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So I decided it was time to update my tracker, lol. I got down to 144 2-3 weeks ago on the scale, then it all went to hell, got back there yesterday, and today . . . . 143!!!!!

Since I fluctuate quite a bit these days, I always have the tracker a bit higher than my lowest lows. However, I’m not 146 anymore, and I’d rather be less than 145, so. . . . 144.5!!

You may also have noticed that I changed my goal to 135 instead of 140. When I reach 138 I will reevaluate, but it’s looking like 135 is gonna be closer to what I want. Sigh. At least I don’t have more than 10 to go again, hahaha.

I’ll be good again today, and do my best over the weekend, so that maybe I’ll be a tad lower for the start of passover. Every year I have this glimmer that maybe I’ll lose weight during passover because I can’t eat grains, but really, it’s totally a weight-gain holiday It’s all full of matzah and oil and sugar and chocolate and stuff. Lol.

My left leg is SO SORE still today! I went to bodypump wednesday after not going to it for a few weeks and it was like the first time, SERIOUS AGONY (er, soreness). I need to start going to it once a week, and doing the express line 1-2x a week. Once endurance class, 1-2 “growth” sessions, or whatever. Walking totally hurts. I went to bodycombat yesterday, after about 10 minutes the soreness was less and I had a good workout, especially as I am no longer under the EVIL FOG OF ZYRTEC. Of course, by the time I got home after my muscles had cooled down and were sore again. I had toyed with the idea of doing the circuit today after work if it is raining/snowing, but I’m not gonna bother. I need more time to recover. I’ll do the express line on Sunday before or after I come into Billerica for cell maintanance. Tomorrow I’ve got combat at 8:00 (yes, A.M.) but then I’ve got to go to the dealership for my 60k service. And I’m not going to the gym Monday next week, so I’ll do strength sunday, wednesday, and maybe friday (as Anime Boston will suck up sat. and sun., and I can go after work but before Caroline’s shower).

Oh, and my Express size 8 jeans? They were totally comfortable enough to wear today, when I stealthily pulled them on this morning! I’m gonna wait until next week though, ‘casue I intend on taking a long walk after work today if it isn’t snowing or something, and I’d rather not break ’em in on a long walk, esp. after having them on all day. They are still snug, of course, just not muffin-top-inducing-snug anymore.


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