Exercise, and Birth Control nightmares

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completed day two of the 100 push ups and 200 sit ups programs

also, I am switching, or should I say, changing back, my birth control pills to yasmin. I was on yasmin 4-5 months no problems and then switched to ocella, the generic that came out this summer. Over the last 7-ish months I have noticed, some months worse than others, that I get REALLY EMOTIONAL during my period. Like, crying for no reason, depressed, etc. I know it is the ocella because I never had this problem before with yasmin, or the other 2 I tried a few years ago. It isn’t always bad, but this month it is BAD. The only month it was worse was the time I had to GO HOME TO MY MOTHER AND CRY. The first thing she thought that day was I had broken up with Steve, which is probably one of the few things that would make me cry like that, and I had to tell her no, I don;t know why im sad i just am.

So this week it was REALLY BAD again. I called the doctor and they are switching me back to the name brand. I get the depression during the placebo week, and something about the generic formulation is fucking with my system big time. I was originally taking yasmin, but I will be taking Yaz instead for now, which has 24 days of active pills instead of 21, which should help a bit, though I really think its the formulation of the generic.

I’ve read a bunch of peopls comments on line about their experience switching from yasmin to ocella.Other than the mood issues, there are other symptoms I have experienced that may be related to the ocella, but I wont know until I’ve been on yaz for a month or two. Things I thought were related to losing weight and stuff, like, being REALLY HUNGRY a lot, and faintness/vertigo, which I thought was from my blood pressure dropping with weight loss. Depression in general, not just during the off days, which I don’t know if it is pill related, or general depression because losing weight is taking FOREVER. Other things. We shall see.

Unfortunately, yaz is a tier two on my health plan, which means I will be forking over $30 a month instead of $10, but it will be worth it.

Blah food Blah

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So On Wednesday I ate pretty much what I’ve been eating. I don’t wanna write it out Im lazy. I ate in the vicinity of 1700 calories that day, and I SO didn’t eat enough.We ended up not going to dance and therefore did not eat the ice cream at Tosci’s so yeah, didn’t eat as much as planned. I felt it yesterday, exhausted all day.

AT any rate, yesterday was contra dance and we decided to get ice cream after, especially since we didn’t have any wednesday. I ate too much for dinner, thats for sure, I felt really naseaus after like an hour or so, the last dance I did I might not have survived had it not been lower energy than the others. I think my dinner was sloshing around in my gut, making me ill.

So we went to Friendly’s but it was CLOSED!!! At 10!! Why is nothing open past 10 near boston? I don’t get it. So we went to Grimsby’s instead, and got appetizers, cause we were starving then. Eating sure helped with the nausea. I got the chicken quesadilla, though I have to remembe rnot to get meat next time as I didn’t really care for the seasoning. I LOVE quesadillas. With sour cream. MMmmmm. For desert I got chocolate cake. I did my usual with chocolate cake, ate all the chocolate frosting and only some of the cake, that had been attached to the frosting. I don’t particularly care for chocolate cake, just chocolate frosting. . . I REALLY WANTED CHOCOLATE, but they didn’t have the chocolate moose with oreo cookies on the menu, so I got the cake instead.

I tried to put stuff into the daily plate to guestimate what I ate, using a Friendly’s appetizer quesadilla and such, and for the day I got a total of 2600-ish. I needed the bigger food day. I’ve been working hard the last few weeks.

Next week is Passover! Yikes! My first passover away from mommy:( I have to cook my own kosher foods! NOOOOOO!!! Well, I might end up going nuts with the matzah balls and stuff haha. I have to buy mix and eggs and stuff, and kosher oil. I have a bottle of vegetable oil I can’t use, but its like totally full because I bought it to make kasha and never used it again. I just, don’t use oil. Haha.