Change is sad sometimes

I’m feeling a bit sad about what’s happened on the board where I have usually posted.

Over the last few weeks, I had a rollicking good time with a few other regular members/users maintaining supportive assistance while increasing the fun and decreasing the victim conversations. For a few days, it was an exhausting game of newbie “Whack-a-thread.” We provided links for them to get the information for themselves rather than letting them think that we were the font of all knowledge and that they were powerless plebes. It was gratifying eventually to see people follow the suggestion and actually get what they wanted and needed — answers to their questions or suggestions about where to look!

Admittedly, as time progressed I stopped softening my redirection messages with “smilies” and pacifying lingo. And without a doubt, I used my oft-noted “verbally aggressive” style in responding to a snotty, gimme gimme, lazy-ass request. However, either you trying to be a cheeky smart-ass or you are an entitled little brat who’s looking for a personal knowledge serf.  In either case, the responses — mine and others’ — were completely appropriate.  Grown-ups often cuff errant pups, especially when misbehaviour continues after a warning nudge or growl.

That event and subsequent communications marked the end of my honeymoon. Now I’m in a bittersweet adjustment period. It may be for the best; there are better uses of my time, brains and energy.

Posts moved

I’ve moved previous posts about getting started to the My Weight Loss Story page.  It is yesterday’s news, after all.  Also, I can post in earliest-first chronological order in that format  so you don’t have to read in reverse order there.

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