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Chocolate lovers December 30, 2008

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Two words…..TOOTSIE ROLL!!!! 12 of the small ones are 1pt or 6 of the next size up are 1pt.  If you have a love of chocolate and have not found something to help you through your cravings, that is what I recommend.  I buy a big bag of them and put them in the cookie jar.  I do not over eat them because they are out of site and not laying around.  When I want something sweet I pull out 1pt worth and that is all I eat that way.

Now that I have got that out of the way, I will ramble on about other stuff.  First I did pretty good today with my points.  I am within them for probably the first day.  I am working on my water now, so I will be up peeing all night.  I had a migraine all day today and I still can’t get rid of it.  I hope it will be better by the weekend.

I was thinking about my exercise goals and I need to make a firm daily plan.  It is easy not to start if you do not have structure.  I wrote a list of goals for 2009 in GOALS IN PROGRESS for anyone who is interested.  However they are not specific on exercise so I need to make a new page to keep track of what I am going to do.  Walking is my thing and I would love to be able to jog but I can not find a good sports bra for my big knockers.  I swear they feel like they are about to flap off as I run.  I did not go the other day but I will go in the morning.  I used to not want to walk without a buddy, but I found a lot of peace in walking alone.  It is very therapeutic and gives me time to work through my finances and plans for the day in my head.

The new season of Biggest Loser will be coming on January 6th.  This last time I was still interested in it but I feel like the show is not realistic, so to me I watch it as a competition like American Idle or something.  It does not really inspire me though because the only way I could ever lose weight that fast is if I was on the show.  I think a lot of people who watch it set unrealistic goals because of it.  They focus on good eating habits and hard work, but because they show is based on who loses the fastest, they do not portray a reasonable TIME line.  Then when people see that 2 pounds a week they get discouraged.  I don’t know what put me off on this, but I think this time around I felt like that was great for them BUT I realized that it was going to take me a lot longer to lose the weight.  I mean some of them lose what I want to lose (110) in 12 weeks or something.  That is crazy to me.

This has been a long rambling blog like promised, so I will leave with a thank you.  A lot of people have started to read my blog and leave comments for me.  I want to tell you all thank you for that.  I have had several people tell me that I was brave and they were inspired by me.  I want you all to know that it is YOU who have inspired me to do this.  If I did not read your blogs, I would not have ever started my own.  The things I write about are a way to organize and clear my head of all my insecurities.  I can not say I would still be faithful to this if people were not encouraging me. Thank you all, and advise, comments and your stories are always welcome.


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