am not sure how to allocate my calories just jet.  I was trying to give myself 1800 calories but I haven’t found a balance for them yet for shifting.  It is a work in progress and as long as progress is being made, I will not complain.

Two things I am having a problems with are, Craving sweets, and getting below my fat requirements.  I am like double on fat everyday.  I am trying to make a better effort at that and I have no idea what to do about wanting the sweets.  I am a carbohydrate junkie.  I love breads, chocolate, cake, cookies,pasta, potatoes,cokes, anything starchy or sweet.  I am like a drug addict, when I want it, I really don’t care that I am fat or that I am throwing all my progress down the drain.

I NEED to make myself get in more exercise, “SIGH”.  I feel so much better afterward, but I have to get my fat butt up and do it to feel better.  I think I need a buddy that I can talk to everyday and who will keep me thinking about the big picture.  I know you have to do it for yourself, but I need someone to help me feel like they understand my struggles.  Tomorrow is walking day and I will be up bright and early so I have to get some sleep.

“The person on top the mountain did not get dropped there, He climbed there.”   UNKNOWN

Something funny  and something strange Chocolate fueled car.


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