Wednesday food and exercise

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Lets see, estimating what i ate yesterday. . .

Breakfast – the usual, about 450

Lunch – estimates for stuff woot!

Rice – ~130
Burgers ~160 (mebbe less, dunno
Brocolli – 40
applesauce – 50
orange 80

total 460

random bread putting bite – er, 50?

total 50

pregym snack

1 fiberone bar 140
1 banana 100

total 240


miso 2 servings 60
wakame 1.5 servings 30
tofu 1 serving (85gm) 60
shrimps 1 serving 60
frozen brocolli – 50?
frozen brussell sprouts – 30?
peppermint tea ๐Ÿ™‚

total 290


chocolate PB2 made with water 3 servings 160
nectarine er 60?
fat free cool whip 6 servings – 90
some raspberries – 30?

total 340

Day total 1830

And I went to the gym and used the treadmill again. ~3.4mpg for just over 50min on mostly 9degree incline. I didn’t challenge myself today. This is the 4th day in a row of exercise, I got tired and decided not to force it.

Today is my exercise day of, lol.


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Well, I didn’t write stuff down monday night or yesterday, but rough estimates reveal numbers between 1700-1900, which is good.

Monday night I went to the gym after work. I ate a banana and a fiber one bar on the way, as usual. I went for almost an hour on the treadmill, at~3.4mph and ~9 degree incline, though for the last ~10 min I decreased the speed a little and went at an 11degree incline. Blech

Then I went grocery shopping and amongst other things bought cool whip, lol. I decided to use it for a desert option with fruit. Then I get home and had to COOK argh for lunches and stuff, and I made beef/turkey burgers. This is the second time I’ve used turkey for burgers and I still don’t think I like it that much, even mixed with beef. But, I have a lot of it, almost 2.5 pounds of burgers so maybe I’ll grow to like it?

For dinner though I had mosi soup with tofu, wakame and shrimp. I like putting shrimp in there instead of eating tuna on the side like I have been doing with the miso. Desert was a cut up nectarine, and cool whip with (frozen) raspberries. It was nice.

Tuesday I ate similarly to Monday. For breakfast I opened a NEW container of cottage cheese, which was GOOD so I ate my usual, whole breakfast, which always comes out to 400-450 cal. Lunch I ate what I had prepared yesterday, a beef/turkey burger, and rice (mized wild and brown rice). And some brocolli. Along with the usual applesauce, and a naval orange. There was EVIL TEMPTATION FOOD yesterday ( and more today) because of training./coworkers, but I managed to survive the day with only 1 small spoonful of the bread pudding and a sliver of a lemony pastry. Between the 2 I guestimate about 50 cal, it was very little.

Then I went home. Well, I stopped at market basket, and bought stuff, including frozen shrimp (i was out) and vanilla lite soy milk (because market basket is ALWAYS FUCKING OUT OF THE LIGHT PLAIN SILK fuckers. It tates pretty good so whatever. I also got FRESH raspberries, to eat with the cool whip.

For dinner I had steel cut oats made with the vanilla so milkl and a bit of syrup, one of the beef/turkey burgers, and frozen broccolli and sugar snap peas, and some red peppers. Oh, and a cheese stick. Then I went to Taiko and worked out had fun learning to play Miyake style. Then I came home and has desert ๐Ÿ™‚ another nectarine, and cool whip with the FRESH raspberries, VER Y NICE yum.

Today was the same breakfast as usual. I have been putting lots of cinnamon in the cereal, it makes it taste very nice. Lunch will be the same as yesterday. And after work is. . . THE GYM!!!!! NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I hate exercise. I really do. After all the work I’m puttin gin here, I DESERVE to be able to maintain my weight in the end with walking (and taiko) alone.

Trying for progress

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Trying for progress
I’m not getting anywhere. And that would be because I have not been trying very hard. I have discovered that I am EXCELLENT at weighing 157-158 pounds. However, I don’t WANT to weigh that much, and they only way I’m going to lose the rest of the weight is by TRYING to do it, instead of being lazy about it. Whatever it was that I had a year ago when I was losing I need to do again. I will lose more slowly, but that is fine, considering how much/little I have left.

1- exercise 4-5 times a week instead of 1-2

This is a biggie. I have grown lazy with this. I blame some of it on, not Steve himself, but that fact that he is there and I’d rather spend time with him on the weekend than on the treadmill. Even if I am doing nothing. I need to work in both a saturday and a sunday workout. I have taiko on tuesday and strength training on friday. Once the gym returns to regular hours I can also do a regular workout on friday after the strength training. I HATE exercise. Blech.

2- resist the excess food at work

There is ALWAYS extra food here. It makes me crazy! Monthly training means leftovers for breakfast and lunch two days that week. Other meetings may have food, company wide pizza or barbecues. People bring in food ALL THE TIME. Today I have to resist klondike bars (not too hard) and bread pudding (harder). I’d say there’s extra food here on average 2-3 times a week.

3- stop eating to excess so much

I’m not going to give up everyting or eating a lot, but I’ve gotta do it less!

4- go back to calorie counting and record keeping

One good thing I’ve noticed is that I can maintain my weight WITHOUT counting calories, and with a minimum of exercise. HOWEVER, to LOSE weight, I need to monitor and write it down day to day,not keep it in my head or whatever. I plan on aiming for 1-1.5 pounds a week, which should be reasonable with only a modest calorie restriction if I do the allotted 4-5 workouts a week+ taiko/strength 1x a week. I haven’t calculated out the calories I would need or whatever, just basing this roughly on waht I think ive been eating and the basic math of weight loss. I will aim for 1700-1800 cal/day. Weekends will inevitably be somewhat higher, but with that number for the 5 workdays I should be able to lose at least part of what is left. I will USE MY KITCHEN SCALE FOR REAL instead of out of habit and not recording or anything.

5- record why exercise as well. I NEED a calendar. I had one, but I can’t find it. In HS I put stickers on it on days I exercised, it was really cool to see 23 shiny stickers in a month or whatever. Just a little bit of motivation. I want to do that again. Where did my bunny calendar go??

So for today so far. . .

Last Night – 50min on treadmill. ~3.4mph for the duration, ~8-9 incline. I walked backwards for a few minutes at the end, and should probably do that a bit longer. I read it works the quads, which I did start to feel, and that will be really helpful for Miyake style taiko as well.

Food Today. So far, most wasn’t measured, just estimates. I need to start using the scale agian.


1/3 or less serving cottage cheese (is had gone bad so I didn’t finish it) 30
~2/3 servings frozen raspberries 55
2/5 serving kashi shredded what type cereal 80
3/5 serving kashi go lean or whatever cereal 120
1 serving store brand fiber cereal 50
1 silk cup lite soy milk 70

Total 405


pasta ~4/5 servings 170
1 apple chicken sausage 140
1 serving natural applesauce w/cinnamon 50
1+ servings frozen broccolli 35
1 largish naval orange 85

Total 480

Total so far for the day 885

Before they gym I will eat a banana and a fiber on bar, for ~250, which leaves ~600+ for dinner and anything else. Dinner is a bit of a killer for me. On days I go to the gym, I NEED to make sure I eat less dinner, as I always eat a snack before.

. . . Stupid Fat Gut. . .

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No matter how much weight I lose I have a big fat stomach and it pisses me off.

I an 5’4.5″, weigh 157.5 pounds, and have a 35 inch waist and 39 inch navel/hip. WHYWHYWHYWHYWHY won’t it GO AWAY!!!!!!!!! I’m only 8 pounds overweight at this point! I read people’s stats sometimes and ALL of the girls my weight/height have smaller waists. MOst of the girls that way 10-20-30 pounds MORE than me have smaller waists!

But, I am like, a size 8 at the GAP lol. So, a 10-12 everywhere else, I guess. The ONLY benefit of this low rise crap is that the only measurement that matters is your hip, not your waist. I mean, They dont GO to your waist.

I FINALLY bought new pants this weekend. My sister is working at the gap this summer and gave me a 30% off coupon for the gap. old navy, etc. So I got pants and a tank at the gap, and more pants and tanks at old navy (cheaper, and more choice).I bought 2 pants that fit now, one pants that is a bit snug but could be worn now if i wanted to, and one pair (Old navy size 8) that is a size too small, but with that discount, it is worth having it for when I (eventually) get there. I like old navy. They sell SHORT length.

And I CANT STOP EATING. I eat everything, all the time. That junk about “reduced obese” people having slower metabolisms is a load of bunk, I swear, because I eat tons and don’t gain it back. I need to start restricting a bit, to go along with the exercise, but I have lost my will power to eat lessย  :/

Haven’t updated this in so long I thought it might have been deleted. . .