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AND THE WINNER IS…… January 3, 2009

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Me, yep that is right me!!!! I get to sleep late this weekend.  Jason gained weight, not sure how much because he forgot to weigh this morning.  I lost a total of -5.6 pounds this week.  Most of this success I am sure is due to the fact that I have not had a coke or ate out in several days.  This week it was not so hard to do those two things because I have been sick.  My throat hurts sooo bad that nothing sounds appetizing.    Not sure if I will sleep in tomorrow or Sunday, it depends on who is sicker in the morning.  Jason is catching it too so I can’t very well make him get  up sick and take care of all the sick kids.

I am really into losing weight this time.  Years ago I lost 60 pounds and then I just kind of stopped.  When I started that time it was like no other time.  I remember having this determination and strength that I did not know I was capable of.  For years I have struggled to find that again.  As the boys were little they took so much work that I couldn’t find the time for me, and if I found it I was too tired to do anything with it.  Then when it should have been getting easier I was pregnant with Olivia.  With 4 kids it is very hard to work in me time.  I struggle everyday with guilt over not being able to stay at home with them.  My mother takes care of them for me while I work and go to school, but I still miss them and want to spend more time with them.  So when I could get away to exercise, I have a hard time taking that time away from them.  I know some people will say it may be hard now but it is for the greater good.  I don’t believe that, they remember when you are NOT there more than they remember when you ARE there later on.  So I am going before work and other times that affect them as little as possible.  So far not very much, because I have been sick.

Anyway I got off my thought.  Today when I weighed in I realized that this time I felt like I had before.  I felt that determination and I have not even craved coke or fast food (maybe because I am sick) but still, it is a start.  I see me making it through to the end. 130 here I come…. I am strong, I am dedicated, I AM WORTH IT.

SORRY PRIDE TAKING OVER,LOL.  For me it is all about being organized, once I have a plan I am good to go.  the forums have served a few purposes for me so far.  First I spend so much time reading posts and blogs at night that I don’t eat….night time eating was my downfall.  Second, I have found a few challenges that I really like to be a part of and they keep me motivated and focused on my goals.  I have added a few updates and stuff lately to my other pages in case you haven’t seen them yet.  I am off to get a good nights sleep I hope.