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Choices January 4, 2009

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We all have choices to make everyday.  Why is it that some of them are so hard, and some are not.  I previously wrote in my goals that I was going to create a “CHEAT” day…..Ummm no I am NOT.  In a moment of weakness I was looking for an excuse to fail, to let myself down.  A few days later I am asking myself, “what the hell do you want to do that for?”  Obviously I was sitting here reading blogs and thinking about how well I have stayed on track, when I realized….This is my CHEAT day!!!!  Saturday, the day after weigh in, so I have 6 days to work it off before the next weigh in.  Okay so it is technically Sunday now by about 25 minuets and I did not eat anything bad, I actually had like 3 pts left tonight or something.  I had forgotten all about my “CHEAT” day because I had been doing so well and staying on track.

I used to forget that I was on a diet…..anyone else ever do that?  I would tell myself I was going to start a diet and the next morning I would get up, open a coke, eat a debbie cake(or something equally crazy) and it would dawn on me…..I was going to start my diet.  Oh well I’ll have to start tomorrow now, I have already ruined it.  NOW all of a sudden I am forgetting that I am supposed to be jumping off the diet for a day and eating crap!!!! LMAS This is an earth shattering day I will tell you.  NO coke craving, NO eating out craving, and NO cheat day.

Today I choose to not give up, to not give in, and to change my goal to make a cheat day.  I also chose to start my 100 push ups challenge.  I chose to start my 30DS video, and I chose to stop the DVD and back away from the TV,lol.  That woman is crazy, I have had the flu or something and I still can not feel my lungs.  I got to about the second jump rope part and that was it.  I felt like a elephant was on my chest.  I will have to try that in a few days when ALL of my chest congestion has cleared up.  Oh and after I buy weights, lol Jason laughed at me because I was using spaghetti sauce for weights.

It is funny now about the “CHEAT” day, because it was just my philosophy up until now.  This is really it for me. When I can look back and reflect on the things I thought I NEEDED and see that I NEED to be strong more; then I am on my way.  We all make choices everyday that we think are unimportant but they are what shape us into who we are.  I unconsciously chose to give myself an automatic excuse, built right in, no accountability.  But I made a conscious decision to correct my mistake.

What I hope too get across is that we need to think more about why we chose things.  If I had asked myself then, WHY do I need a cheat day?  I would have saw it for what it was then, but to me it was just an automatic add into my plan.  I have always given up and that was a way to not have to be faithful to my program.  That was my built in EXCUSE.  I do not need to cheat because THIS IS DOABLE.  I do not need to cheat because it just puts me that much farther away from my goals.  We all have choices to make and today I chose to be true to my plan!!!


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