Hurray for random weight loss!

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Yeah, it’s official, I LOST WEIGHT OMGOMG

I am now somewhere in the vicinity of 161, or a touch under. On Monday, I got my super awesome dehydration/post potty/etc 159.6 which was SO GRATIFYING, and on a normal healthy fully hydrated schedule I continue to weigh ~161, so KOOL! There was a 5 on the scale! SSOOOOO CCOOOLL

Oh, and none of my pants fit AGAIN. I went to Dots yesterday and tried on a 10. A TEN! AND IT TOTALLY FIT! It’s so wierd. I tried target but apparantly they have NO PANTS IN STOCK the fuckers, so I tried an 8 and a 12. The 12 was the sort of perfect fit that means it will be too big in like 3 hours, and the 8 was too tight (but I could totally button it!!) so I guess I really AM a 10, haha. Today I will go shopping, to PROVE it to myself, and hopefully find a cheap pair of pants, cause the falling off pants thing sucks.

My diet has been. . . my diet? This weekend was one of those “whatever” weekends. I Was at a convention, I ate restaurant food often, but I also walked all over the Hynes and only ate 3 meals a day, so, like no disasters. Pizza for dinner Friday, Chinese for lunch and Cheesecake Factory for dinner Saturday. Sunday lunch was late and it was the other half of the cheesecake factory meal, and dinner was, er. . . . most of a chocolate cupcake, a bunch of sunflower seed butter, and some strawberries, one of which was covered in chocolate. . . yeah. Realy good one there. Monday was a barbecue, and while I didn’t eat much dinner, I DID eat a GIANT PIECE OF CHOCOLATE FROSTING COVERED CAKE oohhhhh.

I eat fairly healthily, I guess, just MORE once I get home from work or when I don’t GO OUT and prevent myself from sitting there consuming the contents of my fridge. Breakfast is always good, lunch almost always (at work) just dinner and after is a problem. Between Sat, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I have consumed most of the jar of sunflower seed butter, but other than that I have been quite good. Last night dinner was a concoction of hamburger beef, mushrooms, onions, and egg noodles, with some parmesan cheese put in to prevent the need for sauce. Considering the juice from the meat and spices and stuff, it didn’t relaly need more than the cheese. It was YUMMY! And its my dinner again tonight, and tomorrow. . .


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So I decided to eat a banana with breakfast today, because I have been at Anime Boston for two days and failed to consume any fruit since lunch friday, which was packed for work. Bad, fruitless lisa. Bad!

Yesterdaythe scale said something truly remarkeable. It said 161.4. Mwahahahahahahha!. That’s what happens when you only eat ONE dinner a day for two days!!!

And despite eating chinese for lunch and cheesecake factory for dinner, I was still at 162 this morning. YAY! But well, memorial day isnt over yet. . . Today is my mom’s birthday, and monday im going to at least one barbecue. . .


The Next Ten Pounds

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Er, it’s time to lose those next 10 lbs. I’ve dithered around 163 for long enough and I’m going to DO IT.

This weekend is my last hurrah before getting my ass in gear and trying to lose weight again. It is anime boston and no way in hell am I going to diet while eating mall food in costume. pshaw! The NEXT TEN POUNDS CHALLENGE begins TUESDAY!!! (Yeah, Memorial day is a holiday still, why punish myself like that?)

I also think that if I 1) crack down on my crappy eating and 2) exercise even a miniscule amount, like, walking a few days a week, not even the gym, that the next 5 should be pretty quick, and there’s no reason I can’t be down 10 by the end of July. I REALLY WANT TO BE IN THE 150’s!!! My stupid fat waist has to shrink eventually, I’m only 13 pounds from my low weight in high school, and the pants I still have from them can’t be more than 32-24 in the waist. Grr.

And really, my eating HAS been crappy, and I haven’t been exercising really, and not gained anything back, either. I sometimes weigh food in the morning, but I don’t really record or calculate calories or anything, its all just habit. I don’t keep track of food, watch portion size, eat out, eat in, consumed a bag of peanut butter cups in 2 days, wate a sunday at Kimball’s last week, and saturday and sunday last weekend were disasters in their own right. Rachel graduated college saturday so I ate crap after the ceremony and we ate out for dinner, and sunday was my mom’s birthday AND steve’s relatives were visiting, so I ate cake TWICE that day, barbecue after already eating a big lunch at home, AND dinner out.

So, I think that those little calorie calculators are not so accurate, because I eat more than my stupid BMR even including moderate activity, and still maintain weight doing nothing eating crap. So if I can just eat a bit less, I should be able to get things rolling again. Yeah!

To reiterate my diet motto, I am on the “EAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WHILE STILL LOSING WEIGHT” diet. I have successfully not destroyed my metabolism like those women on their moronic 1200 calorie a day diets, eat like a pig (in my opnion) and am in decent shape. And I will CONTINUE to lose weight, until I can wear my Bodyline Skirt am happy with how I look.

So here is the weight rollercoaster. It has been a broad 2.8 pound range these past 3-4 weeks. Lolz.

Two weeks before I left for japan I made it to 163. Then passover happened, and the evil Ocella depression, which made a miserable 10 days and I sort of gained 2 pounds back, maybe.

Then I went to Japan, where I ate like a horse, but kind of walked like a billion hours a day, and when I got home I saw 162.2 on the scale. Like, AWESOME!!!

Then I ate like, whatever, so for the last couple weeks that number crawled back up, hovering around a SHOCKING 163-164. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

And then this morning it was, wait for it. . . 162.2!!!!!

Like, cool.

Check in (so they don’t delete my blog)

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Er, I weigh like, 163-164.

I have made 0 progress in the loss department lately, but i ain’t gained it back either!

That is all