Monday report

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Hmm, 2 days in a row for the blog?? What is the world coming to?

Yesterday was, what I would call, a god food day.

Breakfast was the usual, Miso soup with tofu and wakame, a packet of oatmeal with soy milk, and two (tiny) oranges. The oranges I got at the haymarket last week are so cute! They are very small, and extremely tart,, almost like lemons. Yum!

Lunch was almost the usual, rice with meat/veggie, but this time the meat/veggie was chinese take-out broccoli and beef. Not as healthy as usual, but whatever, not bad either. I also had three clementines, and a ww yogurt.

Dinner was broken up, this time. When I got home I ate 3 clementines, a glass of soy milk, and some unknown number of cheez-its, so I could use the treadmill without feeling hungry/sick. Of course, the cheez-its are because I like them.

Then I exercised a total of about 75 minutes, 65 walking at ~3.2-3.3 mph average, and then 10 min walking backwards on the treadmill, 2mph.

Then I started cooking, for dinner and lunches this week (and Steve came over, yay!). For dinner I had a can of chicken noodle soup, and half of a yellow squash. And, and. . . I forget, what the hell did I eat? Oh, Oranged! I cut up two of my little oranges, but only ate about half of one before falling asleep, so I finished them with breakfast today.

So there!

Food and stuff, cause all I do is eat

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All I do is eat, it seems.

Last time I updated was last Tuesday it appears. Well, I certainly at up a storm since then HAHAHA. So a week ago I was 185. Ths morning I was 183 (182.6, 182.8) which is 2 pounds lost, yay!

So the pig-like eating.

So much o it has occured I can’t quite remember it all.

I didn’t exercise last monday or tuesday, of course. Or Saturday. I don’t remember what I had Tuesday night, or really until Friday and Saturday, when I ate like a PIG ALL DAY.

Friday was this talk think at the Simches building, so I went for the afternoon. I ate the free lunch which was a chicken salad roll (ate all of it) a bag of potato chips (~1/2-2/3 of it), and a GIANT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE. I ate all of the cookie, except a bit of the edge cause it was burnt and hard. Ooohohohoh. I managed to resist the other cookies later.

Saturday Steve was over and we watched the Pride and Prejudice miniseries and I ate like, half a box of triscut and half a (big) tub of hummus, and a pack of chocolate pocky, and we got take-out chinese for dinner, of which I ate about half the beef+broccoli, a bunch of fried rice, 4 crab rangoon and a spring roll. OMG.

I DID exercise Sunday morning (what a struggle!) and ate pretty well.

So I ended reasonably.

I will probably do another weigh in before thanksgiving, rather than after. And after, of course, but knowing me I just wont update until I either get a new low, or maintain a gain for more than a week.


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So I started eating like a pig again! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Saturday morning I went to the torah service with Steve at the temple he goes to. I haven’t been to a sat morning service in AGES. But it was actually pretty nicel. The synagogue we went to actually uses many of the melodies I know, unlike mine where they changed EVERYTHING. And after services there was an oneg. More like a FEAST OF INCREDIBLE PROPORTIONS. I ate half a bagel with cream cheese, and some other stuff, and a couple strawberries, and like 4 dessert things, mmmm.

Saturday night Steve and I went to the Cheesecake Factory, because I still had the gift card mom gave me for my brthday 10 1/2 months ago so it because very affordable. I got the Factory Burrito Grande and ate like, half of it, along with sour cream and quacemole. Nice that they put the beans on the side, because I didn’t really like them and didn’t eat them. The burrito was a MONSTER. OMGOMG. But tasty. Glad I got it instead of the Fettucinni alfredo, which I originally wanted. Then Steve and I split a strawberry shortcake, but brought home maybe a 1/3 of it (sans ice cream, it was all melty).

Then oh Sunday, what did I eat? Ugg sooooooomuuuuuchh. It was the mini event and Fenmerre and we were doing a potluck thingie and I brought crackers, hummus and these annisette thingies. I ate on the the annisette thingies, and like half the box of triscut with hummus. And some of the turkey stacey brought, and one of her turnovers, and two slices of bread slathered in honey butter. . . And THEN when we got back I ate like, half a tub of Ben and Jerries Peanut Butter cup ice cream. And All the peanut butter cups, except the ones I gave steve. hehehe.

And THEN on Monday I was all needy and called Steve to come with me while I shopped for my down blanket. So first when I got home from work I ate the OTHEr half of the GIANT BURRITO and all the sourcream and guacemole and stuff, and when we were in the Burlington we went to Brighams and split a peanut butter parfait, which basically filled a pint of ice cream size cut, but was like, only 2/3 ice cream, because the other 3rd was fudge and peanutbutter sauce, and we ate ALL OF IT hahahaha. It was our one month anniversary!!!!! YAYAYAY

Oh, and I ate 4 pieces of candy at work, because Bakhos got lots of candy as gifts for his son’s birth and the lab is the dumping ground for excess food.

And then I went home to my parents house and talked to my mom for a while and weighed on the scale there and it said 184, which really means 186 on my scale, which is pretty damn good considering the amount of food sitting in my gut. EHEHEHE.


Eating like a pig isn’t bad when done in moderation

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So I’d just like to say that it is quite possible to eat like a pig and still lose weight. The secret is to not eat like a pig every day, and throw in a touch of exercise here and there.

I think not eating enough all the time is the real killer for dieters, because when you do actually eat a lot at an increased frequency for a while you probably will gain weight. But if you eat a lot occasionaly (like, 2x a week, not month) and not a lot the rest of the time you will naturally adjust to that amount of food. And if you weigh yourself the day after a big meal, you didn’t gain three pounds.  There’s just 3 pounds of feces in you that will take 2-3 days to come out the other end. And then you will miraculously lose 3 pounds in a single sitting (haha bad pun). Really.

After a 3 week plateau (filled with relatively continuous pig-like eating on the weekends and stuff) I resumed exercising, though still infrequently, and didn’t eat like a pig for most of a (work) week. I went from 188-189 to 185 pounds last week with about 2.5 hours of exercise total and a bit of defecation of the last of that excess eating (sorry, but that’s the reality. un-pooed poo counts). 185 is what the scale said this morning, after a weekend filled with Cheesecake Factory, excess snacking a the Fenmere event yesterday, and half a tub or so of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream yesterday, from which I picked out almost all of the peanutbutter cups (except the ones I gave to Steve).

I am curious to see where I am next saturday/sunday. While I have plants to exercise tonight, Tuesday, and saturday/sunday for sure, it is hard to say if I will do all of them or sneak in other days instead, or not as much as I’d like. I definitely work harder on the treadmill than on foot during my commute, walking ~3.2-3.3 mph on a 7 degree incline, and anyone who says just walking isn’t high enough intensity to lose weight is full of shit.

I am stuck somewhere slightly smaller than a size 16, but 14’s are way too tight still, though maybe within the next 10 pounds I will go down a size. My waist has got to start shrinking eventually, time to catch up with my hips, which are apparantly meant for size 12s now. I also now know EXACTLY how much more than Steven I weigh. He may be skinny, but he’s super tall and it just isn’t right that I should weigh more than him when I am, ah, 9 inches shorter than him? Even if he is skinny? If the rest of November goes well I may re-reevaluate my 2008 goal, and if I made it it would put me at his weight by the end of the year. But only if I really crack down, which with the holidays will just be too much of a pain.

I plan of eating like a pig during the holidays. The worst than can happen is I gain like, 3 pounds or something, if all that happens after 3 weeks of somewhat irresponsible eating is a plateau. OOOOHHH SCARY. Because, 3 punds isn’t a whole lot considering that I’ve lost 70. Or 73. The new scale weighs higher than mom’s.

Eat less lose weight? NO WAY!!!

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So once again the one and only true way of losing weight has been validated.

East less, increase activity, LOSE WEIGHT

Because as soon as I stop eating like a moron for a few days, and use the treadmill a couple times, I’m down two pounds. Hahaha. Sunday should be interesting.

Food yesterday

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So now that I finished living yesterday, here is what I thought/ate. A compilation of my two LJ entries.


So for a while I should probably keep track of how much I’m eating. I hate it and am more of an estimator, but its important. I try to over estimate a little on things I know I’m slightly under on to compensate for the things I’m less sure about.


Miso(~ 2 tbsp) 60
Tofu 50
Oatmeal 130
Soy milk 70
Orange 75

Total 385

I want to find out how to have maybe half the oatmeal. I guess I need a small dry container to store the half packet in. It was a lot this morning.

Lunch (as packed)

Rice (1/4 cup) 150
Brocolli 50
Chicken 130
Yogurt 100

Total 430

I need to measure the chicken since the 130 is for 4 oz according to the daily plate, and I think i bring a bit less than that.

Dinner no plan yet

I need to eat when I get home, yet also exercise, and somehow not eat when I get back from dance. I need to reinstitute the no food after 8, 9, or 10 depending on my schedule for the day. I should allot myself an apple, or something.

Potenetial plan is:

Mashed potatoes 150
Half can tuna 75
Zuchinni 50

I really need to bust out that scale I bought, oh, 2mos ago.

I know this makes a low daily total, but I always end up eating more. Like, cheez-its or something

Steve needs to take me to the supermarket after dance, for more soy milk, soap, yogurt and rice puddinz


So I ate dinner when I got home (NO WAY!) and i was

2 servings mashed potatoes 160
~1/3 cup soy milk 25
1 tbsp margarine 100

The potatoes tasted weird. I thought maybe it was because my margarine had come partially unwrapped for a day, maybe drying out or something? though I didn’t really think so. Turned out my soy milk was no good. It had gotten thick for a day or two which I thought was weird. Now I know.

~1/3 zuchinni 50? not much

my zuchinnis are also bad. ate very little of it, 50 is probably a way too high estimate. But its easy

1/2 can tuna 75

A bunch of cheez-its (NO!!!) 100

Total 510, but probably closer to 400-450. I didn’t count the #of cheez-its I ate

And then after dance, we went to toscaninis! Mmmm. Steve and I shared a sunday, with blackberry icecream, whipped cream and hydrox cookies.

Here come some super excellent estimates!!! No you see why I over estimate???

1/2 cup ice cream 250 (NO IDEA)
4 tbsp? 30
hydrox, ~1/2 cookie? 30

Total 310

All estimates. Seriously.

So total for the day. . . . .

Breakfast 385
Lunch 430
Dinner 510

Total 1615

And likely a little less. Since I A) don’t finish the rice at lunch B) seriously over estimated at dinner, the zuchinni numbers was probably more like 10

I walked the full allotment of 4 miles during my commute yesterday (not unusual) and I also used the treadmill! Woot! I only walked about 2 miles instead of the 3 I like to go on the treadmill, but that’s because I got home later than I wanted, and Steve came over and waited while I finished the second mile and we went to dance class. I walked at a slightly elevated pace of 3.2-3.3 mph. Yea

Stupid Plateau

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I’ve been at 188-189 for almost 3 weeks now. Well, there was a brief flirtation with 187, but I might have been mostly naked at the time, and somewhat dehydrated.

This is very frustrating. But then, it’s also my fault. I mean, I eat like a pig. I eat out, I eat in (mmm ice cream and cheez-its!) I eat out some more. . . I’m a PIG. I guess its a good sign that I don’t GAIN weight haha.

I do need to start exercising again, which means Steve’s gonna have to suck it up when he’s over on the weekends and hang out in my room while I treadmill it up. I used it on Sunday morning, and was pleasanatly surprised to find I could walk at the same settings as 6 weeks ago or whenever it was I stopped. I would have on Monday too, but I had to go shopping which is always a traumatc experience, and figured that walking around the mall for ever would be sufficient since it was too late when i got home. Yesterday I was quite tired after my class and decided to sleep in stead and ALMOST got up early this morning, but I really needed that hour. I plan on working out before dance today, just have to let Steve know he may be bored when he shows up and we may get there late. Oh well.

Based on my failure to lose, I am revising my original goal for the end of the year. I had been steady at ~10 lbs a month which would have put me at 170 by New Years, but I have decided that my new goal is 13 pounds by Jan 1, which would put me at 175-176.T his may be revised again of course, as it is still quite ambitious, if in another week and a half I haven’t made any progress at all.

I did, however, gain confirmation that I am, in fact, a size 16 and not just in the one pair of Avenue jeans I have. I tried on a couple in Macy’s (calven klein, as thats what they had) and one in the gap (shocker!! they had a 16!?!?!?!?). Of course, none of them fit right, because of my stupid fat stomach and non-existen waist, but it was kinda neat. I also am more like a 15-15.5. My avenue jeans are snug yet loose at the same time, which pisses me off to no end. They don’t go up to my actual waist, of course, so they slid down to my hips, which are my widest part but only by like an ince or someting, and sit in that gap between the rolls of fat, almost falling off yet still digging into my gut. Grarrrr. And I can’t jump in them because they WILL fall of, methinks. Must remember the belt before going to dance tonight.