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Goals April 11, 2009

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This morning I was up a pound.  I knew I would be so I was not shocked to see 237 on the evil scale.  We got up to walk this morning and it was thundering and lightning.  We laid there for about 5 minutes and the bottom just fell out of the sky.  So 2 days this week with no walking, and I ate like **** all week.  So I tried to stick to my little menu but ailed miserably. The problem is I need to plan ahead because I am a very busy person and when I am not busy it totally slips my mind.

I think I have it finally figured out though.  I am going to try and do sort of a Wendie plan with calories.  I will have to make myself count them and write them down though.  I need to start carring a purse….then I will have a place to keep my stuff with me.  I feel like I am chasing my tail most everyday.  I do okay once I get started but if I get off program at all I just lose the whole thing.  Okay this is what I am going to do….

  • blog more about daily things
  • carry a purse and get a pocket calorie counter
  • shift my calories
  • try and exercise every day
  • eat more fish and chicken
  • cut out cokes
  • drink water like a fish
  • plan ahead

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