Well it’s bright and early (ok not so early) Monday morning and I’m already modifying my goals for the week.  Not sure if this is a good thing, but it’s defiantly realistic.

Yesterday, I didn’t do too well on the food plan for the week.  It turned out to be a nice sunny (if cool) fall day, so we decided to take a ride out to the cider mill.  What else do you you do on a sunny, cool, autumn Sunday in Michigan if not go to the cider mill.  So DH found one on line, and we took his fast car which will go into storage by the end of the month, and drove about an hour out of town.  I want to ferment some hard cider, which I’ve taken to drinking more, so we left the mill with 5.5 gallons of cider, 2 lbs of honey and a couple of donuts (which just smelled soooo good at the mill).  Then we sat in the city park and had a cup of cider and a donut, when I went to WW on-line and posted what I’d eaten, I should’ve skipped the donut good as it smelled (and tasted) it wasn’t worth the 7 pts.  We then went to Ann Arbor to visit a brew pub I’d heard about and had an early dinner, since we’d both skipped lunch.  I had a really good steak salad, although it had a little too much dressing, should have asked for it on the side, and a hard cider.  So here comes variation to the plan #1:  Alcohol only if we go out and only 1 glass.  I was good when we got home I put my food into the tracker, saw I had none left for the day which kept me from snacking, and drank water for the evening.  It was weird tho, usually when we go out to dinner we leave around 6:30 – 7:00 and get home around 8:30 – 9:00, yesterday we got to the restaurant about 5ish and were home by 7, all evening I kept thinking it was later than it was.

Now for variation to the plan #2:  I originally said that I was going to get up and start with the house cleaning for at least an hour/day.  Yea that’s not going to happen.  I’ve been getting up with DH or right after he leaves, he leaves at 7:30am I am NOT a morning person, I can barely function that early in the morning, I need my wake up time, even when I worked and had to be out of the house by then, I was not fully coherent until 9, I just tried not to make major mistakes before then.  Anyway, I’ve decided that I will get up and have my pop or tea with my Metamucil wafer and knit and wake up, then have breakfast and get to work by 10 (although because I’m posting I’m already late today, so need to wrap this up).

Knitting update:  my new plan for the week is to finish the Sake socks and the Midnight Sky mitts (I’m not sure I mentioned these they’re for the Fat Squirrel Speaks Podcast’s LoKal, a knit-a-long with local to you yarn), and then I can cast on for the Sock The Vote Green Party Socks.  I have to many WIPs right now and need to get some off the needles.

Today’s Plan:  Finish this post.  Work in the kitchen, I want to get the counters cleaned and scrubbed (oxy-cleaned), then clean out the fridge, run the self cleaner on the oven and maybe take down the fan blades to clean but that may wait for tomorrow.  Finish the sheets and towels (started them this am).  Make the grocery shopping list.  Walk the dogs and mow the grass.

I think that’s a full plan so I better get moving, have a great day everyone.

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