Try, Try, Again

October 7th, 2012

Ok last week pretty much turned into a fail.  The weather did that down-up-way down thing and so my sinuses were not at their best, and every muscle in my body seemed to ache, as a result I didn’t get much done.  Luckily I also didn’t over eat (although I didn’t eat a very balanced good for me diet), so I still lost weight (or at least I think I did, not sure about my new scale).  I did however finish my Sake Socks, so I’m pretty happy there.

I really don’t have much to say, so I’m just going to list the weekly goals:

Life – Continue with the plan of getting up and dressing and starting to work on the house by 10:00 after breakfast.  This week I want to finish cleaning the main floor and do the laundry.

Yarn – Continue working on the Sock the Vote Socks, the German Stocking Knee Highs, the Alpaca Mitts, and Aunt Mary Ann’s comfort shawl.

Food – Repeat last weeks goals of no alcohol unless out, and tracking all food.  Today is going to use up a lot of my flex points for the week tho since I chose to eat bad for me stuff at lunch and we’re going out to dinner with my parents for our birthday.  I’ll just have to reign in the dinner choices.

Exercise – Again repeat last weeks goals of going back to water exercise and walking the dogs most days, really this is something I can do and I know I’ll feel better, I just need to do it.

Well this has been a pretty down post but, that’s the kind of week I had.  Here’s hoping that I can improve this week.

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