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So May was full of wonderful occaisions but a disaster diet wise. I gained some weight back 🙁 I think I was back up to 147-148 but I don’t know for sure it was so awful :0. My BC might also have been affecting my weight, as I just switched.

I got sick of paying for Yaz (30 bucks a month) and asked my gynocologist to switch me to a different generic BC,(not the yaz generic, as it made me CRAZY) so now I’m on Cryselle something (generic of lo ovral). She gave me 3 months to try it out. I know it takes a few months to get used to a new BC, and I’ve already noticed a couple (GOOD) things that may be related to the pill, but May was so tumultuous I will need to keep an eye on it for the next couple months. And, I can have 3 months at once, instead of picking it up 1x a month which is annoying.

May was the MONTH of food. (April wasn’t a breeze, either, but I digress). Here is a quick rundown of all the food-having events I can remember in May, and there was def. some other stuff mixed in. I kept up the exercise, which is helpful, but there is no way to out exercise crappy eating habits.

-Taiko Concert. Ate at the reception, then went out to dinner after.
-Greg’s Bachelor party at the Medieval Manor, where the 5th course was, I kid you not, HALF A CHICKEN. I didn’t eat it all of course, but that was the LAST course
-Victoria’s Bridal Shower
-Mother’s Day
-Victoria’s Bachelorette party
-Greg and Victoria’s Wedding
-Mom’s Birthday
-Friendly’s with Stacey
-War of the Roses, where I was miserable and cranky and ate extra peanutbutter and bagels, AND the food G&V gave us
-Visiting Joel and Becky and going to the diner
-Candy in the car after Roses

And that’s what I REMEMBER. Minor offenses include at least half a bag of baking chocolate chips, Soc’s, Meletharbe’s once (though that may have been April), and 2 scoops at Tosci’s instead of 1 a couple times  Also, I was so depressed by the end of the month I kind of went nuts and ate an entire sleeve of thin mint girl scout cookies in one sitting.

All told though, the dimensional damage wasn’t bad, though that more shows how damn fat my somach is for my weight. My waist went back up to 32 from 31. My stupid boobs remained the same, fortunately, instead of getting bigger, which I they might have on the new BC as I think it has more estrogen than yaz (haven’t checked this though). I went back up to the Old Navy 8’s from the Express 8 ‘s. Sigh.

Anyway, June 1st I got back on track, and it’s been going very well. I have been doing well in the food department, averaging somewhere between 1500-1700 daily, with the exception of Saturday when Steve and I went to Coldstone Creamery (SOOO GOOODDD) and Monday, which was Mike’s b-day and we went to the cheesecake factory. I only ate 1/3 of the factory burrito (maybe less, a lot of rice fell out) but I ate almost the whole piece of cheesecake, lol, the peanutbutter fudge ripple (MMmmmm chocolate and peanutbutter drooooll). I have been walking pretty much everyday, and going to the gym for classes, AND doing weights consistently.

For the weight lifting, I FINALLY started using barbells for some stuff. It is hard at lexington, as I got used to working in the smaller room that doesn’t have any barbells or heavier dumbbells, but I’ve started going to Watertown for some classes and since I go right after work and get there pretty early (going home and leaving again would be a waste of time because of traffic) I will do weights before kickboxing. And the watertown gym is just everything thrown together. I felt a little subconscious at first, but like, whatever. I was the only girl using barbells at the time though, lol. I used 45 to squat the first time, and yesterday 50. I will stick with 50 for a while. Dunno after 60lb, that’s the highest the fixed barbells go, but I may just stay at 50-60 for a while, as it is quite effective at making my but hurt, lol.

I am also (doing a horrible job at) not looking at the scale every day. Haha. Right. Anyway, as of the weekend I was back to just under 145, and then yesterday when I got home I was just under 143. Normally I’d say it was because it was after 8 when I got back and I’d been walking, but I’d also been to the gym and drank AT LEAST 40oz of water during my time there, and that’s like, 2.5lb water. I don’tknow what I was this morning since I was at steve’s house, but the Counselor scale in his b-room had me at about 141 last night and 137 (!!!!!) this morning. It usually has been about 2lb off, so either it’s WAY more off now from my scale, or I evaporated.

This sudden drop in weight I think is at least somewhat related to the new birth control pills, as it is impossible to lose 4 (or more) lb in a week, no matter HOW hard I work. I’m a few days into the off week, and had to pee like, 90 times the last couple days. Monday I thought it was because I was drinking water excessively, but yesterday that was not the case. I will need to keep an eye on this, to see if this pill gives me a monthly water retention/loss cycle. Yaz never did that, probably because one of the drugs in it is a mild diuretic.

Exercise log??

Today: so far I walked around the building before work, ~.5 miles. this is going to be a non-exercise day. Probably should have those once in a while.

Tuesday 6/8
-3mi walk before work
-strength training after work
-10 minutes on the stair climber to 50 flights  (ugh) . Never done it before. The girl next to me was holding on. How is that any good? Go slower. Of course, it was hard to walk on. There needs to be like, 1 more step, and the steps need to be deeper. I kept tripping.
-2.5 mile walk on the bike path, because it was SO NICE out

Yeah, Tuesday was a lot of exercise. Haha.

Monday 6/7
-3 mile walk before work
~3/4 mile walk during a break at work.
-kickboxing after work

Sunday 6/6
-about 2.5mi? walk with Steve

Saturday 6/5
-kickboxing in the morning
-strength training, upper body only because I strained a muscle or something and couldn’t do squats. And I did a bunch anyway, during kickboxing, before deciding I should stop it before I made it worse
-~2.5 mile walk with Steve

Friday 6/4
-3mile walk before work
-walked around the mall a bit after work, in an effort to get myself NOT to take a long walk. I bought a cute dress, lol.

Thursday 6/3
-just over 2 mile walk before work, in the office park
-strength training

Wednesday 6/2
-3mile walk before work
-~2.5 or so mile walk in the evening

Tuesday 6/1
Strength Training


Well, after a couple weeks ago when Steve and I ate at Fresh City, I’ve started eating wraps instead of oatmeal for dinner all the time. Probably a good thing. I was probably destroying myself eating only oatmeal. Anywho, I sometimes do chicken ceaser wraps, but usually I do “greek” style (it has hummus, so my stupid brain says greek). Really, they are just wraps with hummus, baby spinach and grilled veggies. Primarily zucchini, yellow squash, green peppers, onion and mushroom. This week I added garlic (good) and carrots (not so good, and the flavor got into EVERYTHING). Along with a wrap I eat a bowl of miso soup with ?frozen seafood medley” (lol) for protein and FILLING POWER lol.

I bought chocolate-peanutbutter spread to eat with bananas for dessert sometimes. YUMMMMM.

So yeah, that’s where things stand. I will be interested in (not, yeah right) seeing the scale today, and esp tomorrow first thing and the tape measure. See, I finally recovered enough to be motivated to update my journal! I’m not changing the tracker, though. I’m such a liar, haha.


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