Today’s weight is. . .

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Feh. Blah? Ok. . .

I went to the gym yesterday, the lexington boston sports cllub as I will once again not have thursday zumba (new years eve lol). I also used the treadmill for ~25 minutes after, as I a) felt up to it b) had time before my laser appointment to kill and c) need it. And, I’m flying out tomorrow yay!

The zumba class at the lexington BSC is ok. I like it enough to go when I have the chance. However, I REALLY want to try the Body Combat class that is being offered at various BSC’s. It’s another cardio class, but incorporates a variety of martial arts. I would have stayed for it yesterday but didn’t have enough time. I may try it the next time I have a monday evening free, or try a different BSC my tufts copay works at on a different evening. The Lexington BSC has one on sat morning at 8 (too early, methinks, perhaps) but the wellington BSC has one on tuesday evenings at 6:30pm, which I may take advantage of until Taiko starts up again in late January. I shouldn’t have problems GETTING to wellington by 6:30, but I’m concerned about parking there. Too bad the woburn BSC isn’t included in the tufts copay (why not?????)

I have to find out if the 5 copays a month I get are total, or for each club lol. It seems silly to pay to go to other gyms when I already pay almost 50 bucks a month on one, but I like the classes and the melrose ymca doesn’t have enough. If/when I move further west again, I will probably fork over the cash for a BSC membership.

After my appointment I went to trader joe’s to buy chocolate. There’s no denying it, that’s EXACTLY why I went there. I bought chocolate chips, a dark chocolate bar, and sunflowerseed butter (and a banana). I opened the chocolate chips in the car on the way home. For dinner I wate the last mozzarella stick and last piece of cheese quesadilly from Grimsby’s (with sourcream and salsa of course), half a apple chicken saussage, 2 clementines, and an orange bell pepper (ooh veggies). I also ate several tbsps of sunflowerseed butter, and a bunch of chocolate chips. I ate the chocolate chips slowl, while I finished reading a book, which took me until about 12:15-12:30. I only ate a little more than 1/3 the bag (in this case, 120gm of chocolate) lol.

I also packed for my trip to NC. I have a carryon and a personal item. I don’t wanna check bags. I pulled the draw string on my carryon really tight and it actually should be small enough to fit in the overhead compartment as is. My carryon is not my usual purse, its a bag I don’t really like because it is unballanced, but my laptop in its foam thingy I made fits in it (actually why I bought the bag) and I’ll live with the inconvenience for the flights. My actual purse is packed into the carry-on.

You know, clothes take up a lot less space when you aren’t humongously fat. I doubt my packing would seem to efficient (for me) if I still weighed 250 pounds. I remember getting home and weighing myself before and after taking off my jeans. The weighed like, 3-4 pounds or something! Now, its like 1-2 haha. Thats a lot less fabric. And I should know how much fabric weighs, lol. When I came back from japan, by suitcase that was fine for international travel (75 pound limit) was too heavy for local travel (50 pound limit). I was only 2 pounds over. I took out the fabric I bought, about 15 yards, and put it in my carryon. That was SIX POUNDS OF FABRIC right there. And like, 15 yards of cotton prints. Who KNOWS how much 15 yards of DENIM weighs.

Holiday Gains and Express Jeans

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I’m gonna talk about the Jeans first, ’cause it is TOTALLY AWESOME. I was in the mall last week killing time/mall walking/not going home and eating from 6pm-bedtime. I discovered non-stretch denim in aeropostale, but their cuts didn’t fit at all. So, I randomly wandered into express, and they ALSO had non-stretch denim. I asked a salesgirl for help with the cuts. I hate pants shopping, I need a bowling-ball-on-a-stick cut or something, but the best luck I have is something like mid-rise, slim through hip and thigh, short. Lol. She recommended the curvy cut, which I was dubious of at first, but she apparantly has similar body type to me, flat but, narrow hips (of course, she is a size 0 lol). First she pulled out a 6 and I was like, NO WAY that will fit. She was dubious of ME when I asked for an 8, lol. And well, the 8 fit perfectly everywhere except my humongous gut lol. There weren’t horribly tight there, but considering they are non-stretch, I didn’t want the muffin-top. But, it wouldn’t have been unreasonable. I WANT THOSE JEANS but I’m gonna wait, they didn’t fit well enough to drop &70 bucks on. But, when my gut measurement goes down to 35-36 instead of 37-38, I am SO going back there.

So like, I’ll post my actual weight on January 4th (I’m out of town until the 3rd) and reset my ticker to whatever it is, no matter how terrible.

As of now I’m expecting something between 154 and 155, but I can’t tell since I’ve been eating so much junk lately and its difficult to tell the difference between actual weight gain and water retention/extra food in the digestive tract weight gain. I’m hoping for the latter but ya know, wishful thinking and all. I did exercise yesterday though!

Also, I totally randomly had my period this month, which was confusing as I had stopped having it maybe before and definitely after I switched to Yaz bc about 8 months ago. So, maybe I’m retaining a little water from that???? yes please??? But whatever, I doubt it, I never noticed strange fluctuations around tom before.

I’m going to the Lexington Boston Sports Club after work for a zumba class there (huzzah $6 copay with tufts health care) so I’ll get one more workout in before going away and eating the entire state of NC. And, not like it’s gonna be balmy or anything, but it will be mid to upper 40’s in NC, as opposed to the mid 20’s-mid-30’s here, so I fully intend to GO OUTSIDE DAMN IT and take a couple walks.

I miss the out side. I can’t wait for spring, I’ll be walking prob a couple days a week at least. I’m particularly looking forward to when it is warm enough to take before-work walks, like I did last june-july after the monsoon season ended.


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It’s long, but to sum it up, I have turned my metabolism into a MAGIC METABOLISM. LOLZ

I must be blessed with good genes, but never knew it, because they are activated by this magical button thingy called “good nutrition and exercise”. DAMN I can eat a lot, and not gain it back. TAKE THAT FAT GENES!!

So like, a couple weeks ago I ate a lot. Er, well, i did that all october and november too, but I’m talking specifically about 2 weekends ago, the weekend hanukah atarted and of my taiko concert. My mom cooked turkey and stuffing which was yum. And after my concert we went to the Macaroni Grille (I’d been dying to go there for sooooooo looooooooong)

So like, after escaping Thanksgiving with no gain (lol) I was rather shocked and dismayed when I gained like, 4 pounds after that weekend. I thought, this must most/all be temporary, it always is, but like 3 pounds of it was still there 4 days later. Thursday morning last week I pretty much gave up. The scale had been bouncing between 150-151 for a few days and was now at 153.x


But then, Friday, it was 152.x

So I realized that, well, the Macaroni Grille is the ULTIMATE WATER RETENTION MEAL. Like, even after the physical matter had exited the premises, I must have been retaining water still. Cause, like, no other restaurant has effects for that long on me. It must have been like, pasta-cheesy-chicken-flavored salt or something. Lol.

So After all that I decided I had gained back between 1-2 pounds. Fine whatever. I’m almost entirely in off-diet mode at this point, for the rest of the year (holidays+cold+cold+cantgooutside+holidays+cold=eating a lot).

And then I fluctuated randomly over the weekend haha. No surprise as all I di is eat during the weekent :/. But then yesterday i was like 151.x-152, and today (post BM, randomly early)I was

. . .

150.0 (GIVE ME THE 0.2 DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!)

So like, I don’t get it.

I guess I did exercise a lot lately. Taiko was actually farily intensive last week, I had Zumba on Thursday, and I shoveled snow for over an hour cumulative on Sunday. And this aint no pussy shoveling. I’m strong now from taiko, and when I say I’m physically fit it’s not just my personal fancy. says I burned 400 calories in an hour shoving that stuff and I fully believe it. So, I guess that was my mystery workout. And I went to a Zumba class last night and the lexington BSC (yay tufts $6 copay!).

However, I must have eaten about 50 hershey kisses between last thursday, friday, and yesterday. And in the last week-week and a half I ate two full and one partial bags of baking chocolate/peanutbutter chips. And some hanukah gelt. And chinese at the temple on friday, followed by like 4-5 oil-fried-yum latkes with applesauce and sourcream that night and three the next day, and like, god knows what else. So HOW THE HELL AM I BACK TO 150??????




What happened to November lol??

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So like, I guess I should update. I mean, when I write my best seller on how to lose weight (which will never succeed because I didn’t use a magic pill or go into ketosis or something) I’m gonna want to know what happened, right?

So before thanksgiving I was hovering around 151-152. I gave myself a 2 pound allotment, up to 154, for the thanksgiving holiday. I did an admiral job striving for that number, considering all I did for 5 days straight was eat. This coming off of the previous5-6 weeks of moderate gluttony.

So the scale, on the days surrounding thanksgiving looked something like this (approximations abound). I think I actually peaked on sunday, but you get the idea.

152 wednesday
153 thursday
154 friday
155 saturday
154 sunday
153 monday
152 tuesday
151 wednesday
150-151 (holding pattern the last 4-5 days).

Err. . ..


Okay, I’ll take it.

I only exercised a tiny bit more during thanksgiving than I would otherwise (like an hour). So that doesn’t account for it.

I was SUPER GOOD last week. I exercised every day between sunday after thanksgiving and the following saturday, for a total of about 30o+ minutes of exercise (I set a 300min. goal). I took sunday off. I just, couldn’t.

My weight held steady over the weekend. Not really surprising, as 1) I ate more on the weekend) and 2) I probably won’t see much progress for another week or so, ASSUMING I KEEP UP WITH THE EXERCISE AND MODERATE EATING. If I am good during the week, and no worse than I was this past weekend (not so good, but hardly terrible) I thknk I will see MOVEMENT on the scale in the next couple weeks.


Anywho, I decided to update my ticker. Almost a week at 150-151, I guess I don’t weigh 152 anymore lol.

Only 11 pounds until my (initial) goal of 140. The closer I get though, the more I’m thinking my high school goal of 130 is more on the money than 140, considering it has become clear I have a small frame and it seems unlikely i will lose 5-7 inches off my waist in only 11 pounds. But then, you never know, right? I sure HOPE I lose 5 inches in 11 pounds, lol. I’m SO SICK of losing weight.

My non-scale goal is to be able to wear the dress I wore to my Junior semi formal in high school by my birthday (feb.1). My junior semi formal in high school was on my birthday and I wore that dress. I weighed approximately what I weigh now. I can put the dress on now and zip it up no problems, but it is still snug on my stomach and that is unattractive. I think that if I can lose even 3 pounds in the next 7 weeks that would be enough, especially if I wore tights under the dress.