February 20th, 2009

I decided to start calorie counting instead of messing up my system with nutrisystem. I started a new journal to record this progress. Please check it out. <3

Day 24. A pact.

January 29th, 2009

90/365 (by that girl caitlin)

Josh and I had a nice talk today about our weight. We’re both unhappy with our weight and we are both unhappy with each other’s weight. In a nutshell, we decided to make a pact to not give in to temptation and not allow excuses from the other person, even though we just want to make them happy. If one of us is weak, the other one just has to be a little stronger. We both want to look as good as possible for the wedding and we don’t have much time left. We also concluded by making a pact to try and go to the gym on a daily basis and cut the crap with two times a week, building up to three. The time is NOW, and our gym is 24-hour. There’s no excuse to not go every day.

Also, remember, my current goal is to hit ONEderland by the end of January. I have less than 2 pounds to go and a couple more days of being good and the gym. I can still do this. Then, to lose as much weight before the wedding as possible without stressing or starving myself.

– nutrisystem granola
– fat free yogurt

– nutrisystem chicken pasta in sauce
– 2 clementines
– a small cup of frozen yogurt

– nutrisystem pizza
– nutrisystem blueberry lemon bar
– salad with fat free ranch dressing

– 30 minutes of cycling
– 15 minutes of arm weights
– 5 minute cooldown walk/jog

I think adding exercise is important since it’ll be a daily thing. And I’m going to stop listing beverages unless it’s something other than water. I’m going to shoot for 4 bottles of water per day, which is about 8 glasses of water.

Day 23. Fell off the wagon.

January 28th, 2009

89/365 (by that girl caitlin)

I had a really emotional week. Every day this week since I blogged except for 1 day, I messed up a meal. Just going forward. Need to live up to this and not just hide and pretend it isn’t happening.

I ate Wendy’s. I ate a half rack of ribs and some potatoes and creamy salmon dip. I ate a big sub from Quiznos. I ate a BLT at the diner.

But that’s in the past, right?

Emotional eating is going to prevent me from ever reaching my goal by my wedding, but it won’t prevent me from reaching my goal. I’ve come a long way. I’ve almost lost 30 pounds. I need to stop with the pressure to lose the rest of it by the wedding. I’ll be beautiful. Josh already thinks I’m beautiful and that’s all that matters. I’ll keep plugging along, slowly, and it’ll make my goal even better when I finally reach it for all I’ve been through.

No more dates, just goal weights.

– nutrisystem breakfast bar
– fruit on the bottom yogurt

– melba toast
– nutrisystem chicken salad

I ate wendy’s on the way home.
Note to self: it’s not okay to say to yourself that, due to the fact you’re ordering chicken and chicken is better than burgers, that it is okay to get fast food.

– nutrisystem tacos
– salad

– nutrisystem caramel popcorn

Day 19. Baby step back.

January 24th, 2009

85/365 (by that girl caitlin)

Yeah, a baby step back for baby back ribs…

So last night I ate ribs. And smoked salmon spread. And garlic mashed potatoes and sweet baked beans. I don’t know why I do it to myself but I’m not upset this time. I gave myself a treat. I felt beautiful because my hair was done.


Not bad for this week, even considering the scale said 202 yesterday. Plus, I haven’t moved my bowels this morning yet (not to be gross, but it’s true) and this week for various reasons and numerous plans I didn’t get to the gym. I still see it as a success. It’s a loss, and I accomplished a lot this week. I cut out my after school snack since I was overdoing it, and except for last night I didn’t stray from my diet once. We have to appreciate the small victories so that we can push forward, right? Right.

I’m going to a Going Green party today. Yep, green for the environment. I’m sure there’ll be snacks there but unless they’re vegetables I’m not eating them. I’m going to eat both breakfast and lunch before I go and bring a water with me to drink on the way there. I’m still determined. I also might go to the gym tonight, and definitely tomorrow (so maybe twice this weekend to make up for it).

Here’s the meal plan for today, subject to change only slightly.

– nutrisystem pancakes
– a banana

– nutrisystem minestrone soup
– an orange

– nutrisystem bbq steak with rice
– a salad
– a little taste of Josh’s smoked brisket

– nutrisystem chocolate mint bar

– 2 bottles of fruit2o raspberry
– 2 waters

Day 18. Hair did!

January 23rd, 2009

84/365 (by that girl caitlin)

A horrible photo today with a vein popping out of my head, but I’m too lazy to take another photo. Got my hair done today. Been growing out my highlights and got the bottom to match my natural hair color. I’m happy with how it came out. The photo doesn’t do it justice.


Couldn’t resist weighing myself this morning, one day early.
I am ecstatic.
And tonight I’m going out to eat to wreck my official weigh-in tomorrow.

But you know what? I’m so happy. I’m doing it and I’m determined. I WILL reach my goal of ONEderland for the end of this month. YES.

– nutrisystem granola bar
– a banana

– nutrisystem chicken salad
– an orange

– probably salad with horrible dressing. oh well.

Everyone deserves a treat once in a while, right?
Plus, my hair looks awesome. I have to go out.

Day 17. No snack!

January 22nd, 2009

83/365 (by that girl caitlin)
You must think I’m so narcissistic by now.

Today was a crappy day, but not diet wise! Tomorrow I’m getting my hair done and it’s Friday so I’m quite excited. I have been working hard to ABSOLUTELY stick to the Nutrisystem guidelines, one guideline that I was pretty much ignoring were fruit and vegetable servings. Now, I know they’re good for you, but I am only supposed to eat specific amounts of them each day. Too much of a good thing is bad too. I can eat as much celery and lettuce as I like, though, and I think carrots so I’m going to work on doing that instead. I haven’t been having my afternoon snack and just waiting the few hours until dinner which fills me up anyway. That’s been working this week and I’m so proud of myself.

Another fabulous thing is Josh had a super duper reality call today by looking at an old photograph of himself. I’m excited that he’ll be working hard to eat well too. It makes it worlds easier on me. I’m trying to convince him that a trip to olive garden every other week is not a bad thing for a treat. I really look forward to their salads. I think he’s just really upset over the photo at the moment but I’m sure he’ll come around. I need me some Olive Garden!

– Nutrisystem lemon poppyseed muffins
– a banana

– Nutrisystem chicken salad
– melba toast
– an apple

– nutrisystem chicken pasta parmesan

– nutrisystem zesty herb snack mix

– 1 vitamin water
– 2 waters


Day 16. Doing well!

January 21st, 2009

82/365 (by that girl caitlin)

Despite my lack of posting in the past 2 days, I’m still doing very well. I’m still going to the gym and still eating right. In fact, I’ve even gotten stricter this week about my fruit and vegetable serving size. I’m all kinds of optimistic!

I pulled out some old pictures of my former thin self yesterday and posted them up in my room as a constant reminder and motivation. It’s working, too.

Nutrisystem has a bunch of new foods, too! I’m so excited for the next time I order to have more variation. They added tons of new stuff like breakfast sandwiches and ice cream sandwiches! 😀

– Nutrisystem blueberry muffins
– an apple

– Nutrisystem chicken pasta in sauce
– a banana

– Nutrisystem ravioli with meatballs
– salad with fat free ranch dressing

– Nutrisystem chocolate fudge bar

– 1 water
– 1 fruit punch vitamin water
– coffee this morning
(probably 1 more water before tonight’s over)

Day 13. Unlucky number?

January 18th, 2009

79/365 (by that girl caitlin)
I very rarely wear my hair down.

Today I had such a crazy day that I actually didn’t eat ANYTHING yet. This morning, there was a special Mass that I sang at in our Church and I didn’t eat beforehand because I was nervous. Then, I came home and started playing video games and was so distracted playing and drinking water that I didn’t eat a thing. About a half hour ago, my stomach let me know that I should probably eat.

Josh and I decided to go out to Applebees tonight since I’m off from work tomorrow and I haven’t eaten all day. They have the Weight Watcher’s menu and nice salads so I’m sure I’ll do fine, especially since my calorie intake is 0 so far. Well, except for the host at Mass, but you know what I mean.

Drank 1 water and 1/2 a vitamin water today. I’ll probably update tomorrow with what fun times I had at Applebees.

Today was a really nice day.

Day 12. A loss!

January 17th, 2009

78/365 (by that girl caitlin)

One day I’ll look at my face and it’ll be thinner. Oh how I long for that day. Hopefully it’s soon. I want to look in a mirror again and want to stop and admire what I see, not shy away from it or frown.

Today I signed on to the Nutrisystem forums and I learned a bit. I think I might just poke my head in there once a day and see what’s going on. I got some good ideas and realized that I was portioning my fruit and vegetable servings wrong. Maybe this week I’ll lose more now that I know this and also since I’m going to the gym more.

Speaking of the gym, I’m going to the gym with Josh in about a half hour. We just ate dinner and we’re digesting! Thankfully our gym is 24 hours so being that we’re night people, why not go when we have the most energy?

This week was a success, I guess. I was hoping to lose more, but hey… I lost something, right? Lost about 2 pounds this week.

Getting there!
Remember – the goal is to reach ONEderland by the end of this month!!

– Nutrisystem Flakes Cereal with Berries

– Nutrisystem Broccoli and Cheese Soup
– a large salad with fat free ranch dressing

– 3 plum tomatoes with cottage cheese

– Nutrisystem Ravioli

– Nutrisystem Zesty Herb Snack Mix

4 Poland Spring Waters.

Day 11. Heartwarmed.

January 16th, 2009

77/365 (by that girl caitlin)

Today was great. I finished reading Marley & Me today and I absolutely loved it. John Grogan is a fabulous writer. I really enjoyed his story. Very rarely do I read Nonfiction. I tend to stick to Science Fiction, Adventures, and sometimes Thrillers. But this book was great and I’m so glad I decided to read it.

Today was also great because now I have a 3 day weekend. I have to cantor two masses this weekend but I’m still happy for some relaxation time. I can’t complain that my weekend was ruined like I usually do because I have an extra day to make up for those 2 hours of stolen time at Mass.

Another great thing is that I feel so much like going out to eat tonight and we probably would, but it’s way too cold to want to go outside. So, thank you weather for making it cold. I guess everything has its positive points. Even though it would’ve probably just been Olive Garden salad, it’s still better to stick exactly to the diet.

The bad thing was that the cold weather also kept us from going to the gym like we planned. That, and Josh felt tired and my nose was extra stuffed today. We’re going tomorrow, though. No doubt.

– nutrisystem granola
– fat free yogurt

– 2 natural applesauces
– nutrisystem pasta alfredo

– 2 plum tomatoes
– cottage cheese

– nutrisystem oriental steak and peppers
– nutrisystem chocolate mint bar (my favorite)

Two waters today. Probably 3 or 4 by night’s end.