Walking Challenge and stuff

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Yeah I totally neglect this blog, posting everything in my weight loss LJ. I’m not back-updating, just putting in the most recent numbers.

And I’m stiff hovering around 158-159. Grr. I weigh least when I get home instead of the mornings a lot, because I’ve been eating miso again and that stuff is loaded with salt (yummy salt!) as are the fish balls and tuna I have been eating with dinner lately, so that seems to contribute to a bit of water retention. I don’t pee as much in the mornings lol. Of course, Then I go walking, and I drink water with breakfast and after walking, and pee like a horse at work. Haha.

So yesterday when Steve said it was ok to make the walk a little longer, I took him seriously, lol. Added about 1 mile, after I calculated it on run.com

Wednesday 7.15.09 PM 4.3 miles around Lake Quannapowitt, etc

Thursday 7.16.09 AM 3 miles around Horn Pond etc

Total 80.45 /205

I did walk around the building at work, too, but it was all broken up. We had like, an almost-all-day party yesterday celebrating a landmark sales point, so we played some random game one of the VPs designed, Frisbee Golf. Me and my partner both TOTALLY SUCK at frisbee, so we got 56 points (on a 9 hole 35 par or something). Everyone else had 30’s, or maybe 40’s. We racked up a ton of penalties, lol.

And I ate WAY TOO MUCH. Like a cheseburger (not all the bun it sucked) like 6 ribs in yummy sauce, potato salad and a giant chocolate chip cookie. BAD LISA! I was only going to eat one bite of the cookie (it was all warm and melty in the sun!) and save the rest for Steve, but after doing the frisbee gold think I ate it all up 🙁

And I went to walmart, for other reasons, but tried on some pants. Same style, sizes 10 and 12. The 10’s I tried first and they were a bit snug, but being stretch, that means they’ll fit in a few hours. The 12’s fit. . . snug. Just like the 10’s. So I matched them up and they were THE SAME. So, am I a skinny 12 or a fat 10? Who knows? I didn’t buy any lol.

Major Walking Challenge Update July 1 (PM) – 8 (AM)

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Cut and Paste from my Livejournal, so includes random comments.

Total Miles 47.9/205

Days 10.5/41

(June 29-August 9)

7/1/09 Wednesday Night
2.8 miles on the treadmill
~3.5-3.6mph, ~6% incline

7/2/09 Thursday Morning
3.2 miles on the treadmill
~3.5-3.6mph, ~6% incline

7/2/09 Thursday Night
3.2 miles on the treadmill
~3.5-3.6mph, ~6% incline

7/3/09 Friday Morning
3 miles around Horn Pond/Reservation Area
~3mph, more leasurely than lately

7.4.09 Morning
~3.6mi around Fawn Lake roads

7/4/09 Evening 3.4 milies around Fawn Lake streets

7/5/09 ~2 miles at Bushkill Falls waterfall area
The trail at Bushkill was listed as ~ 2 miles. It was hardly flat, filled with rocks and tree roots and stairs up and stairs down, but a lot of stopping and starting to take picutres and  look at stuff.

7/6/09 5.7 miles around Fawn Lake roads, mostly on Fawn Lake Drive around the lake

7/7/09 3 miles around Horn Pond and stuff (in the rain)

Is Boston a rain black hole or something? I was gone for 3 days of BEAUTIFUL WEATHER in PA and now its back to this SHIT again.

July 7th PM 3.2 miles around Lake Quannapowitt (with Steve 🙂

July 8th AM 3 miles around Horn Pond and stuff. In the drizzle. Sigh.

Yeah, I skipped Taiko last night. I don’t feel too bad about it, though. It’s always tough going back from a Monday holiday, and I needed to do the other stuff I ended up doing.

Walking Challenge Updates

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Total Miles Completed so Far – 11


After work
3.2 miles around Lake Quannapowitt


Before Work
2 miles around Horn Pond

6/30/09 After Work

2.9 miles around Horn Pond and conservation area


2.9 miles around Horn Pond and conservation area

Route Distance is determined using Run.com’s mapping feature (very sueful!)