Well I disappeared for another week.  I’m not sure what’s up with me I just can’t seem to get myself back into the groove.  Of course this last week had a combination of issues PMS and nasty heat, but those are just excuses and not the root of the problems…..I need to get to that root.

Anyway, last week I lost a half pound at WW but I had left my shoes on (I usually don’t) and they weigh another pound, so I figure I was down about 1.5 lbs.  Yesterday I skipped WW because I wasn’t feeling good (darn TOM), I weighed at home but our scale is wigging out so it’s not trustworthy, but it said that I was down another pound.  All that being said officially I weigh 230.4 which is slightly higher than I was at the beginning of May 🙁

Knitting wise I had a pretty good couple of weeks, I finished the sweater I was working on, the socks for my KSL knit along, and my Kleio.  I’m pretty happy with my progress.  I joined a summer stash dash with one of the groups in Ravelry (the KnitGirllls podcast group), they had you set a goal for the summer (dates were one of the hosts summer holiday from school) and with half the time finished I’m 43% to goal, so not to bad, need to pick up the pace a bit though.


Life – Sadly these are the same as 2 weeks ago, get up and get dressed, wash face, clear out clothes, I think I want to add the morning pages, they always seem to help (they’re from Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron)

Yarn – Work on Wedge, should finish the first sock and maybe the second as well, cast on for my next sweater (Gemini), work on all the other projects I’ve got going.

Food – Track everything, work on eating mostly power foods, may switch to simply filling.  Try at least one new recipe.

Exercise – Again I’m going to duplicate the last set of goals, walk the dogs in the morning first thing, go to water exercise at least twice, get in a bike ride.

Here’s my updated photo it’s also the Finished shot of the Urban Sweater I knit.  It is not a very flattering photo (maybe it’ll kickstart my butt):

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