Body Conversation

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Brain: We ate a lot of salt yesterday. We should drink more water to “flush it out” as they say
Brain: Is that really wise/necessary?
Brain: Sure. Why Not

~1L liter of water and 2 cups of tea and 5 bathroom trips between 8:00AM and 12:30PM

Bladder: Hey Brain, you sure are workin’ dem kidneys
Brain: Yah
Bladder: Think they’re ok?
Brain: Kidneys, you okay?
Kidneys: If there’s a problem, we’ll let you know
Brain: . . .

The Delicious Danger’s of Miso

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So I gained weight today. . . WATER WEIGHT lol

I’m up like, a pound yesterdaym and yesterday I was probably slightly up due to eating out the night before. At any rate, while I know I retain water after eating miso, I neverbothered to calculate the amount of sodium I consumed when I had it.

So, roughly. . .

~2 servings of Dashi miso = 1660 mg (!!!!!!!111)
~1/2 serving fueru wakame 380 (!!OMFG THERE IS 730mg/serving!!?!?!!!1)
~1/2 serving of hijiki(?) seaweed 70
~1 serving kamaboko (fish cake) er, ~300? I forget
Frozen shrimps and some mushrooms- I’m just gonna say 0 for sanity. . .

SOOOOO. . . . In this ONE, DELICIOUS MEAL, I consumed approximately 2400mg sodium

That is the daily reccomended allowance of sodium, ALL IN ONE BOWL OF COUP. That doesn’t include anything else I ate yesterday. Of course, I don’t care about eating LESS salt, my doctor actually told me I should try to eat around 4000mg a day, when I was describing my blood pressure drops during the summer, though 1) I rarely manage to consume that much salt in a day and 2) with it not being hot+humidity now, I probably could cut back.

So yeah. Dangerous miso. Too bad all those dieters out there are so freaked out about scale fluctuations that they (in my opnion unwisely) cut salt almost entirely out of their diets. They are missing out. Any REAL weight loss will show up regardless of water retention, so if I lay off the miso a couple days, I’ll see a nice WHOOSH haha

Big News! And some catch up

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So the Big News is


Well, slightly more, like, 101 pounds. This has been the case for a couple weeks but, I wanted to make sure I was REALLY below 155, not just teetering on the brink. And I’ve had weight more like 154 for a while. SO LIKE OMG I lost 100 pounds!

So I haven’t been really good, and I haven’t been really bad. Thus my weight just kinda . . . coasts. I’ve not been exercising a ton, but I do have my regular activities going again. Tuesday is Taiko, Wednesday is Medieval Dance (not so much exercise, but NOT AT HOME EATING) and Thursday I am taking Zumba. I need to get another workout in here somewhere. Like, Monday evenings, starting next week (as yesterday was Yom Kippur, a REAL excuse). And I should probably do something saturdays. I can’t use Steve as an excuse if he isn’t there from like, 11-7.

Yesterday was Yom Kippur, which means I was fasting. I used this as an excuse to eat all sorts of junk food this weekend. Saturday wasn’t as bad as it might have been. I ate a bigger than usual breakfast because it was more like brunch when I ate. I ate a daifuku on the way to Elaine’s house (courtesy of the HMRAT THAT FINALLY OPENED) which wasn’t that bad for a daifuku, like, 140 cal I think?. Elaine make a pork-cabbage-barley soup which was good, and some rice. And we decided to go to Walmart and get cookies. This could have turned out badly, as I really wanted granola, but they didn’t have it and I found this little tin of pirouettes. Had I eaten the whole tin it would have been 620 cal, really not bad, but I managed to dispose of about a 1/3 of it to others. And I ate 3 of the mint oreos Elaine got. I finally got to try them! Cool. they are yummy. For dinner, I ate at Steve’s, some coogle his mom made and some of the pirouettes. So, not such a bad day as I thought.

Sunday, was my UBER EXCUSE day. I ate breakfast of slightly different kind. I had cereal as usual and a banana, but instead of like cottage cheese I had scrambled eggs with mushrooms and string cheese (1st choice was cream chese, 2nd cheddar, but I had neither) because I had half a dozen eggs since like FOREVER, because I thought I’d eat them (HA) and they were expiring that day. I guess I ate ~2 eggs worth of eggs, and about 2/3 of a cheese stick (+ mushrooms but they don’t count). Then I wanted crap for later. Went to the supermarket and got 2 tina burritos which are yummy and disgusting (320 cal each, not as bad as it could be) and a small key lime pie to split with Steve. Of course I ate like 2/3 of it myself lol. I dunno the cals on that , but knowing cake it was probably like, 4 servings 340 cal each or something terrible, haha. Oh, and I ate a box of sugar free pudding made in mostly soymilk with a bit of water. I really should get some real milk.

And to those of you who think its the fat in milk and not the enzymes found in milk (which it is) that make pudding work with milk and not soy, IT WORKS WITH FAT FREE MILK so give it up already. I’ve done it both ways and there’s no secret fat in skim milk, and certainly enough in regular soy milk, almond milk, or hazelnut milk to do it.

Oh, and Flavia keeps asking me for advice about dieting, but never keeps in touch! I tried this time, too! Bad Flavia! Well, I know you don’t read this blog/my LJ, just facebook lol.

Confession time

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I have been approximately the same weight for a couple weeks now. I am about 155, and will make it official the first time I seem something with a 3 in it on the scale (i.e. 153.8) to account for variation. And THAT will be a happy day indeed!

I haven’t been to the gym in over two weeks. Two weeks ago the gym was closed for the week. I took several walks that week, twice at lake quannapowitt and once to the medford library and back (with yard sale detour) for a total of about 10 miles walked that week, not terrible. There was no taiko that week, either. Oh, and walking all over boston memorial day monday, so maybe another 3 miles.

I had PLANNED on the gym last week, but monday night/tuesday morning I woke with terrible stomach cramps, possibly caused by the cannoli I ate on monday, as the pizza did not make steve sick. Or, maybe I just can’t handle too much rich food at once anymore. I dunno. Anyway, I expelled whatever I could, and was able to go to sleep, but I still felt crappy the next day with lesser stomach cramping and decided not to go to the gym. Wednesday was similar. I felt mostly better, but decided it was still wiser not to go to the gym. And on thursday I had dinner plans, leaving Friday. . . and I decided I was tired, not to mention a SHITTY day at work, and just, didn’t bother and rounded out the week with no exercise.

So that brings us to this week, which is still gonna be light. Tonight I have a dentist appointment and just, probably wont go to the gym after that, and dinner. Tomorrow is Stich&Bitch at heather’s place, so forget it. Wednesday is medieval dance, which is more social activity than exercise, and I’ve missed it terribly. Leaving Thursday. I want to try the zumba class thursday. As for friday, I dunno. Steve starts his parttime mostly nights job again this week, which means I don’t see him until december only get to seem him frida ynight, sat morning if we spend the night, and sat night-sunday. And he wants (understandably) to spend weekends at home with his family now he wont be around much (he also will have a full time day internship). Leaving me no project time :/

As for food, I’m just glad I’m charmed and, at least for now, don’t gain back after I’ve lost, so all of the CRAP I eat hasn’t been making me fatter again, in spite of my lack of exercise. Yesterday was quite the food bender at a family friend’s baby shower, and sat night I ate most of a bag of candy, and like, every day has some transgression. Last week was only not worse because I hardly ate any meat all week until thursday night sushi, due to my tender stomach. Other than that, the only meat I had was in the vegetable concoction in had for dinner, and the tiny chicken bits in chicken noodle soup.

I would like to get to 150 sometime soon. I’d like to see my waist NOT be 34-35 inches. I’d like the bustier thingie I bought for my costume make out of crappy featherweight boning and industrial strength spandex (or something) to not “take me in” 2 inches, but to fit more comfortably (it makes me look skinny, but shoves all my gut fat down). I’d like that 29 inch waist to go along with my size 8 hips, please!