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June 20th, 2012

Sorry I missed my post yesterday, I did not have a good day Monday although I did stick to my plan pretty well and then I woke up grumpy yesterday, but I persevered and now it’s hump-day.  This is going to be another short one I’m taking the dogs out to the folks to go swimming (may parent’s live on a lake) and I want to leave soon.

Anyway just an update:

Monday after posting I got ready and went to donate blood, well they were behind so I waited a while (I had a 10:00 apt and got on the table about 10:45) but I’d brought knitting so it wasn’t so bad.\ I don’t know what happened, but it was physically painful to donate blood and then I stopped flowing so the nurse had to wiggle the needle and I had to grit my teeth to keep from screaming.  I’m not sure why this happened, I’ve donated a couple of dozen times and never has it hurt like this, DH thinks they probably hit a nerve and since he had many blood draws/IVs during his cancer treatments he’s probably right.  My arm kept hurting all night, it was still sore when I got up yesterday, it was fine as long as I didn’t use it but if I used it at all it ached.  Well, I had to stop at the farm market on the way home to finish the grocery shopping, and then work on my sweater or it wouldn’t be done to wear Saturday and I also had dinner to make, so I kept using it and it kept hurting and I kept getting grumpier and grumpier…..On a good note I made the Fajittas I’d planned and we ate at home and I didn’t have any wine, and I tracked everything and ended up w/in points, so alls well that ends well, right.

Now on to Tuesday:  Since both my arms were sore I didn’t get up early to walk the dogs, I didn’t think I could handle it, and I discovered it didn’t hurt to bad if I stuck to only an hour of knitting at a time, so I would knit and then take a break and knit some more, and when I tried on the sweater before bed I only have a couple of inches to go today so it’s looking promising.  Unfortunately I didn’t make it to water exercise as I had planned, I was still crabby and sore so I put it off….I really wanted to go out to our favorite bar for half off pizza last night but we refrained and instead stuck to plan and made one of our favorite dishes Basil Shrimp with Feta and Orzo its one we do often in the summer, it’s fast, easy, tastes good and not horribly fattening.  You take orzo and mix it with tomatoes, green onions, feta, lemon and s&p and make a bed of it on foil, you then mix basil with shrimp and lay that on the orzo mixture, close the foil and bake, often we do it on the grill, we’ve even made it up in the morning when we’re going camping and put it on the grill when we get there, it’s really good.

Now to the definition of the title.  I watch a podcast called Stockinette Zombies and when asked where the name came from they said that one of them was working on a sweater and had hit the body section and felt like a zombie a stockinette zombie.  Not being a garment knitter I couldn’t relate but I understood.  Well, this week I’ve been trying to get this sweater done and I now can relate, I’ve been knitting stockinette in the round for 4 days and am about ready to stick a sharp pointy stick in my eye.  Thankfully I’ve finished that part and now have 2″ of seed stitch to the end, I’m not thinking that’s going to be that much better, but at least the end is in sight.

Well, I’ve gotta get a move on, if I’m going to make it to my parents house.  Hopefully I’ll have photo’s tomorrow.

Have a great one all,


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