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Today’s Weight: 189 pounds,


This calls for the ticker

I’m over halfway to my goal. The last time I weighed this was HS, in 10th grade. I was going to Israel that summer and lost about 40 pounds that year, down to 150, and then gained it all back by the following year, and more. So this is my first major destination weight. Yippee!

Yesterday was like, a really dumb food day, but as I’ve come to realize dumb food days don’t seem to matter as long as they are only a couple times a week.

Friday night I was exhausted and fell asleep without dinner, just had some fruit. so I ate a bigger breakfast sat, and then went to help my brother put pictures on a digital picture frame for my dad’s birthday present. While there I ate a small chunk of corned beef and 3 yummy, slightly undercooked chocolate chip cookies. Hardly the healthiest lunch but still tasty. Then Steve came on my costume shopping extravaganza and we ate dinner and Bertucci’s, there the oil/garlic dip was particularly yummy, so i soaked my bread in that, and then my split antipasto, and I was basically full before we even ordered dinner. Probably good, because I ended up not liking my choice too much. Pasta puglia (or something). It was just too spicy for me.

And then We bought Ben and Jerry’s. I was gonna eat it during far scape but ended up not feeling like it, and it was like, 12 before we started watching anyway. (silly boyfriend).

Now if only my waist would shrink a bit. I’m so sick of baggy butt.

10/25/08 Endocrinologist, Tired, Boy, Dehydration

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I saw the endocrinologist the other day for a follow up. According to their charts I lost 40 pounds between that visit and this one. So, I guess it was ~4 months ago. So the doctor asks if I feel like I have more energy now that I’ve lost weight. And the way she said it irritated me and I replied that “this is some kind of misconception”. I told her directly that the only difference in how I feel now and then is that I feel better about my physical appearance. I NEVER LACKED ENERGY when I weighed more (AKA fatter). I have always had an active lifestyle. She then said that she only asked because some of here WLS patiens report increased energy after losing a significant amount of weight. Well, as far as I’m concerned, they either were completely inactive before weight loss, or weighed so much that the shear amoujnt of fat they were lugging around sapped their energy. I don’t know of course, everyone is different and all that. But I do know that I have ALWAYS been healthy, no matter what I weighed. I may even have less energy now, because I’m so f-ing busy all the time.

So that brings me to TIRED and BOY

I’m busy. A lot. I work 40hrs a week, and have fixed activities tues, wed, thurs night every week and often other activities on the other nights. Generally by Thursday, Contras night, I’m already exhausted and dancing like the weind for 3hrs doesn’t exactly help. And last thursday I gained a boy. So after being busy tues, wed, and thurs night, I was also busy friday night. And I was getting sick. So saturday I was sick and working on that f-ing costume and then on sunday there was BOY again. That was slug day. So then I think I got monday, but then there was tues, wed, thurs. Wed had boy again because he came to medieval dance so I drove him to the train and we sat in my car for a while so I got home later. And then tursday he got me to get to dance on time, I did most of the dances till the end and was EXHAUSTED, then he drove this nutsy long way bacl to medford because he is uncomfortable with the local route still (I’ll be working on this) so it was ALREADY later, and he cam in for a while and I didn’t get rid of him (sounds a bit harsh, but still!) until about midnight. I WAS TIRED IM SO TIRED and I promised we’d do something on saturday but I need to finish my costume and that means fri and sat but I have to go home home on sat to help my brother make my dad’s birthday present and I fell asleep friday night with no dinner and no costume work. So here I am sat morning. I GOTTA GET TO WORK ARGH. And boy is coming to costume contest tomorrow. Yeah.

And DEHYDRATION. YAY! I think I’m dehydrated. My pee is rather yellow a lot lately. I need to drink more water. I think I’m still sick too, like I had respite during the week until thurs where exhaustion gave the cold an opening to come back. Or myabe so many people around thurs is just gonna make me sick every week until my immune system decides to strengthen a bit.

Fat people don’t swim?

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Yesterday I was a slug.  I went to the costume guild meeting in the morning because I could, and haven’t been in like, 6 months. and it was okay.

Then I went to City Sports to find a bathingsuit. Jake, a friend at work, works there part time and is able to pick things up with his discount that are left on hold for him, so I figured cool, I’ll save a bit on the suit and still get a decent one, really made for usage. And where else will I find one in winter.

Alas, City Sports only goes up to size 16. I guess that fat people don’t need bathing suits because, you know, they aren’t physically active or anything, just sit around on the couch eating peanut butter cups all day.

If I were a different sort of fat person, I’just get the 16 and let all that back fat hang out, but I hate that sort of fatty and won’t become one myself, so I left without buying anything. I HATE WHEN FAT PEOPLE THAT WEAR CLOTHES THAT ARE TOO TIGHT.  That means I won’t get a suit for at least a couple months probably, when I shrink a bit more, and by then I may not feel like swimming anymore in the cold. Hopefully my sold suit will turn up and not be too big.

Then I went home, and wanted to do nothing but promised Steve I’d call and we’d hang out. So he came over and we watched All About Eve (or I tried to while he was distracted and kind of all over me) and then we just lay around and I was a slug. Really. I think I spent 6-7 hours acting like a slug yesterday because I still felt crappy and tired from my cold.

And I really need to get back on the treadmill. Maybe it’s just from being a bit sick, but I was winded after going up a flight of stairs to the  subway, which hasn’t happened in ages.

Weigh In, distressingly high loss

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So Today I weighed 192 when I woke up. That means I lost 6 pounds this week.

That’s right, 6 pounds.

I feel like I’m on the biggest loser or something. And you know, if it had been four pounds, I would have been okay with it, because that would have been an average of 2 per week including the cheat week (and-a-half). But 6 seems a little high. I’m sure I’ve been eating enough, until the last couple days since I got my cold and have to force myself. I suspect a little of it is dehydration, but not so much as to lose 6 pounds.

It’s also weird, coming off of that long, long off-diet period. And I’m still not exercising yet on the treadmill, just my regular walking part of my commute and contras. Not even Taiko, for a couple months due to japanese classes. Earlier in the week I though maybe my body was just dropping the excess from the extra food because it is used to less food now, and I would end up with ~3 pounds for 2 weeks, but then the scale just kept dropping.

So I got a cold (and a boyfriend!) on the same day. Boyfriend good. Cold bad. Cold makes me not hungry and I have had to force myself to eat my last two meals. Last night I bought Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (peanutbutter cup, my fave) just to make sure I ate enough total calories for the day. And I think I ate like, 1/2-2/3, before giving up and putting it away in the freezer. And I still lost another pound over night.

I have an appointment with my endocrinologist sometime soon. If this keeps up I might consult er, though I 1) don’t think it will keep up and 2) don’t think she’ll have any solution for me, except to go to a nutritionist (which I’d rather save the co-pay, thank you. Im doing just swimmingly on my own here).

So at this point I don’t really care what I eat. Once I slow down again, hopefully this week, I’ll be more careful again, but it looks like I’ve crossed over into “can’t eat even though I’d like to” mode rather than OMFG I HEART FOOD.

I bought zucchini and squash this week. I wanted some different vegetables. I only had the zucchini yesterday during my dinner I couldn’t finish, and good thing because I ate the half I made no prob. At least I’m getting my zucchini vitamins.

Cool comment at work

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Oh, and this morning Peter (the sort of socially awkward guy at work) who I haven’t seen much lately and I chatted and he said I had got all skinny! That was really cool!

And compared to 5 months ago, I am skinny, though I still have a long way to go before actually being skinny.

Cheat Week (and-a-half) maintenance, followed by LOSS (so there!)

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I won’t update my weight until this weekend, but it looks like, despite my gluttinous ways, I am going to have a loss this week. Take that, calorie restrictors!!!

It all started on the 5th, after my joyous under-200 weigh in of 198 lbs (rounded up slightly).

Sunday is thrown-weapons day. So, I went to Stacey’s house for TW, then stayed for barbecue and ate 2 cheese burgers, half a sausage, and a bunch of chips. Naughty Lisa!

There was some cheez-it eating in here, too.

Then (and it’s hard to remember, it’s like, over a week ago) I think I was good on Monday, but on Tuesday we had cake for people’s birthday’s at work, and I ate TWO pieces, because man the white cake was yummy, but the chocolate cake looked good, too. And I was fasting wed night-thur night for yom kippur, so there.

Then on Wed night, I ate more than usual for dinner, before sundown since I couldn’t eat thursday.

And I finished off the box of cheez-its.

Then Thursday was Yom Kippur, and I almost passed out from a drop in blood pressure during services, which was weird because that’s NEVER happened before. Mom thinks its because of my recent diet change.
And then, for Break Fast, we went to the chinese buffet we like, and I ate probably enough food for two days, haha. 2 full plates, and cake with icecream. I put lots of vegetables on those plates, but nothing overpowers yummy general tao chicken and crab rangoon and peking ravioli and. . . .

And then Friday night I went home to see my sister and ate 3 slices of yummy pizza, 2 pepper-onion slices and one pepperoni. Mmmm

I did something Saturday. What the hell did I do saturday? I know I worked on my costume that day. . .

Yes! I went to Elaine’s house! I think I actually wasn’t such a bad girl Saturday. Elaine made this awesome stew with beef and chayote(is that it?) and carrots and this really dark brown rice she said was thai brown rice. I ate a lot of it but I don’t think it was over kill that day, I don’t actually remember if I ate again when I got home. Maybe cheez-its.

And Sunday I went to Topsfield Fair (for the first time ever) with Jill, Stacey, Emm and Abbigail, and ate a Fajita Salad, which wasn’t too horrible, except for the yummy sour cream and fried shell, and then (OMFG) a half pound of fudge. YUMMY FUDGE!!! Mint and Amaretto. And I got carded for the Amaretto. There was enough alcohol in the AMARETTO FUDGE that I had to be carded. It was GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD. And then when we left I needed REAL food, after the half-pound of sugar, and we stopped at this sandwhich place (Joann’s or Rebecca’s or some chicks roast beef) and I got a cup of clam chowder, and ate all the broth and picked out the clam and left the potatoes (of which there were zillions).

And then AND THEN (OMFG) on Monday my sister came to see my apartment, and then the rest of my family came because I live on the way to the Applebees, where we all went for lunch, and I got the Shrimp Pesto Fettucine someting-or-other-full-of-yummy-fat pasta and ate THE WHOLE THING of it was good, and this was after eating some of the appetizer, and then I had the key-lime shooter for desert which still was a decent size desert, oooohhhh.

And I like, didn’t exercise a lick all weekend, except during my commute.

And I weighted myself tuesday morning and the scale said 198.2 or something, which was cool it means I gained less than a pound (AFTER ALL THAT FOOD AND NO EXERCISE) as on the 5th my weight was somewhere between 197.2 and 197.8 (thus rounding to 198).

And then Tuesday happened. I peeed like, 50 times on Tuesday, and ate birthday cake (just one slice this week) and then went to Japanese class after work. I took the t from north station to park street and then walked through the commn, park and down Newbury (all part of my sneaky plan to get in 4 miles walking tues, since I was taking the bus home) and stopped at the Cherry Mart on Newbury where I got their little take out of vegetable gyouza (which contained pork fat!?!?). And when I got home later I weighed myself (cause I’m like addicted to the scale) and it said 197.4 . Like, hahahahahahaha I lost weight???? And then I ate like, a bowl of veggies and an orange, cause I wasnt too hungry, and some tuna because I figured, I should eat some protein or something.

And the scale said the same thing the next day, cool!

And then I left my lunch at home (damn-it). And I ate a blueberry muffin during the wednesday talk (mmm excess sugar) and had to buy lucnh, which was pasta with red sauce at a bit of cheese (and I got some lettuce), and I ate the whole thing. Sigh.

And then this morning, the scale said 196.2.


As one of my friends said when I described my cheat week (haha) and I agree, having that cheat week is good for the boday. Of course, I thought I was just going to maintain for a week or two, but apparantly my body has other ideas. I don’t mind! Just need to make sure I get back on track before I fall into my naughty old ways.

Feeling cold, eating, and stuff

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I’m cold all the time now, argh. I used to be that person who is hot all the time, but now I’m always cold. Like all the time. On wednesday I was wearing my t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, sqeater (thick one) AND jacked and was like, mostly comfortable. It doesn’t helf that my lab is always cold because they cant get the stupid heating system to work properly, but now one else was cold, they were in t-shirts and saying they are a bit warm!

And then yesterday was Yom Kippur, so I’d been fasting since Tuesday night. I ate a lot (like, let myself eat a ton) and drank a lot of water, and thought I was doing okay. I wasnt even really hungry. Services started a bit after 11:30 and I guess it was maybe an hour in when we were standing and I almost passed out. I felt a bit quasy at first, and hungry, which I hadn’t yet, and then everything got fuzzuer and really dim. I had my hand on my Mom’s shoulder and I couldn’t tell if I could sit down or not, I wasn’t sure if the message would reach my legs, and I though, I  might miss the chair, but It was okay. I started to feel better after a couple minutes, my vision cleared and there was buzzing or static  in my ears. I broke out in this horrible sweat. I was also really cold I guess, when my mom felt my forehead. She said my bloodpressure dropped. That has never happened before, EVER, including many years of yom kippur fasting, but mom thought maybe it was my change in diet. I wonder if my blood pressure has dropped from losing weight, too. I also wonder if its related to being cold all the time. I’m not sure if blood pressure or pulse is related to body temperature.

There was this really cool number on my mom’s scale, though, that afternoon. HAHA, 195, but hardly realistic considering the circumstances, i.e. no food and dehydration, and will not be included in any sort of weight loss record.

Then we went out for the Chinese buffet and I think I ate as much as I do in two days, hahahaha. IT was really good.

Looks like I’m finally switching to the new scale

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Yesteryday was looking good on the new scale, and today was even better!


In the new scale. Well, actually it was 197.8, 197.4?, 197.6 and 197.8 again, so I think 198 is good.

I WEIGH LESS THAN 200 POUNDS OMFG YAYAYAYAYAY! For sure, not just on Mom’s scale that underweighs! YAYYAYAYAYA

Good news and Blargh news

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The good news is, when I went home on Sunday to get the rest of my stuff from my parents house, I weighed 199 on my mothers scale. I made it! That was my September goal, and I made it! Woohoo! Of course, I probably won’t see that number again for a while, as I ate like a PIG all weekend and my scale weighs me higher anyway.

Friday I went to the Cheesecake Factory with my co-workers, and got the Farfalle with Chicken and whatever, yummy creamy sauce hahaha. I ate like, a third I thin, which would’ve been great except then we all got cheesecake to share, so I think there’s about a half slice of cheesecake in there somewhere.

Saturday was Coronation, which I went to even though I don’t do court, and in three hours I managed not to go to court, haha! Can’t believe I spent 10 bucks to stand in the hall though. Then we went to Lemongrass for Thai food and I got summer rolls (springrolls, on their menu) and Pad Thai, and ATE THE WHOLE THING damn it. It was good! And if that wasn’t bad enough, I ate 5 oreo cookies at the after party and Justin’s. Bad Lisa! Bad! Ohh well, whatever.

Then Sunday, and the 199, which I couldn’t really fathom.

And on Monday night I went home for dinner, and ate tons of turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and stuff. Yummy!

And thenit got all Blargh.

Tuesday started well enough. I went to temple with Mom fr Rosh Ha Shanah and then at lunch before going out shopping for a bra. I don’t know if I had a BM monday night but I didn’t all Tuesday, which didn’t worry me yet. My back was hurting, ezpecially after sittingin the chairs at the temple.

Shopping sucked. Getting the bra went well. Apparantly I am a C-cup instead of a D or DD, which is good, though I still think lefty is a D. But the Bra fits nice and I don’t fall out the bottom or anything. Clothes shopping sucked of course, because I’m TOO FAT FOR FASHION. I even went into the Gap, but they don’t carry their 16-20 in the store so of course I’m exiled to online shopping, which I WONT DO BECAUSE I CANT TRY ON THE CLOTHES. How the hell will I know if it fits if I can’t try it on first? Anyway, I guess I need to lose another 40 pounds and THEN I can shop in the Gap.

And then I went to drumming, which has been better because I was feeling crappy by then, but it was still good.

Next day my back was really hurting. I got some aleve which didn’t really help. I read online someone saying when they were constipated the had back pain and started wondering when the hell I’d poop again, since it had been a while. And I weigh myself incessantly now that I have my own scale and it’s just 204 205 all the time (read 201-202 on Mom’s scale). And I want to know A) when am I gonna poop, because it’s been almost two days now and B) how much does 2 days of built up poop weigh? I went to dance and came home and still ddn’t need to go.

This morning I farted a bit, which I thought might be a sign, and I also walked to the train and work instead of taking the T, which I think finally kicked my colon into gear because by the time I reached to locks I knew I’d be able to go and by the time I reached the constitution yard I was hoping I’d make it. And it was a lot, and smelly (sorry to anyone actually reading this). Also, my back pain, which was not quite as bad as yesterday, still sucks but I think it’s a bit better now that there isn’t 2.5 days of food shoved up my colon, and it as mved mostly to the left side of my lower back, why I don’t know.

So that is where I am. And I’m sort of looking forward to the scale, just in case there was like, 3 pounds of poop inside me or something. Ick.