Tonight, tonight, I’ll see my love tonight

All day long, I’ve been dying to snuggle up to an Ideal Protein chocolate pudding. You thought there would be some romance here of epic proportion à la Maria & Tony ? Sorry to disappoint, shark’s on my plate, not my date!

Any road, craving milk protein concentrate, etc. How crazy is that? Let me tell you how crazy that is (I am?)

About chocolate, a snob I am. I’ve been seen and heard to tell people in the latte line that there’s no such thing as white chocolate. If they want to call their “flavour” of choice sweetened cocoa butter, that’s okay, but using the name of my rich complex BFF chocolate? Don’t insult her! You didn’t know chocolate was a woman? She is, and we’re very good friends.

Oh, back to the crazy, or was that simply a different crazy? (Tell me in the comments!)

When I started eating the astronaut food (two shout-outs in a post, come on — you know you love me!) I couldn’t stand the chocolate pudding — even traded in a few packets —  and much preferred the butterscotch and the vanilla versions. Slowly the sweetness of the butterscotch lost my favour and the vanilla pudding began to remind me of cake mix batters of my youth.

Not that I haven’t loved cake mix batters and cake batters in any stage of their existence all my life — I am here on posting about losing weight.

Today I found myself daydreaming of IP chocolate pudding. I’ve been rationing my packets because I only have 3 left before my next trip to purchase.  Sooooo… upon arriving home, this little miss smarty-pants considered her supplies and the time remaining to packet shopping day. She decided to mix one of her precious chocolate pudd packs with a DrB chocolate pudd to extend existing supply so that a day wouldn’t pass without the longed-for treat before the fresh stock is acquired on Saturday.

You need to know that on earlier samplings I liked neither the taste nor the texture of the DrB product. To a hungry deluded mind, this qualifies it as an OH-SO-EXCELLENT choice to mix with something I love and am craving.

I had my ersatz, adulterated IP chocolate pudding and DID. NOT. LOVE. IT. My attempt to stretch one of my favourites has resulted in pouring half of a precious packet down the drain. [rolls eyes at self] Now only 2 left, cue the weeping and increased cravings.

The remaining DrB stuff crap is going down the chute tout de suite. So heinous, tragic and fearsome is this event, that henceforth it must be referred to as “The Voldemort of packet mishaps.”

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  1. pepagirl on September 14th, 2010

    I had one of these moments yesterday! I was down to my last 3 SF fudge pops and I decided to run it under some water to get rid of the ice crystals that formed on it; BAD idea, I spit it out immediately. And now only have 2 fudge pops and am scared that I’ve ruined them for life!

    Hey pepagirl Thanks for stopping by. Glad I’m not the only one who’s a goof about this stuff sometimes1
    I’m svelting!

  2. risssa on September 18th, 2010

    What is the DRb of this astronaut food you are talking about?

    risssa, Thanks for reading my blog and asking a question! I’ve been using Ideal Protein products almost all of which I’ve found to be excellent. The astronaut food comment relates to the fact that the food comes as a powder in “foil” packets that are mixed with water to make soup, drinks, and puddings.

  3. brenda on November 6th, 2010

    hahahaha I made this comment to my Dh once and he looked at me like I lost my mind.. I said babe seriously what do you think they pack to go upwards – powdered, dehydrated foiled packets.. Im an astro in training …LOL.. thanks for teaching me that mixing and matching in this case is not a good thing!!!

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