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WOOO HOOOO!!!! January 1, 2009

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Walked 2 miles

Drank 60 oz water

Stayed within points

I finally started my exercising today.  I went before work and walked 2 miles in the cold wind.  I was sick with some sort of cold bug already so I hope it does not get worse.  I always feel so good as I am walking and so proud.  So why is it that I can’t seem to make myself get up and go?  I am not scheduled to go tomorrow but I am off work and Jason is too so he can watch the kids for a while and I can get another 2 miles in.  It will make up for not doing it on Monday this week.  My goal for the year is to walk 800 miles so I need to get every little mile in.

I joined the New Year, New Me Challenge and the first mini challenge is NO WEIGH IN for 6 weeks.  I hope this will make me stronger but I am scared it will cause me to eat out of control.  I got on the scale this morning and it said 237.2 so I am starting to lose and that is what made me work extra hard on my points.  My goal of being down 10% was going to be on my birthday Feb 10 but this challenge lasts until feb 14 so I am moving it till then.  My first weigh in will tell me if I reached my goal or not, scarry.  Jason is going to record my weight each week, without me looking at the scale, and tell me which one of us won our weekly deal to sleep late.  I am excited about this challenge because I have a problem with impulse control and this is like the first step to helping me learn some control. My plan is to eat right and go by my exercise plan I posted.  My main goals I am working on right now are NO COKES and NO EATING OUT.


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