A goal and a dietary change

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A goal and a dietary change
So I’ve decided to make one of those mini-goal thingies, in the hopes that I actually TRY A BIT HARDER. You’d think that since I’m sick of it taking so long to lose I’d like, try or whatever, but it just don’t seem to work that way.

The mini goal is. . .

Weight 149 by thansgiving

LOL that’s like 3-4 pounds. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!

That would mean, like, out of the 150’s, finally hahahahahahaha.

As for the dietary change, I am EATING MORE FAT. Because, like, I just wasn’t or something, except for sunbutter and eating out. . .

So my new breakfast, for now, is shredded wheat/fiber one combo (trying to work it to ~2/3 serving of each instead of 1 of each) with soy milk, a banana, and half an avocado. It’s almost like the old breakfast, only instead of cottage cheese its an avocado.

This still needs tweaking, as in this scenario I am trading protein for fat. This is why I am trying to reduce the cereal, so I can eat BOTH the avocado AND cottage cheese. I have 1/2 the avocado now, what would be best would be like, 1/3 an avocado and 1/2 serving cottage cheese, to get both.

Dinner I ate like, totally random yesterday. I ate red and green peppers and portobello mushrooms with the hummus I bought at whole foods (one was edamame, the other I forget the name but it was spicey), sunbutter (almost done with the jar, woot), and some colby-jack-jalepeno whatever cheese. I didn’t get a good carb in there, but decided not to worry about it. I went to the gym, did my Zumba class, came back and ate a banana with cool whip.

Then I went to bed way early, like 10, cause I was tired and figured, why the hell not???

I need to eat more fat 0_o

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I don’t eat enough fat. This may or may not be related to my losing or not losing weight. This may or may not be why I am often blah feeling. This is probably why I can eat random amounts of crap and not gain weight or still lose.

As an example, here is my plate from yesterday (with some estimates, as the stir fry dish I made I didn’t keep track of when making it (no oil), and not entirely in order). I just switched to chicken for a while this week, but before you could pretty much substitute beef for chicken in my lunch and get only a little more fat. I only made the daily recomended fat yesterday because I ate 6 tablespoons of sunflowerseed butter.

I sometimes talk with my boss about nutrition and stuff. I work for a company that produces an instrument for studying cellular bioenergetic and my boss is the applications scientist. She knows a great deal about bioenergetics, cellular metabolism, and nutrient utilization be cells, as that is what our research focuses on, so I feel her opinion is rather more educated than oh, say,  a random friend or the internet.   She suggested taking fish-oil capsules, to get more omega-3 fatty acids, as I don’t eat much food containing it (no fish here). I also decided to get a multivitamin. I don’t keep track of micronutrients, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some stuff I’m deficient in. At any rate, it can’t hurt to try and see if I feel better. I spent 8 bucks on the vitamins and have 2 months to see how it goes (yay cvs buy 1 get 1 free lol). Cheapest experiment ever.

I also have decided to get more fat into my diet. I don’t purposely eat a low fat diet, it just kinda works out that way and I hadn’t realized just how little I was getting. I will eat cheese again lol. Thinking about what to pick up now to incorporate.


Apple picking and chinese food!!

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Here’s my asymptotic weight loss chart lol

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

And my ticker, so I don’t keep scrolling through months of journal entries to find it

Yesterday I went apple picking with steve, flavia and edward, natasha and mira, joyce and marcony (sp?? :/) and Uzma (spell??? I can’t speel these names!!). We went to the Nashoba Valley Winery for picking. I’ve been to the winery before with my parents for a tour and tasting, it was nice a nd not crowded them. Yesterday is was a MADHOUSE! Also, while the apples are good, they seem to get picked over and there are so many roped off areas mized with the open areas its confusing, so maybe I would try somewhere else for just picking. I did eat a caramel-cmothered cider donut (mmmmmmm)

Then (after a brief detour for an appointment) steve and I went to flavia and edward’s for dinner and desert with everyone. Natasha and I made apple pies, including home made piecrust, which came out quite well actually. the last time i made pie crust was kind of a disaster, my grandmother ended up rolling them out, but the dough recipe was probably smaller than yesterdays as I didn’t have an issue. The other desserts made were apple scrsip and a apple-crip-like- dish with raisins. Dinner was full of yummy, a black bean and pork dish I forget the name of, white rice, collard greens, oranages, grilled tuna steak and salsa. SOO GOOOOD. Natasha was very nice, and her daughter. We will be going to her place for a halloween party, yay!

Today Steve met me for lunch at work since he had the day off from the courthouse (darn federal holiday I don’t get off) and we went to a chinese place in Billerica we like. The lunch specials are HUGE omg. I had chicken loomain (insane portion size) that came witih a rediculous amout of pork fried rice, a large bowl of egg drop soup, and two crab rangoons (they are sweet at this restaurant). I ate WAY more of it than I should have, and still left a pile of rice, and a portion of noodles. I kept the noodles only for later, I would never eat the rice if I saved it.

the weather is nice, if cold, today, so I may take a walk outside afterwork. I probably need it lol.

I updated my ticker with a pretty big jump! That’s because all weekend I was 152. I’m assuming even with the debauchery of the last couple days I’ll still be 152-153 at the end of the week. Being sick might have had a minor effect, but I wasn’t sick that liong and it didn’t really affect my eating so Im thinking not.

Onward to 150!! And 149!! (OMG I WANNA SEE THAT 4 IN THE MIDDLE!!)