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Good intentions April 8, 2009

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Stress makes me eat… I don’t know if I remembered to post of not about my WI last Friday.  I was down 5 pounds but I have not lost anything else this week and I think I might have gained a pound or 2.  I did have some good news though….I was talking to my advisor about what I needed to do to raise my points for the nursing program and in passing she mentioned some thing about me applying for the day program…..hmmmm…I did not apply for the day program (which was more competitive).  I went to the lady who does the applications and she had mistakenly put me down for the day program.  The night program accepted 47, set up 3 alternate spots, and denied 48 people.  When she changed her mistake it put me in the #2 alternate spot…..So now I just need 2 people to drop out, not meet their class requirements, or get accepted somewhere else and I am in.  I almost did not go and talk to her because I am so back and forth on it.  But I was so excited that it just shows how bad I really wanted to get in.  Picture this fat girl jumping up and down in the hall outside of her A&P II lab, hugging all over her best friend.  I am sure I looked like a blooming idiot.  We will see what happens though, I need two people to lose or drop their spot before fall.  I hate to have to hope for that but I am.

Anyway I am not doing so well this week.  With the stress and the worrying I have not been eating well and I even opted out of walking this morning.  I have to do better I know but I don’t know how to make myself plan better.  I have good intentions and then I gradually stop doing it.  Jason is no help, he just wants me to forget about the whole thing.  I haven’t been on the forum in the last week too though and that helps me I think, so i need to read some posts and get back on track.

I had to leave work today and get Matthew from school and take him to the doctor.  They called me at work because he has pink eye…..I have never seen or had pink eye, and so I am hoping the antibiotic works before he spreads it to the other 3 kids.  Of course that is just another day of running around and then he sat on my lap all day so I could not get anything done around here.  That is okay though he is usually so caught up in everything else he does not want to sit and cuddle much.

So they went to bed tonight and I ran out to buy stuff for their Easter baskets….I bought almost no candy, yay.  The things I did buy are just enough for each child and nothing I like anyway.  So that is one candied holiday out of the way.  I guess I am going to cook a small Easter dinner and we are not having a big crowd so my goal is to only cook what we need and eat less than I want, lol.  I am going to do better tomorrow and maybe I will at least be the same as last week by the time I WI on Friday.


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