It’s Been A While

September 30th, 2012

Well I’ve been slacking for the end of summer.  I haven’t been going to WW or tracking or exercising, I thought I was doing OK the scale at home showed I was loosing weight and I was feeling pretty good, but….the scale was die-ing and you had to step on it a dozen times and pick the weight that came up the most, so yesterday we went and got a new scale, yep I’m pretty much where I was at the end of July (or March for that matter), so I need to figure out what to do.  Actually I know what to do I just need to do it.  So we’re going to start once again, only this time I need to get back that determination I had at the beginning.

So 2 weeks ago we were on vacation in DC and had  a great time.  Here is a couple of my favorite photos from the day at the mall, cool temps and sun just what we wanted:

And for my knitting I’ve been working a lot and don’t remember what I was working on when I last posted so I’ll just share a pic of my latest shawl that I worked on in the car on the trip down to DC (10 hrs total one way) my Carson Shawl:

Since it is Sunday here are my goals for the week:

Life – I really need to work on the house, it is pretty scary, so my goal for the week is to get up get dressed and work on cleaning, no knitting, tv watching or web surfing until I’ve done at least an hour of house work.

Yarn – I have several things on the needles (I know big surprise) I’m planning on working on my knee high German Stockings, the comfort shawl I’m doing for my Aunt who is having some serious medical issues, and my stricken socks, plus I want to get some dyeing done, but that requires a clean kitchen see life…..

Food/Diet – The biggest thing is actually a thing not to do, I’m not going to drink wine/alcohol, I really need to cut down and I’ve found the best way to do that is to not drink at all for a couple of weeks.  I’m also going to get back to measuring my meals, and track so that I can know what I’m actually eating.

Exercise – I’m going back to water exercise on Monday, and want to walk the dogs most days of the week, maybe I’ll try to do that first before the cleaning…..We’ll see.

This is getting longer than my usual, and is a little photo heavy, but I’ll leave with one more photo from vacation taken after lunch @ Mt. Vernon:

And Yet Again

July 30th, 2012

I’m stuck and I just don’t know what to do about it.  I just can’t seem to get away from 230, I’ve been here for close to 5 years now, I’ll go up almost to 240 then I’ll feel bad and turn over a new leaf and go down, I’ll get down to the mid 220s and then I’ll start creeping back up until I’m back to 230….I don’t want to quit WW I know it works and I can loose weight if I stick to and follow plan, I just can’t seem to make myself do that.  So yet once again I’m starting over, I really, really, really want to break thru this place I’m stuck at.

Anyway so other than that a quick update on things that have happened the last couple of weeks since I last posted.

We went camping with my family, I wasn’t expecting much, things can get fairly dramatic with my family, but it went really well, there was minimal drama, and much relaxing.  Here’s a photo of me laying in the hammock knitting what you can’t see is that one end of the hammock is tied to my car which is always happy to fill in for a tree:

I’ve been working on a bunch of knitting, but most of it has been put on hold while I work on my Ravellenic Games projects.  One of those RG projects is kilt-hose for DH’s b-day, I’m sure these will be fine once I get past the “heavily cabled fold over cuff” but right now they are kicking my butt.  The other RG project is a set of felted coasters for our niece’s housewarming party in a couple of weeks, I’ve got one done, I’m trying to decide if I should felt it to check size before knitting the others or knit them all and hope for the best.  On Saturday (after WW and Water Exercise) my girlfriend and I went out to the local winery for their Wine and Wool Fest, I spent too much, but had a good time.

On a side note I may have figured out why my allergies have been acting up this summer.  Before we went camping I noticed water on the floor under the furnace, I figured it was something minor and we’d deal with it when we got home.  Well turns out the drain in the A/C’s condenser was plugged so the water wasn’t going to the drain but rather pumping out on the floor.  I forgot about it when we got home and last Friday (a week after first noticing the problem) I noticed it again, in the meantime the water had traveled under the wall to the finished part of the basement and soaked the carpet.  We now have fans and the de-humidifier running trying to dry out the basement, when it’s dry I’ll rent a steam cleaner and do the carpet down there, to hopefully get rid of all the mildew and probably mold in the carpet.  I’m just hoping we can salvage this and won’t need to tear out the carpet.

This post is getting kind of long but I still want to post my goals for the week:

Life:  The same as the last couple of times I posted – clean off my dresser and sort my clothes, wash my face every night. Add to that clean up the basement.

Yarn: Plug away on those kilt-hose.  Stay away from online stores I don’t need any more yarn….

Food: Stick to plan, drink more water and less Diet Coke, drink less wine…I think that’s enough.

Exercise: Move daily…..simple and sweet.

Well time to get moving I need to pay the bills and run some errands, and man I feel like a nap, but can’t right now.

Have a good one,


Welcome to Zombieland

June 20th, 2012

Sorry I missed my post yesterday, I did not have a good day Monday although I did stick to my plan pretty well and then I woke up grumpy yesterday, but I persevered and now it’s hump-day.  This is going to be another short one I’m taking the dogs out to the folks to go swimming (may parent’s live on a lake) and I want to leave soon.

Anyway just an update:

Monday after posting I got ready and went to donate blood, well they were behind so I waited a while (I had a 10:00 apt and got on the table about 10:45) but I’d brought knitting so it wasn’t so bad.\ I don’t know what happened, but it was physically painful to donate blood and then I stopped flowing so the nurse had to wiggle the needle and I had to grit my teeth to keep from screaming.  I’m not sure why this happened, I’ve donated a couple of dozen times and never has it hurt like this, DH thinks they probably hit a nerve and since he had many blood draws/IVs during his cancer treatments he’s probably right.  My arm kept hurting all night, it was still sore when I got up yesterday, it was fine as long as I didn’t use it but if I used it at all it ached.  Well, I had to stop at the farm market on the way home to finish the grocery shopping, and then work on my sweater or it wouldn’t be done to wear Saturday and I also had dinner to make, so I kept using it and it kept hurting and I kept getting grumpier and grumpier…..On a good note I made the Fajittas I’d planned and we ate at home and I didn’t have any wine, and I tracked everything and ended up w/in points, so alls well that ends well, right.

Now on to Tuesday:  Since both my arms were sore I didn’t get up early to walk the dogs, I didn’t think I could handle it, and I discovered it didn’t hurt to bad if I stuck to only an hour of knitting at a time, so I would knit and then take a break and knit some more, and when I tried on the sweater before bed I only have a couple of inches to go today so it’s looking promising.  Unfortunately I didn’t make it to water exercise as I had planned, I was still crabby and sore so I put it off….I really wanted to go out to our favorite bar for half off pizza last night but we refrained and instead stuck to plan and made one of our favorite dishes Basil Shrimp with Feta and Orzo its one we do often in the summer, it’s fast, easy, tastes good and not horribly fattening.  You take orzo and mix it with tomatoes, green onions, feta, lemon and s&p and make a bed of it on foil, you then mix basil with shrimp and lay that on the orzo mixture, close the foil and bake, often we do it on the grill, we’ve even made it up in the morning when we’re going camping and put it on the grill when we get there, it’s really good.

Now to the definition of the title.  I watch a podcast called Stockinette Zombies and when asked where the name came from they said that one of them was working on a sweater and had hit the body section and felt like a zombie a stockinette zombie.  Not being a garment knitter I couldn’t relate but I understood.  Well, this week I’ve been trying to get this sweater done and I now can relate, I’ve been knitting stockinette in the round for 4 days and am about ready to stick a sharp pointy stick in my eye.  Thankfully I’ve finished that part and now have 2″ of seed stitch to the end, I’m not thinking that’s going to be that much better, but at least the end is in sight.

Well, I’ve gotta get a move on, if I’m going to make it to my parents house.  Hopefully I’ll have photo’s tomorrow.

Have a great one all,


This last week I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about which came first being a depressed, lazy slug and gaining weight or gaining weight and then getting down and turning into a lazy slug….

I guess it really doesn’t matter, I just know I really need to break the cycle, I think the first step is not to drink (alcohol) this week at all (well maybe until Sat we have a family picnic and it may be required, if you know what I mean).  I also want to get dressed and take the dogs out first thing in the morning, it’s supposed to be hot and humid so that’ll be the best time, I think those two things should help get me moving.

Now for the week(s) in review:  Diet wise not so good, I did lose a couple of pounds so I’m back to where I was mid-April, I’m really hoping that I can get back on track and start loosing again.  Exercise wise, also not so good I did get in walks 3 times each week and last week I went to water exercise on Saturday, but I didn’t go on the week nights and I didn’t go yesterday, I can give you all kinds of excuses but, really it’s just that I didn’t.  Knitting went a little better, I got the new yarn and finished Kleio although I still need to block it, I finished the first sock of Merilinda (the latest Cookie A, I am glad there are only 3 more), and I’m half way thru the sweater Urban (hoping to finish it to wear next Saturday).  I also got in a bunch of undyed yarn to dye, I want to give it a shot, hopefully this week, first on the agenda try to break some black (that’s not going to make sense to anyone who hasn’t dyed).  Life wise go back and read the first sentence, not so good.

Philly’s pacing he wants breakfast so I need to wrap this up.

Goals for the week:

Life – Work on getting dressed first thing in the morning, and washing my face before bed.  Also clean up my dresser and get rid of stuff I’m not going to wear.  Come back to post daily.

Yarn – Finish up the socks and sweater, block the shawl.  Sweater has priority since I want to wear it Saturday.  Dye up a couple of skeins of the undyed yarn I bought.

Food – Track everything, no alcohol.  Stick to the menu I’ve made, try not to go out or order take out more than once.  Try something new for lunch….

Exercise – (not in the title but important) Walk at least 4 times this week, go to water exercise at least twice, get my bike out for a ride.

I also need to get that updated photo up, if it doesn’t happen today, I should have a finished object photo with the sweater next week.

Well I’m going to get moving feed the dogs and get DH up for church.  Have a great week and hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow.

So I haven’t been around for a week and I haven’t been tracking or blogging or exercising or anything else for the last week, so now I get to start again.  I also didn’t go to WW on Saturday, I’d been up most of the night with an upset stomach and just didn’t feel like going so I didn’t.  But today I’m going to get back on track, although as my WW leader says do you want to go back to what didn’t work for you before, so we’ll see….

Plan for the Week

Diet: Track daily and follow the Simply Filling plan.  Exercise daily.

Knitting: Finish my sun hat and Kleio, get the first sock done on the Pontinelle, work on my felted bag.

Life: Clean off my dresser and fold the clothes in baskets.  Clean the kitchen.  Get dressed before coming downstairs each morning.

A lot of those plans are the same as last time, but like the title says “here we go again”

Speaking of that, time to go get showered and dressed so we can load the car for dog club….

Here’s a photo of my finished Clandestines from last weekend:

Have a great one, everyone.


Day 59 – Allergies or Cold

April 25th, 2012

Sorry, didn’t post yesterday, I’m either having a battle with allergies or coming down with a cold.  Monday night I developed a sore throat which carried thru yesterday, yesterday I couldn’t get warm for anything and today I’m stuffy and light headed.  I think it was blown in with the crazy winds we’ve had for the last 2 days, I kept thinking of the 3 Little Pigs and was glad I live in a brick house.

But onto where I’m at:  On the exercise front not much has been happening, we didn’t make it to the gym on Monday because I was starting to feel like crud, we did take the dogs for a walk but the old man and I bowed out about half way thru because I was experiencing some intestinal distress, which often accompanies draining sinuses.  Yesterday nothing….On the diet front I’m doing better I was pretty proud of myself that I didn’t eat a lot of processed carbs yesterday when I was feeling so bad, it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t go grocery shopping since I have a feeling lots of junk would have come home.  On the knitting front, not much at all, I just haven’t felt like knitting, and yesterday was supposed to be the VKN I’ve been joining but no luck (not that I felt like socializing anyway). Today is my knit-with class…we’ll see how I feel.  On the life front, yesterday I came down in my PJs and actually stayed in them until 5pm when I finally showered and dressed myself, I didn’t get much done around the house at all, slowly working thru the laundry need to do it more than every 2-3 weeks so the pile is smaller, need to go grocery shopping today.

I tried a new recipe for oatmeal.  I had planned to make the slow cooker recipe overnight on Monday but I forgot, so yesterday morning I made the one in the Light & Healthy cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen, it was good, I did the variation with apples and raisins (I used dried cranberries), it also added maple syrup which I like in the slow cooker recipe which doesn’t have apples, but it was too sweet (for me) with both the apples and syrup, I’ll know better next time.  It was pretty good, I was surprised how much browning the oats in butter helped and with only 1 tablespoon of butter over 4 servings I think I might even add that to the other recipe.

(slight rant) On a totally side note, I still can’t believe that the cookbooks haven’t come from ATK.  On Feb 16 I ordered 2 cookbooks from ATK on line, now I’ve done this several times with no issues, this time tho I didn’t hear from them (except for the automated “we got your order” e-mail) until March 3 that the books had shipped.  When I placed the order the web site said for the shipping option I had chosen it would be 2-3 weeks, when I got the shipping notice (2 weeks later) it said the books would arrive in 2-4 weeks.  2 weeks later I sent an e-mail to customer service about the order the only reply I got was an automated e-mail saying that if I had chosen standard shipping it could take 4-6 weeks (are you seeing the issue here?).  By the beginning of April, 6 weeks after I had placed the order and been charged for it, 4 weeks after the shipping notice, I called the credit card company and disputed the charge and had it credited to my account.  I figured for sure I’d here from them then, but nope, and still haven’t seen the books (its now been almost 10 weeks since the order was placed).  I will refuse shipment when they arrive, I went out last weekend to Barnes & Nobel and bought one book.  This is just crazy.  (rant over)

Well I should get going, need to eat breakfast (lucky for me I have oatmeal in the fridge) and make my list to go to the store.  We’ll see if I go out to my parent’s I told my mom I might not because of how I was feeling yesterday.

Have a good one.



April 23rd, 2012

Oops forgot to publish this yesterday so there will be 2 posts today.

I  haven’t been around for a couple of days, but I was doing crappy and didn’t want to post about it.  Which is the wrong way to look at things I know.  Last week started out so well and then I stumbled on Wednesday and went down HARD and continued to tumble.  At WW yesterday I gained 4 lbs 😮  I know I chose poorly but there is no way that I gained that much, I figure some of it has to be due to what I ate and drank on Thursday and Friday, my goal for this week is to make sure that 4, plus more is gone this week.  When I did really well a few years ago I was following the WW core plan.  Now that plan has morphed into the Simply Filling plan at WW so I have decided that I’m going to follow it for the week and see how it goes, I think lunch today may be hard but we’ll see.

Now for last weeks GBU’s:

Good: The week started out well diet wise, and I went to WW on Saturday even though I knew it would be ugly and I didn’t want to.  Knitting I worked almost exclusively on Kleio and she’s almost done. Life, I went for my mammogram and yea I didn’t get called back this year.

Bad: I didn’t control myself when we went out to eat, which lead to more wine and snacking at home.  I worked on Kleio and not the socks that need to be done by the end of the month.

Ugly: Those 4 pounds, nothing else to say.

My Plan for the upcoming week:

Diet: Follow Simply Filling, some form of exercise every day.  I’m not going to say I can’t have wine since that obviously lead to a melt down mid week, but I’m going back to saying I can only use exercise points to have it.

Knitting: Finish Kleio and Clandestine, and work on bag and Fireman sock.

Life: Get dressed when I get up no coming down in PJs.  Work on clearing off the dresser, and eating at the table.

And even though I don’t count on Saturdays I didn’t do to bad yesterday.  I went to WW then water exercise, then we had a 50th wedding anniversary party for my Aunt and Uncle to go to.  I didn’t drink, I had a small plate of food (none of it was good for me), I ate mostly fruit for snacks and I stayed away from the bread and butter.  I figured when I got home I’d be hungry, because we ate so early and I didn’t eat much, but I wasn’t and I didn’t eat anything, I did make a wine spritzer, but only one, so I’m very pleased with myself.

I also didn’t mention that I’m going to post every day, I did when I started this and was doing better so Good, Bad, or Ugly I’ll be back.

Have a good one all,


Day 52 – Photos

April 18th, 2012

Went to the dr this morning and my BP was normal, I’m pretty happy, even if it takes meds at least it’s down.  The dr noticed I’d lost a weight in the month since I’d seen him and mentioned it.  Made me happy, since when I lost weight before the dr I was seeing didn’t congratulate me just told me I needed to loose more (duh).  Anyway he said if I kept it up maybe I could stop the medicine, I should have told him I doubt it since my dad’s been on them since his 30s, fat, skinny, couch potato, exercise fiend doesn’t seem to matter.

When I got home I took my monthly photo, looks pretty bad since I balanced the camera on the ironing board and crossed the room, but I keep forgetting to get DH to do it in the evenings:

Also have some pics of my finished Longshadows Shawl taken on Easter:

And my current WIPs:

Kleio (by Rosemary Hill);

Clandestine (by Cookie A)

And Simple Skyp Sock in Firefighter

Finally here is  a shot of the swap blocks before I shipped them out:

Plans for today:  I need to mow the grass and want to get some more done on Kleio, then when DH gets home from work we’ll take the dogs for a walk, it’s so much easier when there are 2 of us.  Not sure about dinner was planning on making Galumpkis, but I don’t think the meat will be thawed, they’ll be better tomorrow anyway, it’s supposed to be cold and wet.

Have a great one all,


Day 48 – Yea Clean Room

April 14th, 2012

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve just come back from the Weight Watchers and the Gym and I’m down another 0.6 pounds that gives me 5.2 lbs for the 7 weeks.  So I earn my first incentive Woo Hoo.  Hopefully I can get back on track this week I’d really like to make the 10lb mark by the time we go out of town in May, that’s 5 weeks so it should be doable if I work at it.

Yesterday I finally straightened up my craft room and worked on the swap blocks, I’ve got 2 done the fabric picked out for the other 4, should be able to get them done tomorrow afternoon.  Then after DH got home we ate dinner (I actually had it ready by 6, I was impressed) and then we went down town (Detroit) to see the Lakota Sioux Dancers it was different and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed it.

Today the weather is crappy again, you know spring like, overcast and rainy.  Kind of bummed because we had talked about taking the dogs to the park after we go to my sisters for my niece’s birthday cake and ice cream.  Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same, but since we don’t have to go anywhere hopefully we can squeeze in a dog walk.  I need to do my monthly photo tomorrow also, and I still need to download the photos of my shawl (which I wore again last night).

I’m trying to decide if I want to do the Mother’s Day Tea again this year.  I enjoy it, plus cleaning for that will get me a head start on cleaning for when my parents come to dog sit while we’re out of town on Wed and Thurs that week.  We’ll see.

I’ve also decided on a couple more incentives for NSVs – for going to water exercise 3x a week for 2 weeks in a row I get to buy Wolles Color Changing Yarn; for earning 30 APs/week for a month I get to buy 3 skeins of yarn from Hazel Knits.  I’ll add them to the page after I post.

Well I should get moving I need to change before heading up to my sisters.

Have a great day all,


Day 47 – Life Goes On

April 13th, 2012

This week has kind of sad, DH is in a funk which is dragging me down, I’ve had a headache that just won’t quit (I didn’t think it was a migraine but when it woke me up in the middle of night 3 I took the migraine drugs anyway, didn’t help, guess I was right darnit) and then to top things off yesterday I had some “intestinal discomfort”.  Overall TGIF!

Not much to post today, the diet has been so-so and I haven’t exercised.  I worked mostly on the Kleio because the garter stitch took no thought or concentration.  I really need to go up and get the room straightened so I can get my swap blocks done, they are supposed to be in the mail by the 15th which is Sunday, but I think I’m going to be a day late.  Tomorrow is my niece’s 2nd b-day so we’re invited for cake and ice cream mid-afternoon, but since they live over an hour away it’ll tie up the whole afternoon.  At least dog club got cancelled for Sunday, so we have that free although we’ll probably be doing taxes (yes we are horrible procrastinators).

Tonight we have a date night, we are going to see the “Lakota Sioux Dancers”, I was looking for something different for us to do to get us out of our rut, and this groupon came, so I thought “why not, we used to do stuff like this.”  I just hope the drums (I’m assuming there’ll be drums) don’t kick off my headache which is finally easing.

Well, gotta go.  Have a great day 🙂