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Progress April 14, 2009

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Okay 4 whole days ON plan, yay for me.  I have done well with my calories but I think I need to work on the formula more.  I am not sure how to allocate my calories just jet.  I was trying to give myself 1800 calories but I haven’t found a balance for them yet for shifting.  It is a work in progress and as long as progress is being made, I will not complain.

Two things I am having a problems with are, Craving sweets, and getting below my fat requirements.  I am like double on fat everyday.  I am trying to make a better effort at that and I have no idea what to do about wanting the sweets.  I am a carbohydrate junkie.  I love breads, chocolate, cake, cookies,pasta, potatoes,cokes, anything starchy or sweet.  I am like a drug addict, when I want it, I really don’t care that I am fat or that I am throwing all my progress down the drain.

I NEED to make myself get in more exercise, “SIGH”.  I feel so much better afterward, but I have to get my fat butt up and do it to feel better.  I think I need a buddy that I can talk to everyday and who will keep me thinking about the big picture.  I know you have to do it for yourself, but I need someone to help me feel like they understand my struggles.  Tomorrow is walking day and I will be up bright and early so I have to get some sleep.

“The person on top the mountain did not get dropped there, He climbed there.”   UNKNOWN

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Success a good thing????

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I was reading Tammy’s blog like I do every couple of nights, and I had no idea what she was talking about.  A rant?  I missed something good?  Where?  So naturally I went to be nosy and found it right away.  I had very strong opinions about it and so I chose to voice them here instead of the forum.  There is no need to stir the pot.

I to am jealous of a lot of people and how fast they lose weight.  I to wish the pounds would melt off me but they can only melt as fast as you work.  I can say I have never seen someone so determined to stay on plan and so seemingly dedicated.  It takes time, practice,patience,persistence,and hard work to lose weight and even more to stay on task the whole time.  Most all the time people complain that they can’t lose weight, they are sabotaging themselves.  They might not even know it but they are.  they don’t add their food up or make an excuse here or there about why they couldn’t exercise.

I think the problem is that people see someone doing well and they naturally feel like they have to defend themselves.  Obviously it CAN be done, so why are they not making the same progress.  I too start and stop but I know hy I do it and I am working on it.  I do not do anything for myself, I claim I do not have time, and the truth is I am lazy.  That is not everyone’s problem, but it is mine.

Today not so well, I did fine until I got home and then I binged on cookies “sigh”.  Tomorrow is a new day and I will do better.