On A roll, but coming to a week-long snag. . .

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So it seems that once I broke past the whole 147-150 thing, I got on a roll. A weight-loss roll. Despite the setback this month after getting down to 144 due to total suckage, and then getting back there, I am now down to somewhere in the 141-142 range. Somehow.

On Saturday, I had to take my car into the dealer for my 60k service. I went to bodycombat at 8, got to the dealer at 9:30, and left for . . . a while. I walked to Horn pond, which is a touch less than 1 mile from the dealership, walked AROUND the pond, and back. When I mapped it on sparkpeople, the total walk was 4.18 (or something) miles). I did it in 84 minutes (yes I checked!) which means 3mph, huzzah! I walk at a NORMAL pace now! It was totally chilly, but very sunny, and a REALLY pleasant walk. I didn’t even bust out the mp3 player.

This far on Sat., I had only eaten breakfast before the gym. I got back to the dealer a little after 11, expecting to be there until noon, and read a book for a while. I was kind of hungry, and had kept a south beach bar with me to eat, but was toying with waiting for my car and going home at eatingn lunch. But, I decided to eat the cereal bar. I had taken just one bite, when they told me my car was done (30 min. earlier than expected). Lol. I finished it anyway, I was hungry! And did some “errands”. Really, I went shopping lol.

I went to old Navy to try on size 6 clothing. There is no better way to try it. My size 8 jeans from ON are a bit big, so I figured it was time for size six, lol. Well, the size 6 of the same style are the right size, though I didn’t buy them. Other sixes were, like, too low in the rise haha, and my gut still spilleth over, but otherwise fit. Stupid stomach.I also tried on a (SHOCKER) bright yellow dress, but my boobage was too powerful for it. I tried both a small and a medium, and might have fit both if not for my boobs, which, even though they have shrunk SO MUCH, are still roo powerful for clothing designers.

And I bought the MOST AWESOME EVER little shoulder bag, it is bright blue and soft and theonly thing I don’t like is there is no zipper to close it, but I’ve already converted. Sorry Shana bag, you are needing to be retired for a while.

Then I went to Jo-ann’s and bought that sewing pattern I wanted. And 3 others, because butterick patterns were on sale for $1.50 each and 4 patterns for 6$ is way better than the one for 10$ which is what it would have been with the normal 40% off. I went to Trader Joe’s after and bought THE BIGGEST JAR OF STEVIA EVARRRRR, for like less than the smaller one I got from whole foods last year. Now that I converted from splenda to stevia, I use it pretty quick. I’d say I used most of the jar in about 6 months. The TJ’s one should last at least a year, I think, maybe more. It’s HUGEEEEE. I also stopped at Michael’s to get one more flower for my costume.

I got home at like, 2:30-3pm, and worked on my costume a bit. I made the leg garter, and put it on. Then I put on the bustier, which is less uncomfortable after getting back down to 144 haha, put on the dress, and wrapped the s+m cord around the skirt. I looked and the mirror and was like “THAT IS SO HAWT”. Sorry, no pics, my roommate wasn’t around and the mirror glare was unavoidable.

I ate lunch at like, 4pm. I decided I really wanted ice cream for dinner and told Steve I wanted to go to friendly’s later. I’d been REALLY GOOD (lol). My calories were somewhere in the 1100’s so far, and I’d gotten two workouts in 3 hours, lol. I finished the sleeves for the costume (FINALLY, THEY SUCKED TOTAL ASS TO MAKE) and went to Steves. We had just finished a round of dominion and my mom called to tell me my grandmother had died. 🙁 It sucks SO BAD she was my only remaining grandparent, all the otheres died when I was young so I don’t remember any of them except my other grandmother, and her only a little. All of her children’s families are close to her. I cried a while after that call. I still wanted ice cream, EVEN MORE. We went to Friendly’s and I got the 5 scoop sundae with the hunka chunka pb fudge, marshmallow, peanutbutter sauce, and peanutbutter cups topping. It was really good. Almost 1600 calories of good, according to the daily plate, lol, after I added it all up.

Sunday I woke up at 6. I was at Steve’s. I had to go to work. I lay around for a while, but at 8 I decided to just go and get going with my day. I had to go to work for a bit so I did that. Considering I was miserable I decided not to go to the gym for strength training, and did some bodyweight exercises while waiting for me culture media to warm up. I did two sets of pushups (22 and 11), 2 sets of jump squats (~25, and 20) and 2 sets of crunches. 30 regular ones, and 15 lower ab ones, where you elevate your knees and push your legs OUT, rather than crunching up. I don’t know what those are called, but one of the trainers and BSC showed me them.

After work I went home, it was like, 9:45 or something. I called my sister on the way, asking if she wanted to come to Bloomingdale’s with me. My friend Flavia is getting married in a couple weeks (In Brazil, so I can’t go to the wedding 🙁 ) and here registry is at Bloomingdale’s. I can’t afford anything on her registry, but I decided to get her a gift card. And, As I’ve never been IN a Bloomingdale’s, I decided to go buy it in person. And my sister sometimes likes to come with me when I go out. When I got home first we hugged a while, and we ended up not leaving for a while because we were talking to my mom. My dad had just gotten back from driving from NC that morning and napped, but he was up and on the phone with the funeral home in NY when we got there. After a while Rachel and I went out. Unfortunately, Bloomingdale’s can’t send the gift card to the registry address because it is “Money” so I will have to mail it myself. They do have some gorgeous stuff there. There were these goblets that I have decided were for ice cream, they were brightly coloered and shiny inside and had spoons shapped like hearts (or butts, or something) and I WANT THEM. I told Rachel I wanted them for my wedding, lol.

We walked around the mall a bit. Originally we were going to walk around the chestnut hill reservoir, which was nearby, but we decided we were both hungry and tired and walked around the mall instead (the chestnut hill mall is pretty small, it turns out) and went home. It was almost 3, and we just snacked, because we went out to dinner at like 5 with the family. We went to Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse. We shared the spinach dip and tortilla chip appetizer, and I got the Pete’s Pasta whatever-ya-callit for dinner. It was penne pasta with alfredo sauce, chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and broccolli. Yum! I think I ate about 3/4 of it. Passover starts tonight, so gotta get all those yummy grainy carbs in PRONTO!!

Went home after that and sate some rainbow cookies (had one earlier, too). I checked my gym’s hours to see how late they were open, being a Sunday, as I felt the DESPERATE URGE to exercise. Not just because eI ate so much, but for stress relief. The Lexington club was open until 10pm, which was AWESOME. Of course, I had to backgrack a bit home first to get my mp3 player( treadmill = BOREDOM) and I went, and walked for 70 min. I have improved in the fitness department since taking bodycombat, as I was able to push quite hard yesterday. I worked up from 3.5mph to 3.7, and a range of 8-11 % incline. For the first 40-50 minutes I increased a little every 10, and then decreased over the last 20-30 min. According to the machine I averaged 3.6mph at 10% incline. Sounds about right.

I also decided that I may go tonight, as I won’t have another chance to go until Thursday. Tomorrow I have Taiko, and wednesday we are driving to NY for the funeral. And tonight is Passover Sedr, so lots of food and no bodycombat. The gym is open until 11 tonigiht, so I will probably try to go.

Anyway, over the weekend I actually saw the number 141 on my scale, though of course it was yesterday at like, 10 AM and I hadn’t eaten or really even drank anything yet. This morning it was 141.6. Hopefully the disaster of passover wont cause too much backtracking.

Passover always SEEMS like a good time to start a diet. No Carbs, right? Well, really it is so not. All the grains are just replaced with matzah, which is like bread only suckier because it is a cracker, and then everything is made with a pile of oil. And all the desserts! Sigh.


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