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My journey from fat and unfit, to fit, healthy slim and happy


Tuesday 3rd May

Breakfast – black coffee, oatmeal, low fat yoghurt, half a banana

Lunch – cous cous, half a chicken breast, peppers, mushrooms, onions, brocolli stir fry

Tea – “Indian Beans”  and whole grain pitta

Snack – pink grapefruit, 3 mints

Exercise – 3.5miles walking, 30 min aerobic workout

Good day,  back in the game, need to keep it up!

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On May 4, 2011
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Is this a taste of the future?!

So, it’s Saturday night.  After a boring week at work, I spent my Friday evening doing C25K and arm resistance training, and then cooking and eating a healthy dinner, before an early night ready for my only teaching day of the week today.

I got up ate healthy breakfast, taught all day, came home, went to the supermarket, bought healthy food, came home, did c25k and a 30min boxing workout, cooked and ate a healthy dinner, and now I’m sat watching the football eating some melon and sipping on water.  Wow, my life rocks!

When the match is over, I might brighten up my evening by sorting out my washing, cleaning my room or maybe even shaving my legs, the possibilities are endless!

All of that may or may not be topped off with a movie, or I might just head to bed!

So, is this it?!  On my quest to find the inner healthy and skinny me, and with my known binging issues and lack of self control when put in testing situations, is this how my weekends are destined to pan out?!

For the five weeks I’ve got left in Thailand I’m pretty happy for this to continue, but in the long run??!  What do people who don’t go out on beer binges or go to restaurants to overindulge actually do with their Saturday nights?

At least I’ve got something to look forward to tomorrow, the house to clean, washing to do, and, wait for it…..  a swim at the pool for exercise on my ‘rest day’  oh dear, I never ever thought I’d be looking forward to exercise on a day I’d planned to do none, I really am changing it seems!

Well, big weigh in day tomorrow, so hoping my boring weekend will be well rewarded!  I NEED to see a big loss on my Easter challenge, and it’s the starting weigh in for my biggest loser team daisy challenge, hoping a big loss this week will spur me on to do even better next week!

Watch this space…….

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On March 5, 2011
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Back with a bang!

Well, for the last two weeks I’ve had great days and then not so great days.  I’m not dwelling on the ‘bad’ days, but I am taking every step I can to ensure the next five weeks (that’s all I’ve got left until England now!)  are super consistent and I keep on track.

One way I’m trying to keep at it is by joining some challenges on the main 3FC page, I can’t wait for The Biggest Loser challenge to begin on Sunday, and am also getting loads from the support on other threads.

C25K is still going great, I’m moving onto week four tomorrow or Sunday, after a great week three workout today.  I managed to tag an extra 6 minute run on the end!  (The longest run is actually only 3 mins this week, so I’m really happy and hopeful for next week!)

Another challenge I need to overcome is my reluctance to workout outside of the house.  I do all my exercising here, while my housemate goes to the gym/running track complex in town with another friend of ours a few times a week.  I really hope to soon be brave enough to join them, and actually start jogging outdoors.  We’ll see how that goes!

It’s also my birthday next weekend, but no going crazy for me, after a random drinking session on Wednesday this week and absolutely hating the hangover, I hope that’s enough to put me off going crazy next weekend!

Also, I’m going to have a lot on with packing/sorting/moving life from Thailand back to the UK.  I don’t want to let this distract me from my main mission of the moment, getting fit and healthy.

I’ll endevour to post here often as another tool to keep me on track, as well as a great place to log my process

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On March 4, 2011
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Wardrobe Wisdom? I’m seriously lacking it

So, I’ve been fat for a good while, shopping and all things clothes have been so far away from the top of my agenda.  I don’t follow fashion, I don’t care.  I try to pick clothes that cover up the blobs, but that’s as far as it goes.

Living in Thailand, shopping became non-existent, nothing fits, so I’ve been wearing the same stuff for years.  But, with 8 more weeks left here, that wardrobe is really beginning to be too big.  The tops are fine, baggy but fine, but shorts and trousers are another matter, they are literally beginning to fall down.

But, I’m still obese, I’ve got the whole of the overweight portion of my BMI to go before I reach my goal, Sooooooo the last thing I want to do is spend money on things that I don’t want to fit for long.

So, basically, I’ve got a little time to learn and workout the fashion game, before i go shopping, and actually have a wardrobe that i like, that I look good in.  Should be fun 🙂

Shame that in the meantime I’m gonna look a right proper mess!

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On February 13, 2011
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Sunday 13th February

Hangover day, survived!

Well, managed to limit my munchies to a packet crisps and small cake when I went out from coffee, at beans on wholemeal toast for brekkie, noodles and pork from a Japanese restaurant for lunch and then left over beans for tea!  Super dooper lazy food, but it could have been worse.

I forced myself to do C25k, day two, and the old me would have quit half way through FOR SURE!  It nearly killed me, but I managed to do all of it through the sick feelings, stitch and dizziness.

Another achievement for today is buying a resistance band and exercise ball, and I managed to download and have a play with a ball workout, but will get onto that more seriously tomorrow.

Now, I’m trying to make up for all the bad affects of the alcohol, I’ve just applied a face pack, had a long shower, buffed my legs down with my new loofa (piss of cellulite) and I’m about to soak and scrub my feet and then investigate a daily facial/skin care routine to adopt.  the new skinnier and fitter me deserves treating well!

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Saturday 12th Feb

Weekends are my treat times.  I’ve made the decision that if I’m to really stick to my new lifestyle forever, I have to be realistic, and for me that’s being super strict in the week and then more ‘normal’ at the weekends.  I am finding myself making better choices even when I’m allowed not to though, so things are definitely clicking into place in my mind.

I work until 3.30 on Saturday’s teaching 3 two hour English club classes.  So, was up early as normal, but not quite early enough so for the first time in ages I skipped breakfast (I took a yogurt and cereal to work to eat in the office before I started teaching but had no time).

I had a juice at the break in my first class, then my yoghurt and cereal when the lesson finished at 10.30.  I had a juice and cake for snack in my second lesson, and then my regular Thai food take out lunch (with moo grob my crispy pork weekend treat 🙂 )  I then had a juice in the break of my third class.  The one piece of cake wasn’t great, BUT, it’s way better than the one or two pieces I’d usually have on each of my breaks.  The crispy pork again isn’t great, but I’m keeping it real, and it’s my treat.

After work put on my washing and went shopping.  Then came home and got on the beer, in anticipation of the big Manchester Derby on the tele.  I ended up drinking WAY too much beer, and am really suffering from it now, but again, I’d planned to do this for the football so it’s OK.  My dinner was OK, chicken breast marinaded in tikka spice served in a white french stick with salad a yoghurt dressing.  I shared a lovely bag of salt and vinegar crisps, a real treat here 🙂

I ended up going to bed really late, and really drunk, but United won and Rooney scored the goal of his career, so it was allowed!

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Friday 11th Feb

Today has been a good day.  Well good in the sense that my weigh and measure in were lovely this morning, and that I’ve stuck to my diet and even managed to do some working out on my bum and legs even after I decided I wasn’t exercising today.  I’m still in pain from the workout I did on Weds, come on muscles heal!

My day:

Up at 6.45, yoghurt and special K for brekkie washed down with a cup of black coffee

Cold coffee at work at about 11, no sugar, a little fresh milk, no cream or tinned milk

Lunch 11.45 had a real mix of Thai food, sup nor mai (some bamboo saladish thing) with sticky rice (not great but it’s been soooo long!) and then a bit of laab and a couple of strips of fried pork.  Drank water

Dinner 6.30pm Wholewheat pasta with homemade tomato and garlic sauce and half a tin of tuna.  Water.

Exercise, 2 reps of my new ‘bum workout’  wasn’t really up for it so didn’t do much, but it’s better than nothing I guess!

Glad it’s Saturday tomorrow, but not glad about being in work 8-3.30, why do I do it to myself?!  Thinking of the money is all I can say!

I’m chilled with my food at the weekends if I’ve been good in the week, so looking forward to some treats 🙂

After work got a massive game, united vs City to watch, and I will be having a beer or three with that, can’t wait!

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On February 11, 2011
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And the results are in…… 11th Feb

So, Friday is my weigh in day, and today is Friday, I guess you know what that means!

Basically, today I’m happy 🙂

I’ve lost 1.5kg, so I”m now 88kg, or 13 stone 12lb or 194lb.  Yippee!

I love my scales today, but I love my tape measure more, I’m meant to do monthly measurements, but forgot last week, so I did them today instead, and, I’m really pleased with the 12cm I’ve lost from my waist since the beginning of Jan yippee!  And about 5 cm from my hips too 🙂

This month I’m going to add in more measurements, as I find these numbers far more rewarding than the scales.  To me, weight is just a number, not something visible, but something oh too easy to obsess over.  Measures on the other hand a tactile, and 12 cm is MASSIVE 🙂

So, before bed I’ll measure my flabby upper arms, tree trunk ankles and thunder thighs, and hope to see changes by the beginning of March 🙂

Happy day 🙂

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Couch to 5K

Today I did my first session on the Couch to 5K plan, and loved it!  It started off very doable, but, by the 6th rep of the running interval, I could feel the burn and was knackered.  The eighth and final running rep was a killer, and the old me would have given up for sure, but the new me managed to put mind over matter and battle on and keep pounding until my stopwatch went.

I LOVE my new ‘can do’ attitude.  In the scheme of life, opting out of those last 10 seconds of running would have meant nothing, but for me, right now, it means everything.  I’m not a quitter anymore, I will succeed.

Now, I’m just showered and laid out on the couch with my calves burning and heartbeat up, I’m getting hungry, which means time to make a nutritious dinner not snack on crap.  Then later, it’s my monthly measurements before weigh in in the morning.  I’m feeling good, I’m feeling positive, I’m feeling in control, oh yeah!

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On February 10, 2011
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Welcome to me, taking control!

Hello, if you’re reading this, thank you!  This is my first attempt at blogging so please be gentle with me until I get into the swing of things.

So, here I am, finally making changes.  I’ve thought about it for a longtime, and ‘tried’ to diet/exercise a million times in the past, but you all know what it’s like, a day, a week, a fortnight in, and temptation gets the better of you, and three chocolate bars, a six pack of beer and a tub of ice cream later, what’s the point?  Diet over, yet again.

This time it’s different, I’m not dieting, I’m taking control of my life, and boy does it feel good!  I no longer need to head straight to the crisp/chocolate aisle when I go shopping, I no longer need to help myself to all the snacks in the office at work, I no longer need to order big portions and have crispy pork with everything.  No, now all I need is a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, with exercise thrown in a few times a week.  And, guess what?!  It’s really working!  The pounds (or kilos ‘cos I’m living in Thailand) are slowly but surely disappearing, the centimetres are decreasing at a faster rate, and my self confidence and self belief are at an all time high.

You know what?  I can do this!

Soooo, this blog is something else to keep my motivation high.  I have to post here often with my progress, and that means there has to be progress, and that’s a good thing!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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On February 9, 2011
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