So…. I hit a plateau – I weighed 259 pounds last Tuesday when I got on the scale,  I weight exactly 259 until this Friday which this morning I weighed 261.3 pounds.  2.3 pounds gained (due to overeating) I messed up and I hate where it put me.   To add to all of that I have not used the bathroom (#2) since before last Tuesday which is really a problem.  I did take exlax today, and it finally worked but I just hope that is the reason for my plateau in the first place.

Today is…. Easter.

April 8th, 2012

Today was ok didn’t have that much of a tough time.  I had to go to a cookout today but luckily I ate before I left for it.  I am glad I did because there was nothing there that I could actually eat :/  Hotdogs and greasy hamburgers just aren’t things that will make that scale move but I did eat some pickles.

The only issue I have at get togethers are if they know you are trying to lose weight it is almost as if they try EVERY WAY POSSIBLE to get you to eat.  Like only this one time won’t hurt… but in the end IT DOES HURT!  Been there done that.

Now I just have to avoid the candy left over – I think I will be alright ….

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April 8th, 2012

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