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Things are going, I guess. I haven’t seen any loss or anything yet, but well, it seems to take a couple weeks of being good to see change at this point, and I’ve only been good for like, 2 days haha. When did I update last . . .

The 9th. That’s. . . last Friday. Oh, well. I was REALLY BAD on Saturday. Well, with food, anyway.

It started well. I went to the gym in the morning for Bodycombat, and breakfast and lunch were normal. I was meeting Steve and his friend Justin (who I’d not met yet) at their chess tournament, somewhere around six, so I had planned this epic walk through Boston, cambridge, and Somerville, ending up at the chess club. I left home just after 1:00 (and had a Tag-a-long on the way out the door, yum) for the 1 mile walk to the subway, and decided to start the walk at Downtown Crossing instead of North Station as per my original plan (I’d forgotten the walk to the sudbway from my house). I wandered around downtown crossing and China Town a bit, stopped by Winmill Fabrics (didn’t buy anything) and poked my head into Van’s Textiles (which, according to google people was closed, dingbats), and then headed off towards the commons. I wandered around the Public Garden and through the Boston Common, and then a little more in the garden as I headed towards Mass Ave. The Make Way for Ducklings ducklings were wearing little straw hats with ribbons in addition to small children, how cute!

My walk was more direct after I left the gardens. I walked down the Charles on the esplanade towards the Smoot Bridge (Mass Ave) and walked through central square and to harvard square. I stopped in a couple stores along the way, and passed up the MOST AWESOME EVER LAVENDAR CHIFFON PETTICOAT in a vintage shop near harvard. It was $58. I can’t do that to myself. No matter how awesome. Of course, now I have to buy a bunch of chiffon and make one myself, but I’ll probably shoot myself in the head first because I’ve heard chiffon is a B* to work with.

I stopped at a few places in Harvard Square, including the Hootenany’s and the other random trendy clothing store in the Garage Mall, and the Urban Outfitters. Store I ALWAYS wanted to shop in when I was 15 and fatfat, but now I just. . . wasn’t impressed. Oh, well.Some stuff was really cute, but, of course, my stupid boobs are too big to fit those cute things still, even if the rest of me isn’t.

After that I made my way to the chess tournamet, I think I poked my head into one more store on the way. I got there around 5:30. Steve was playing his last game, which of course went on FOREVER, until almost seven. Which wouldn’t have been so bad, except the room I was waiting in was COLD, and I was HUNGRY.

This is where it gets bad (foodwise). We went to an italian place (counter ordering) for dinner and I got Mozzarella Sticks (yummmm) and chicken-pesto ziti. I got the large mozzarellla sticks to split with Zteve which means I had 5. I ate about half the pasta (Steve thinks I ate less than that) and I guess that was about 1.5 servings pasta, not sure though. So not great for dinner, but really, considering how much walking I’d done (about 8 miles) I figured fine. But, I REALLY wanted ice cream, so after we parted from Justin and got back to Steve’s car, we went to Friendly’s (cause like, that ‘s the only obvious option around here sadly) and I got a peanutbutter cup friend-z. Which only had ONE peanutbutter cup in it! Jerks! Anyway, when I added it all into the daily plate, guestimating for the eating out, it would have been ok, EXCEPT FOR THE FRIEND-Z, which, according to Friendly’s nutrition info, was about 860 calories. Ouch! Maybe it was a LITTLE less, as there was only one peanutbutter cup in there, but still. After the food and exercise, if I hadn’t eaten ice cream, I would have actually had a deficient for the day (about 300 cal) but with the ice cream I was totally OVER by like 500 or something. Dman it!

Oh well, live and learn (or get over it again). I decided not to eat breakfast on Sunday (haha). Slept in, ate a banana around 10:30, went to work, came home, and ate a reasonable lunch around noone. And then ate 3 oz of my trader joe’s feta cheese, making it ALMOST like any other day. Heh. Then I went over to Steve’s and hung out with him and Justin playing Dominion until Steve had to take Justin to the air port. Steve agreed to walk with me after he got back, so instead of going home I drove to the Target in Saugus to look for little bowls and plates. Do you have ANY IDEA how HARD it is to find SMALL dishes? Argh. I found some dipping dishes to use as cold food bowls (they are made of melamine, so not microwave or dishwasher safe), a couple little plates and a BIG plate to use like a tray. They are squarish so they all fit, and my bigger stuff also fits, as I’ve discovered, so it’s easier to carry 4 things to my room at once, lol. And next door was a Shaw’s, so I went there and bought sugar free pudding (chocolate and butterscotch) and FINALLY bought powdered milk to use in the pudding, since I don’t actually drink milk and it would go bad and be a waste. Oh, and a set of baby spoons, to see if it slows down my pudding-eattin’.

Steve came back and we took like, a 15 minute walk before it got dark. It was a pretty nice day, I wish I’d had more outside time.

When I got home I ate dinner. I had Hot Cereal for the SECOND TIME that day, lol. I decided to make a couple changes though, so I had tuna fish instead of shrimp. I also added a little soy sauce to my spinach in addition to the mustard, as I think part of why I’ve been adding more mustard is I like it salty. So, that was nice. I (tried) to make butterscotch pudding for dessert. I added 1-cup milk’s equivalent of milk powder instead of 2, 2 cups cold water and the pudding mix. I THHEN massaged theinternet and found a mention that you have to mix the milk up first. Sigh. Needless to say, I had pudding soup instead of pudding. But, it was all butterscotchy! For the day I was like, 1400 cal or something. OK, for a not-active day.

Yesterday I woke up early and walked the 2.2mi loop around horn pond, and walked around lake quannapowitt with steve after work (3.4 miles). I tried the pudding again with chocolate, mixing the milk first this time, and it worked lovely yay. Now I need to get smaller containers to make 2-3 servings from the pudding instead of just eating it all at once, haha. I also want to try to make my own with stevia, instead of aspartame that come sin instant pudding. According to the internets, I can use cornstarch as a thickener, but I need to look for recipes still. I may invest in cocao powder. Food was fine yesterday, around 1600 total.

So far today has been ok. I decided it’s time to change my lunch. It is notoriously devoid of fat and high in carbs. I lessened the potato, tomato sauce and applesauce slightly and threw in a cheese stick. Really, I just need to not bring the applesauce. It’s just, so ingrained! It’s been my desert for like, 2 years now at lunch.

I’m sick 🙁 I have a cold.:(( BUT, I shall go to bootcamp anyway!

Oh, and I’ve probably been consuming rather more sodium than usual. One serving of instant pudding has 480mg of sodium I think it was, and I eat the whole box so. . . almost 2000mg of sodium! Maybe I’m retaining a little extra water, haha, so if I stop a couple days the scale will drop. I’ll cycle, haha. Sat-Wed, lots of sidum, little on thr, fri for sat morning weigh in lol. Nah, too much effort.

And my tummy and love handles are all smushy 🙁 I don’t have firm fat, just mushy fat :/ And I need a decent bra. Time to go to a lingerie store and fork over my salary for a decent feminine constrictin device.


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