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Well, the horrible month of March has ended, and so has passover. I didn’t let it die easily, of course, I ate like 7 tablespoons of peanut butter yesterday. But at least it’s done. And Steve took away the PB, kind of like he took the jelly rings the other day. Phew.

So I stepped on the scale today (like every day, but ya know) and weighed in at 145.2 . At least some of it is temporary (thank god) because of the volume of food I’ve consumed recently, and the amount of salt Passover plus eating at both P.F. Changs AND the Cheesecake Factory on Saturday adds to that lovely salt level. If I get back down to 154 by friday I will sigh and move on. 153, I will be satisfied, as there is no way I DIDN’T gain a little the last couple weeks. I shall reset the ticker if I am above 153 on Friday morning. And then I resume re-losing what I’d already lost, and maybe by the end of April I will break into the 130’s!

I resume healthy eating today. I had my normal breakfast (on the higher end, but barely) and have a healthy lunch that contains no matzo balls. I will go to the gym to try Bootcamp after work today. I hope I like it, because then I will switch to tuesday bootcamp instead of monday body combat, probably for the summer, to free up an evening for walking as well as getting in a strength training evening that isn’t on the machines or on wednesday and I miss half of dance. I also will be able to make it to Taiko still. I have decided I will take a hiatus from taiko after this semester completes sometime in May. I haven’t been enjoying it so much lately, and it’s time for a break, no matter how much that pains me.

Here’s to making april a success!!


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