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Personal Goals March 27, 2010

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This will be an on-going list with no particular order that I’ll add to when I think of additional things or come up with new goals.  I hope this page becomes extremely active with me adding new goals and crossing off those I’ve accomplished!

1.   No longer need the seat belt extender in my car. DONE!  July 7, 2010 (58.6 lbs lost)

2.   Be able to fit into and ride a roller coaster again.

3.   Wear a size jeans smaller than a 32. DONE! December 8, 2010 (88.0 lbs lost)

4.   Wear a size 24 of anything – and have it fit correctly.

5.   Be able to fly with another person without purchasing an extra seat.

6.   Be able to fly alone without purchasing an extra seat.

7.   Be able to sit comfortably in the the chairs at work.

8.   Be able to take a bath in the tub without blocking the water on both sides.

9.   Be able to purchase clothes in ‘normal’ stores.

10. Be able to fit in and ride a go-cart again.

11. Go sky-diving.

12. Walk a 5K. DONE!  June 6, 2010 (1 hour 15 minutes)

13. Go water skiing again.

14. Learn how to snow ski.

15. Be able to step out of my pool without feeling like I need to use a chair for support. DONE!

16. Wear a size clothing lower than the 20s.

17. Have my own personal clothing ‘style,’ instead of just being forced to settle for what fits.


19. Be able to fit comfortably in the seats at Reliant Stadium (or anywhere else) so I can attend concerts, sporting events, etc.


2 Responses to “Personal Goals”

  1. mwrarr Says:

    EXCELLENT GOALS! 😀 I *love* #17!! That was one for me too…still is, to a point.

  2. rochester Says:

    I love your list! Sky-diving, skiing, karate. There’s a skinny girl in there dreaming big! 🙂 Congrats on your success so far, and good luck!

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