Monday Food and Exercise

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All the numbers are taken from my mydailyplate. Any recorded Exercise calories are estimates tweaked for time and intensity, as what I actually did is not included in the calculator options. And probably too high, anyway.

I went to the YMCA. First I used the treadmill for 45 minutes, on my current 7.5% incline. I started at 3mph, but was up to 3.3 within the first 5 minutes. I spent a good while at 3.5 mph, and then at least 10 minutes, maybe 15 at 3.6, which is the fastest I’ve gone. It wasn’t too bad. I will stick with it. According to the equipment I burned 400+ calories. According to calculators, averaging between 5 and 10% incline and 3 and 4 mph, I burned around 350 cal. Who knows. I did notice that I am the ONLY person (at least when I am there) that uses the incline feature on the treadmills.

Then I went swimming. I did 25 full laps (there and back again) of breast stroke. I hate crawl and decided why bother, when breast stroke is tiring too, especially when I actually try to use my arms. It’s good for them arms. I cant figure out calories for swimming AT ALL, because all the calculators are for “moderate” intensity, which means 50 yards per minte. I swim 25-30 ypm, I think. I won’t bother put the numbers I “guessed” with the calculator, especially as I forgot to check the time when I finished and don’t know how long I swam for.


Low Fat Cottage Chese 1 serving 90
Shredded Wheaet 1 serving 170
Lite Soy Milk 1 cup 70
Orange 80

Meal Total 410


Frozen Brocolli 2 servings 50
2 Clementines 100
Chicken Breast 2.5oz 120
Natural Applesauce 1 serving 50
Banana ~50gm 50
Sweet Potato ~170gm 160

Meal total 530


Noodle Soup (from mix) 4 servings 200
Chocolate PB2 2 servings 110
Turkey Breast slices 1 serving 70
Mild Salsa ~5 servings 50
Iceberg Salad mix 2 servings 30

Meal Total 460

Post Workout Snack/Dessert

2 tablespoons peanut butter 190
2 servings part skim ricotta 180
(plus splenda and almond extract mixed into the ricotta)
~1/3 serving (several spoonfuls) of sweet rice 50

Meal Total 420

Day Total 1820

Not bad. I attribute much to the lower than usual dinner, as water retention noodle soup and lettuce are quite filling, if nothing else. That is, in part, why I bought the GINORMOUS bag of lettuce. More vegetable with dinner, and more filling power at the same time! Yeah

Weight Update, with reservations

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So I said I was going to update my weight this weekend. I weighed myself on Saturday or Sunday, and it was the same this morning, so my new official weight is 174.2.

I guess this makes sense, as I have been bouncing around 174-175 the past couple weeks, even though I have been eating like a monster. I’m hungry and lazy and just wanna eat. Amongst other things, in the past week I consumed almost an entire DOUBLE box os (yummy) granola cereal, most of a small container of hummus and half a box of triscuits, a GIANT piece of boston cream cake (the slice was a quarter of a cake, about 5-6 inches high, 4 inch radius. . . something like that), a large dunkin’ donuts hot chocolate, and 2 big servings of Stacey’s baked ziti. I don’t know how long I’d have to keep it up the start gaining again, but apparantly for now, I’m on the level.

Today I resume exercising. I will swim fr sure, and try to go early so I can use the treadmill for a while.

This week begins the 3 week cake bindge. There are TWO birthdays this week, which means cake twice, and then next week is my birthday, whcih means cake at work for ME, and another girl’s birthday is coming, so i dont know if we will be joint cake or not. AND, as my birthday is on Sunday, I will be ging out to lunch with my family and steve, and then having cake, and possibly gong out again with dad while everyone else is watching the Super Bowl. And then the next week is Steve’s birthday, which means, Tiramizu I am making for him, and birthday cake his mom is making for him, and then the next week is Valentine’s day, and Steve wants to go out for dinner.

So there will be much cake and stuff in the next couple weeks. I hope I make it in one piece! And, I’d really like to lose 5-10 pounds because I SWEAR this will be enough to get me in normal sizes, it’s just pissing me off that I have hit this interminable stall. It’s too cold to exercise, I’m hungry all the time, I don’t want to do ANYTHING. I hate winter this year. It is killing me. I want to walk outside without my fingers freezing off and my nose and lips getting chapped and I dont want to wear 50 sweaters anymore, and my boots aren’t that warm and I miss the SUN. And I want to be able to get out ofbed in the morning wihout immediately feeling like shit because it is 12 degrees outside.

I WANT CAKE :(:(:(

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So I haven’t updated in a while. I haven’t really been counting to seriously, and I haven’t been exercising much. The last time swam waas 2 tuesdays ago, and I shoveled snow a couple times.


all the time.

I’ve been tired, and hungry, and the cold is KILLING me. I haven’t gained or lost any weight, which can only be construed as good, I suppose. Last night after work I was 175.4, which is what I think the ticker is at. I saw 173.6 once, as a low, but I don’t think I’ve gained anythingsince that, just variation. I will check again tomorrow, early, to get a morning weight. I haven’t been home for 3 nights so I have no morning numberse, and I usually weigh the least in the morning, followed by the time when I get back from work before dinner, where I am sometimes as low as the morning, but usually a bit more.

I have, however, decided to take a break, as much as I can, for a couple weeks. I’m driving myself crazy here. I’m going to start exercising again next week, but my goal for a couple weeks will be to not gain weght, rather than lose. Also, my birthday is coming, which means cake, lunch with my family, and more cake at work. And then it is Steve’s birthday the next week, which means cake, and tiramisu. The week afte is Valentine’s, which is really just dinner somewhere, and by then I will have resumed the weight loss mode, anyway.

I ate a cookie! It was REALLY good. And it had 200 calories, haha. But itwas SOOO GOOD!!!!

So yeah, we’ll see if I can really take it easy, or if I just drive myself crazy. I’m probably not going to lose enough by Japan (late april) to shop with abandon, so I will probably just buy a few things as “goal” sorts of stuff, but certainly by then I want to be shopping in the misses section without being in this god-forsaken size purgatory, known as size 14.

Wednesday Food

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Exercise – NONE!! Well, I did walk up and down the building a few times, so maybe .4 miles, haha. And Medieval Dance. Gathering Peasecods is like, 3 minutes of moderate intensity cardio.

I have decided to name the soup mix I like Water Retention Soup because after eating it I temporarily gain about 1.5-2 pounds fr about 2 days. This probably explains the sudden drop in weight last week, that happened all throughout the week before. On Monday after work the scale said 174.8 or something. I had the soup for dinner. Tuesday morning the scale said 175.4, and after work it said 176. Then, on Wednesday morning, it was 176.6!!!!!! Then I peed about 80 times during the day, and it was back at 174.8 or something after work. Fluctuation solved. So then I had it again last night and it was 176.2 this morning. HAHAHAHAHA. OF course, the extra dessert I ate wont help things, bu whateve. I’ll live.

1 serving Shredded wheat – 170
2/3 cup lite soy milk – 50
1/2 cup fiber one cottage cheese – 80
medium orange (130gm) 65
Meal total 365

1 piece of chocolate from Brazil from Flavia – 100
Meal Total 100

Chili – 250
2 large clementines – 90
~110 gm brocolli – 35
1/2 cup applesauce 50
banana 50gm 50
Meal Total 475

Water Retention noodle soup – 200
turkey breast – 70
string cheese – 80
spinach – 20
orange – 75
1/2 cup ricotta – 160
handful of blueberries (~1/2 serving?) – 20
~3 servings Salsa – 45
Meal Total 670

Late Night Ice Cream Craving Brought on by Stress from DRiving near Boston
~2 servings Ben&Jerries Peanutbutter Cup Icecream – 740
Meal Total 740

Day Total 2350

Kinda high but not terribly so. I think I will live.

Tuesday Food

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Exercise – went to the Y and swam 25 laps (50 lengths). Mostly breast, some craw (about 40/10). I’m getting a little faster I guess. It took like, 40 min I guess. Once I get to where I can do this in like, 30 min I may increase the number of laps, or add a little more crawl.

1 serving Shredded wheat – 170
2/3 cup lite soy milk – 50
1/2 cup fiber one cottage cheese – 80
medium orange (130gm) 65

Meal total 365


Chili – 250
WW yogurt – 100
2 large clementines – 90
~110 gm brocolli – 35
Meal Total 475

Don’t remember dinner exactly. But I added it up at the time and it was 620 cal.
Meal Total 620

Post Workout/Dessert
1/2 cup ricotta cheese 160
some blueberries 40
banana (~50gm)
Meal Total 250

Day Total 1710

Monday food and exercise

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Went to the YMCA yesterday. Steve came too! He may come a few times a month with me, at least until the weather is better and we start going to contras again.

Treadmill – 45 min, 7.5% incline, mstly between 3.3 and 3.5 mph.
Swimming – 25 laps (50 lengths) in something less than 45 minutes, hurray! Prob between 35-40, ‘m guessing, but I don’t know how accurate their clocks are. Mostly breast stroke, a bit of crawl, and a handful of side stroke, to recover. I HATE CRAWL


1 serving Shredded wheat – 170
2/3 cup lite soy milk – 50
1/2 cup fiber one cottage cheese – 80
6-7 strawberries, med szed – 60 (?)

Meal total 360


Chili 8oz approx. 250
2 big clementines – 90
100gm brocolli – 35

Meal Total 375

Cheesecake!!! – 400 (???)
Meal Total 400

400 is my generic cake calories. It may have been less, it wasn’t that much, but until Imake Cheesecake myself and can estimate better, 400 calores it is


Noodle Soup – 200
Turkey Breast lunch meat – 70
String Cheese – 80
~5 servings old El Paso Salso – 75
1 TBSP peanutbutter – 95

Meal Total 520

Post Work-out
1/4 cup ricotta – 80
~handful of raspberries and blueberries 50
2 servings chocolate PB2 – 120
Med. Orange – 65

Meal Total 315

Day Total 1970

Not terrible. I mean, I DID eat cheesecake!!!!!! And it was soooooooooo worth it

The Diet-Loss Delay – Good-bye Stinkin’ Plateau!!

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So it has becoming clear to me that it does, in fact, take at least a week for a weight loss to make itself known. Or like, actually occur. And eating a lot for a few days does not erase that hard work, either.

As evidenced by the fact that for the 1st week of January I was a Saint, ate in the vicinity of 1500-1600 calories a day and exercised a whole bunch of times. My weight stayed at the ever annoying 177.4 for that entire week. And then, I didn’t work out on Wednesday because I was lazy and didn’t work out Thursday because I was EXHAUSTED and didn’t over eat either of those days, and then on Friday morning 175.4


I thought that was pretty f-ing cool! I didn’t exercise Friday either, because we were driving off to Albany. I ate a bit more, too, I treated myself with extra of my new desert, consisting of ricotta cheese mixed with splenda, and fresh blueberries and raspberries on top (acquired from the haymarket). If I had stopped eating there, it would have been more or less a break-even day, or a slight deficit.

Then we drove to Albany, and so began the weekend binge.

During the drive I ate a small bag of reces peanutbutter cups.

And then Steve’s friends had lots of junk food at there place. I ate some candy.

And we went to a diner on Sat. I got a meat-lover’s thingie, which was bacon and sausage and cheese over home fries, and two scrambled eggs, and 2 slices of buttered toast. I ate er, most of it:) OF course, it sat like a lump in my stomach.

Then during the afternoon before dinner we had chips and guacamole. Oh, and I had an orange. Yeah.

Dinner was healthy, though the amount I ate probably wasn’t. Steak with a good sauce, mashed potatoes, asparagus (kind of oily cooked). And some random candy during the evening.

Sunday breakfast was french toast, bacon and sausage. I had 3 slices of french toast drowned in syrup, 3 pieces of bacon and 2 sausages (those little ones). Ugh. More stomach lump action. And an orange!!

Then before leaving I had like, a chocolate mint candy, and a caramel, and er 3 kit-kat bars.

And on the drive back I had another small bag of reces peanut butter cups and one of Steve’s fruit gems.


Got home, shoveled, used the bathroom (needed to after all that) and it said 174.2

Like, OMG!!!

I bet it will stay around here for a while, maybe go up a pound, considering the crap I ate this weekend, which is why I have updated my “official” weight to 175.4, like on friday, but OMG. I wonder what would happen if I HADN’T eaten so much crap this weekend. It was still 174.4 this morning.

My hard work payed off! Finally! And I think my waist shrunk about 1/2″, because I am no longer stuck between two holes on my belt, the smaller one is comfortable now.


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So, assuming I am 5’5″ and not 5’4″ (I’m not exactly sure of my height) my BMI is now officially 29.5

I am no longer obese. I am now just OVERWEIGHT!


Weight update and sick (?)

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So I’ve not actually weighed 179 for a while. I came back from vacation, at 181-sih, but was back at 179 in 4-5 days, just temporary holiday weight. And then I went to 178, which I’ve seen before as well, briefly. And then, I was at 177.4 for. . . A WEEK ARRGGHHHHHH.

So I’m officially changing my weight to 177.4.

I weighed less this morning. A LOT less than that. But I’m not changing my “official” weight until It continues for a few days. I’m not sure what happened, though I’ve got a few ideas, amongst them the fact that I didn’t eat the EXTREMELY HIGH sodium soup I’ve been having lately. Maybe I waas retaining some water from it. Also, I haven’t exercised for two days now. TWO DAYS. I was so tired wednesday, I decided not to do the 30 day shred (Again, rr) which was okay. But then yesterday, first decided not to go to contra, and then I FELL ASLEEP at 8:30 . I know it was 8:30 because I asked Steve. Poor Steve, he came over last night and all I did was SLEEP. I woke up a few times briefly, once around 11 when he joined me to sleep, once at 4:30 when I had to pee REAL BAD and apparently I feel asleep with my mouth open, so it was REALLY dry. And then at 6, to get up. I would’ve expected to wake up at 2:30 and not be able to sleep again. Apparently I needed the sleep. I think I may have been a bit sick lately, dunno. People at work kept saying I didn’t look so good, and Steve said it last night, and that I looked better today. I feel better, too.

Of course, I have these weird red sores coming up on my face. The only explanation I can come up with is that it is due to the cold dry air (or hot dry, in my room with the space heater) but I don’t know! It’s the same excuse I use for my nose. There was one right under my bottom lip for a couple days, which didn’t mean much to me, but now there are 2 more. The are not pimples. I haven’t had acne since I started the laser treatments/stopped plucking my face. It’s weird. I put some aloe gel on them today. I hope they go away soon immediately.

So the sudden loss this morning. Err. Maybe part related to the soup. And maybe I was retaining water from exercising, since I haven’t swam more than 10 times in the last 3 years and I swan twice in two days, and not exercising 2 days helped, and maybe if I was sick I needed fluids to fight it, and also I was constipated a bit, until yesterday thank god. It’s really weird, I only go like 4-5 times a week now, I remember it being far more often before. I know I’m eating less, bu seriously, it seemsl like a dramatic change.

Tuesday Food

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Exercise – Taiko and swimming (~35-40 min/21 laps)
I was going to do the 30 day shred also. I’ve only done it like, 13 times since I started, that means 17 more times by my birthday (feb 1) if I want to keep that goal, but I’m so tired today, from stuff and staying up late watching tv (ugly betty and giragira!) I didn’t do it. At least its not like I just crapped out altogether on exercise.

Also, I’ve decided to leave the ricotta for the dessert of dinner. Today I felt very full after finishing ¼ cup, but REALLY WANTED to just keep on eating so I ate more. Stupid.

1 serving Shredded wheat – 170
½ cup lite soy milk – 35
½ cup fiber one cottage cheese – 80
1 orange (150gm w/out peel) 75
Meal total 360

sweet potato – 240
vagetables – 45
2oz filt mignon – 150
1/2 cup applesauce – 50
banana 50gm – 50
Meal Total 525

Noodle soup – 200
Turkey cold cuts – 70
Slightly less than 1 serving tofu – 50
½ cup ricotta – 180
Meal Total – 500

Post taiko/swimming
Banana 100gm – 100
Peanut butter 1 tbsp – 100
String cheese – 80
Meal total 280

Day Total 1665

By lap, I mean an actual lap. There and back. I swim slow.

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