So last Friday was my 46th birthday.  I can’t believe I’m this old.  When my parents were this age all their kids (all 3 of us) were out of high school and I (as the oldest) had already graduated from college.  EEK typing that out makes me feel even older.  Of course my girlfriend’s comment about her birthday (she’s 3 whole weeks older) that she wasn’t happy because now she’s closer to 50 than 40 didn’t help any.  It’s pretty funny though my niece whose birthday was the preceding Sunday (she turned 4) wanted to give me birthday spankings, my sister said 46 spankings I wouldn’t be able to walk, I think the kid’s hand would be numb….For my birthday the Tigers swept the Yankees (big cheering, lots of applause) and are headed to the World Series.  And because they did it on Thursday we could continue our plan of going to the Detroit Seafood Market for dinner, I’d bought a Groupon at the beginning of Sept with the plan of going for my birthday, then we got worried because the restaurant is only a few blocks from the ball park (I just wasn’t thinking baseball around my birthday), but all worked out.  And our dinner was great, leftovers for dinner tonight.

OK enough babbling about my birthday.  Time for some updates on some other stuff:

Life haven’t done much here.  Really need to work on getting moving in the mornings, rather than coming down in my PJs and sitting around surfing the net or knitting until afternoon…..

Yarn – Got some stuff done here, I finished my mitts for the LoKal they’re a little snug on the forearm but I think I can still wear them…

I’m also about 2/3’s of the way thru the second sock for the German Stockings (knee highs) hoping to finish them this week, I’m on the edging for the Piper’s Journey, and started the second sock for the carousel socks need to have them done to wear to vote (they’re for the Sock the Vote KAL), I think that’s all I worked on the last 2 weeks.  Oh yea I did have a dye day last week, I’m pretty happy with 3 of the 4 skeins need to overdye the 4th.

Food – Well the first week of the 2 weeks since I posted went well, last week not so much.  I did loose weight both weeks tho.  The problem with the second week is that I skipped breakfast, then couldn’t decide on lunch and put it off and then I was really hungry and making bad choices…..A couple of good notes tho:  On the 14th we went to my sister’s for my niece’s birthday and since she wasn’t having food we left a turkey chili in the crockpot for dinner, yum.  Then yesterday we went to Red Robin for lunch (I got a free burger for my birthday) and I looked up what I was having before we went.  First I’d like to commend them for an awesome nutritional site, but 26 pts for a burger!!!!! I only get 33 for the day, yikes, but I subbed a grilled chicken breast and it was a little better, as long as it’s a treat rather than a normal event it’ll be fine.  Speaking of my points I’d like to complain 2 weeks ago I got 35 pts/day then I lost enough weight to drop down a point (ok I can handle that) then yesterday when I put in my weight I lost another point.  I didn’t lose that much more, the only thing I can think of is that I went to the next age bracket….another reason to not be happy about my birthday.

Exercise – Not good at all.  That’s about all I have to say.  I really need to get moving.

This post has gotten pretty long, so here are my quick goals:

Life – I will come down dressed every day no excuses, even if the dogs have to wait for breakfast while I shower…

Yarn- Like I said above, I want to finish the knee highs, and continue to work on Carousel and Piper’s Journey, no casting on anything new until they are done.  Today I think I’m going to dye some more yarn.

Food – Go thru the crock-pot book for something for Sunday and next Wed (Halloween) when I have to pick my parents up at the airport at dinner time.  Continue tracking, limiting alcohol, and eat breakfast.

Exercise – The weather is supposed to be beautiful this week so walk the dogs most days and go back to water aerobics tonight and Thursday (I have something Sat am so can’t go then).

Well I should get going and eat my breakfast.  Check out that I updated my incentives page, need to come up with some good incentives for the harder stuff…..

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