Must. Eat. Vegetables.

Happy to report another weight loss this week of 4 for 45 total since June 28. Hey, I’ve almost lost my age — cool! FYI I’m aiming to lose more than at least a 20-year member of AARP/CARP, under the new eligibility rules. Why do I know this trivial bumpf? (BTW: Google the word “bumpf”. The definition/derivation is snort-worthy!)

ARRRGGGH! I’m still having a hard time getting in all 4 cups of vegetables the Ideal Protein Phase 1 program requires. I definitely feel better when I have them. I get all the other components of the program in, water, oil, salt, supplements, and some protein that either walked the earth or swam the sea.

My lazy-ass self asserts herself almost every morning — “I don’t feel like eating or packing vegetables.” and “I’ll just pick some stuff up at the deli or the grocery store near to work.” That whining is very seductive and far too often dictates what happens.

The trick that’s worked before is to invite thinking, strategic self and competitive self to outwit the lazy-ass self. So last night I borrowed Tonight I will borrow from many IPers past and present, and prepped a week’s worth of lunch and dinner veggies & salads in “go bags” and “go boxes.”

Lazy-ass self dropped in last night for a visit.

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  1. brseay on September 13th, 2010

    First of all, I LOVE your writing style! Whiney, whiney posts drive me crazy but sarcastic and honest works for me every time!

    Congrats on the major weight loss. I’m in awe of your success and plan to check back so I can steal your secrets.


    Brandie Glad you like sarcastic. I’ve got lots to share. 😀
    No secrets to my weight loss; it’s due entirely to following Ideal Protein, a moderate protein, low carb, low fat diet. Many — not all — people experience rapid weight loss. As far as I can tell those who have reached their goal, if they’re following a fairly easy maintenance plan, are keeping the pounds and inches off.

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