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Easter April 12, 2009

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Easter has come and gone and I have not exploded…..So this year was the first year the boys really got excited about Easter baskets.  Matthew was not having any of it though, he was grouchy and could care less about anything other than eating his treats.  Smart cookie that I am, I only got them 2 candy items.  One egg with M&Ms in it and one ring pop.  The rest was snack packs of graham crackers and a rice crispy treat, so nothing for me to binge on all week long.

Turns out Matthew was allergic to something and broke out into patches of itchy whelps all over his body.  The best I can figure is that he is allergic to Blue dye #1.  There is another child in the family (somewhat distant) cousin that is allergic to several different dyes in food.  Nothing a little Benadryl and calamine lotion didn’t clear up.  Olivia got a pair of dress up shoes in her basket and she quickly learned to walk in them and spent the whole day clicking around on the hardwood floors.  Jacob and Ethan spent all day playing with various items from their baskets.

Most of my day was spent cooking and cleaning.  I made baked beans, deviled eggs, green beans, ham, potato salad, and mac & cheese for the kids.  Out of all that, I thought I would be well over my calories for the day, but I was not surprisingly.  Jason did well too, and even went back for seconds.  It is going to pour rain tomorrow and all night tonight so we wont be walking in the morning.  That is 3 days we have missed and I am afraid it will throw us off track.  Work out videos are great I guess but my house is so small and the only time I could do them are at night when the kids go down and they might think we were having an earthquake,lol.

I stayed under my calories for the last two days but I has over on fat grams both days.  I wish I could get off of processed foods.  Everything is about convenience for me.  If is is ready to use or eat that is great for me.  I tried to cook up a few things today so I would be more prepared with dinner, and we went to Sam’s and I spent an  outrageous amount of money and “healthy” food.  I bought a lot of different kind of fish and I got some boneless skinless chicken breasts.  I do not really like salmon but I am going to try it tomorrow night.

I really feel kinda crappy since I have not been exercising any, so I think I will try a video when I first put the kids down tomorrow night, that way I will not wake them up.  I am going to try 30DS again, even though it almost killed me last time I tried it.  Maybe this time I will make it half way through.  I have to go and do some homework but before I do, I found a site while I was looking up calories and I have not joined yet but it seems like it might be a good site to join and if you don’t, you can still use it to look up your calories. CalorieKing

Plan for tomorrow:(B)coffee, cereal, banana,(L)turkey sandwich, LF cheese its, apple(D) salmon,rice,broccoli, pinto beans.  I am going to try and make that all add up to 1500cal. I will have to look some of it up and see if it is close though and then add or delete some things.