All About Me.

April 8th, 2012

So here it goes… once again.

I have always been bigger than other girls… from the time I was in Elementary School until I could remember.  I started my period at a small age 8 years old and that definitely didn’t help any of the problems far as weight goes.  I really never ate all the time, it was more or so when everyone else ate I would eat whether I ate already or not.

I was made fun of in school and it did not help my self-esteem at all.  By the time I got to High School I got fed up with living this way.  So I got on Weight Watchers and lost about 60 pounds….  I weighed 203 my freshmen year of high school, and I got down to 145 pounds by my sophomore year.  It was great I was happy and I felt great.  Then I craved to be smaller so I started to have a eating disorder to the point my shifted almost 20 pounds at a time.  I would eat one week and sometimes not eat anything for 2 weeks.  Before I knew it I was back up to 196 pounds.

Then at only 18 years old I found out that I was pregnant …  pretty young but I had to grow up right away.  Of course, I put on weight from the stress of everything and overeating during pregnancy but I really did not do that bad on weight gain.  After I had my beautiful daughter (who is now almost 5 years old),  I weighed 208 pounds 2 days after I had her ( I weighed 238 the day I had her.)

That seemed all ok, but I decided not to starve myself or whatever after having my daughter because I did figure out that it doesn’t work and it is not fun or easy for that matter.  To add to things that only birth control I could afford at the time was the depo shot and I needed something right away!  That did not help so only 3 months after having my daughter I weighed around 230.  Yep I gained about 10 pounds a month – not sure how but I did! (July 2007 – Sept 2007)

The gaining did not stop….  I weighed 267lbs by Dec 2007.  I had one rough year is all I have to say.  Plus I didn’t even own a scale at home until Dec 2007 so going 6 months without a weighing yourself is not a good thing.  I think I knew I was gaining the weight so I just avoided it because I didn’t want to face it and when I finally did it was not where I wanted to be.

I decided to go to the doctor because a few others were prescribed phentermine with success… so I decided I will try it… well it worked awesomely.  In 1 month I lost 30 pounds, and in 2 months I got down to 218 pounds…   Suddenly I started having side effects.  My legs would hurt by the end of the day and it only happened when I took phentermine and I also got where I couldn’t sleep for days at a time.

So of course my weight shifted some, but I stayed around 225 pounds for a while.  For almost a year… and the something of course happens in my life.  I found out I was getting laid off from my job of 4 years (I hated that job so much, and at this point I am happy that I got laid off because I would still be there but now I am a accountant :))  Immediately I turned to food….

In 6 months, I weight up to 254 pounds by July 20, 2009.  A little bit glad that I haven’t gained a ton of weight all at once since then. I honestly haven’t tried to lose weight (and actually succeeded more than a week since then.) I weighed 270 pounds at weight watchers in Oct 2011, and I stayed on weight watchers for 3 months and did not lose but 1.8 pounds and gained it back (that was around 200 dollars for nothing).   That scale would not move, I went by the points and everything but it just would not move.

So I quit through the holidays up until 3/27/2012, and I decided that I just don’t know what I am doing!  So I went to a nutritionist near my home and asked for some help.  She claimed that I was insulin resistant and that is why I can not lose weight, and she gave me a diet plan that really works.  I have cut out all the carbs/pastas or starchy veggies and cut back on fruit (since I used those when I was starving while on weight watchers) and bread, and I finally researched on how bad some foods can be.  I no longer eat something that is 500 calories all at once because there are so many other FILLING things I can eat….

So the protein is helping.  I started my journey on 3/27/2012 at 270 pounds (269.9 exact) and I now weigh  262.8 pounds  on 4/8/2012.  My Goal is to lose 100 pounds in 1 year and I know I can do this.

3/27/2013 GOAL – 170 pounds

pray for me…. 🙂

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